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  1. I’m pretty sure you can squeeze some gluten-free, paleo breakfast juice out of those Assateague Island horses. You know, for a cleanse.
  2. Sorry to disagree there Kev, but Ann Cashion is still one of the most influential chefs in DC. The dining crowd there should absolutely ‘give a shit’ if they know anything about food other than Thrillist’s Best Burger or Zaniest Brunch Specials.
  3. If I haven't said it before (pretty sure I have), wings at The Big Board on H are the best I've had in town.
  4. It's a warm, pleasant evening here in Billings. I'm in the backyard with a glass of wine in plastic, and my two stupid hounds are fighting over a squeaky toy in the shadow of The Rims. Man, oh, man, am I glad to let you guys figure this whole mess out. Can one judge a restaurant before it opens? I want to say, 'Hell no. Give the poor bastard a chance.' But, my rational self disagrees. If you're not bright enough to get ahead of this cost controversy in the press, you're probably not bright enough to stage this coup on DC dining. The stakes were a lot higher in Turkey, and look how that tu
  5. Haven't been, but my neighbors went and had a great time. They said it was a straight up crab shack experience. I'll have to get over there soon.
  6. Here's another ANXO sighting ... we're heading up this coming Friday. Mark your calendars: this Friday, Oct 23! Also Nov 13 and Dec 11:
  7. Hey everyone, we're doing another ANXO sighting at Colony Club this coming Friday. No tickets, just show up for cider and pintxos from 5 pm til 2 am. Check out this righteous poster my wife did!
  8. Hi everybody! I'm working with an awesome group of folks to open a Basque cider house and pintxo bar called ANXO (an-cho) down the road at 300 Florida NW. We are offering a preview of ANXO at Boundary Road on Monday, August 17. The last one we did at Dolcezza sold out super fast and these tickets are also going fast. The dinner will be a cocktail / pintxo hour and then four courses of Basque-inspired cuisine paired with fantastic ciders of varying origin. The tickets are $85, plus the eventbrite fee, which you can find here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anxo-sighting-cider-pairing-dinner-2-tic
  9. Definitely worth it. You can't get the same texture with something from Macy's.
  10. Hey Pat, that's the current menu, but I'm getting ready to run out of the kid leg. We'll run the loin after on the same set up. Then, who knows? Maybe rabbit? Also, we have some interesting beverages. Lost Rhino Kolsch, that our current beverage director, Tim Prendergast, wrote the recipe for. And a couple of German wines: Dr. Loosen Reisling and Villa Wolf Gewí¼rztraminer that are not quite on the list but for definitely for sale. The Choucroute will be there, as will the Sauerbraten Short Ribs for the next few weeks. Say hi when you come by! Also, attention all Rockwellians! Tonight i
  11. I think the mushroom burger at The Big Board is good. Especially on their Chicago Fire set up.
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