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    Pizzeria Mozza

    My friend in Hollywood told me that there is a place there called Pizzeria Mozza which may have the best pizza in the world- topping even pizzeria bianco. has anyone on this board been there? my friend said the baker nancy silverton spent 5 years researching on how to make the perfect crust. the restaurant is co-owned by mario batali. my friend said the wait to get reservations in about a month (for pizza!?!). he also said they opened an Italian osteria next door serving more pasta that has an amazing mozzarella bar. Mozza website
  2. The Danish Club of DC has their annual Xmas Bazaar Saturday morning.
  3. Their facebook site posted up pictures of their future Stefano Ferrara pizza ovens that are shipping over from Naples - exciting.
  4. I would add that in Locust Point, there are 2 Nepalese places- Kumari has it's second branch in the Southside Shopping center, and Himalayan House is down Fort ave towards Fort McHenry.
  5. I don't get your beef with the Woodberry brand- "it's more expensive" seems to be your usual critique. Perhaps they actually pay employees a good living wage w/ benefits unlike say- Dunkin Donuts where you can find a cheaper doughnut, but where their employees often work minumum wage, not full time and without healthcare. Then you make a comment about the calories in the doughnut. I'm sure most people would agree that when you select a doughnut as your dining option, you realize that it is not low-cal, Atkin's friendly, or low cholesterol.
  6. I stopped by this evening to try their pizza, and indeed, it is very similar to Matthew's pizza's thick crust 10 inch style. I would also add, I think Barfly's is an improvement on Matthew's style. The crust was not at all soggy and they have more interesting toppings available.
  7. You can walk over to Harbor East very easily from the Aquarium- see earlier posts.
  8. I've heard that the pizza menu at Barfly's in Federal Hill is essentially the same pizza from Matthew's. the owners of the place used to own Matthew's and basically transported the menu from there to his bar. I live within a few blocks from Barfly's, so I'll try to check this out the next few weeks.
  9. Wow- no local would be caught dead at Phillips, especially after they patented a process to form larger crab lumps by gluing smaller lumps together.
  10. Joe Squared pizza has a branch in the Power Plant, now. Also, a short walk will get you to Little Italy or Harbor East (Pabu, Wit & Wisdom, Tenten, Fleet St Kitchen, Cinghiale) which all have no dress code.
  11. You could try Sammy's Trattoria near Hopkins as well. Della Notte is a big place that looks "fancy" but is pretty good. A few weeks ago, I went to Cafe Troia in Towson. It's pricey but good food, and great service by guys in tuxedos.
  12. Not sure who thought this was the space of the old bloody bucket, but it's not. Bloody bucket was across the street. I went last night to try their prix fixe meal which was all vegetarian. It was a great price $20. The first course was a wonderful smoked sunchoke soup with pecan granola and some creme fraiche. It was really fantastic. It was served with a vegetarian pate of portabella, with a spicy apple chutney. Second course was diced carrot and barley with some pickled vegetables. It was followed by a parsnip and ricotta agnoletti in butter topped with chili bread crumbs. Dessert was three ice creams: carrot (w/ a caramel sauce), Parsnip (w/ jam), and beet (w/ dark chocolate and a meringue) This dishes were some of the best things I've had from Spike's restaurants. (outside of the pig face dinner), and my girlfriend, who is not a huge Woodberry fan, was really impressed as well. I'm hoping they are using this prix fixe format to experiment more with their menu and learning from it as well.
  13. I hear Maggie's Farm is all new. I believe the Chameleon folks were involved with the transition, but not it's its own entity
  14. From a post on Serious Eats, news that Paulie Gee's, a Neapolitan pizza joint from Greenpoint in Brooklyn will be opening a franchise next year in Hampden in Baltimore at the former Republican club. Wow- with Hersh's and Birroteca opening this year in town, it's a good time for pizza lovers.
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