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  1. We just received a last minute cancellation for our incredibly popular James Beard Nomination Party. These 14 seats sold out in less than a seat a minute, but 4 just became available. Original details and contact info are below: Join Us For Our Ongoing Wine Dinner Series ------------------------------------------------------------ The Nominations are in...CityZen along with Sommelier Andy Myers have been chosen as a semi-finalist for the James Beard Outstanding Wine Service Award again! To toast the nomination, we have created a series of community table dinners in the CityZen lounge in cele
  2. It is without a doubt the worst champagne I've tasted above say $75. It's all branding/image over substance. Don't believe me? Voila - http://www.complex.com/music/2011/03/jay-z-ace-of-spades Though to be fair, with most Grand Marques a nice portion of your scrilla is fed directly to the PR machine.
  3. The Nominations are in…..CityZen with Sommelier Andy Myers are picked as a semi-finalist for the James Beard Outstanding Wine Service Award!!! We have planned a series of community table dinners in the CityZen lounge for a celebration of wine & spirits, and how Andy goes about building a beverage pairing. The first three dates sold out in 45 minutes, but a last minute cancellation just opened up four seats for tonight. Date: Wednesday, March 7th Time: 7:30 PM Tickets: $95 Tax and Gratuity not included Reservation: inquiries to Andy Myers at AMyers@mohg.com This event will be limi
  4. Now actively seeking investors for Jarad's Shrimpin-mobile. It's like a food truck but different. Bring your own straw...
  5. CityZen is looking to add a Captain, a Server and a Server Assistant to it's team. All positions are fulltime Tues-Sat. Required experience varies pending the position. Please send resumes to: NStraus@MOHG.com
  6. Alone while your significant other works on the 14th? In between Valentines? Not into Hallmark Holidays? Come join CityZen’s family for a massive communal “love in” on Valentine’s Day in our lounge! Details: 9:00PM $125 Multi Course Tasting Menu w/ Wine Communal Table Seating Space extremely limited Contact Andy “Cupid” Myers for further details and bookings: 202-787-6034 amyers@mohg.com
  7. Check out the DVD extras on Super Size Me. They do a side by side of McDonalds vs. Corner Bistro in NYC under bell jars - rather scary really. When the Corner Bistro is a quivering mass of goo, McDonalds looks pristine. But God Damn if elastic polymers aren't delish.....
  8. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the fact that Mr. Kliman just published a book about the Norton grape and Virginian viticulture. I'm disheartened to see some of Washington's biggest standard bearers reduced to cannon fodder for a book that will be bought by tens of people. My spidey senses and corporate censors tell me I should stop here. Food for Thought, Jarad Slipp
  9. I've been 9-10 times, though I won't comment too much, as I'm rather biased given I designed the wine list. I will say the food (which I have zero to do with) has no business being as good as it is & punches well above it's weight.
  10. Come One, Come All... Ok, maybe not all. Space is highly limited. CityZen's annual picnic is Sunday, May 17th. $130 buys you: * Pig, pig, and more PIG * A course before the pig * A course after the pig * Booze with a decided Burgundian slant * Tax * Gratuity *And....If your lucky, a chance to see my pasty white legs in shorts! Further details and contact info attached Cheers, Jarad
  11. Given your New England upbringing (like mine) does a little piece of you die inside each time certain colleagues refer to the clam chowda as chow-daire?
  12. Host/Hostess-CityZen Exceptional people and communication skills. The ideal candidate will graciously welcome and delight clients through personalized and attentive service. Job Requirements: Prior hostess/host experience in a similar environment preferred Must have great communication and people skills Ability to multi-task Detail focused Great telephone etiquette Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. is the region's premier hotel and part of a growing portfolio of 20 luxury international properties in more than 23 countries with a further 18 hotels in development world-wide, includ
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