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  1. For sure . He’s already suggested New Fortune in response to an FB post.
  2. Old time user back for the first time in a LONG time. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the area but have moved back in the Rockville area now. Are there any good spots for weekend dimsum in or near Rockville these days? Carts are my preference but menu work too.
  3. I met Steven only once at a Pig Pickin. But I'm grateful that he and his creation led me to meet all of you and experience some great food and great times.
  4. I'm parital to Chik-fil-a's chicken salad sandwich. Wish it had more chicken and less bread, but one of the more reliable fast food options out there. And their brewed tea is good enough that I buy the gallon jugs sometimes when I'm too lazy to brew my own. On the other topic - I certainly don't begrudge them their religious beliefs, although there have been several Sundays at Lowes where I would have loved to have made a stop. But their politics are the equivalent of a plain Hardee's hamburger (i.e. the worst fast food item I could think of).
  5. I haven't been to Fiola but to this day the lobster ravioli at Maestro is probably my favorite restaurant dish of all time. I bet it is pretty good here too.
  6. I've liked desserts at CoCo Sala. Not done wine (hard to not get the hot chocolate) but it has always seemed lively the few times I've been.
  7. Funny, I was just mentioning to someone that I was surprised at how cheap mixed drinks in New Orleans were last week. Not talking serious mixology, but gin gimlets were running me $4.50-$5 at most places on Frenchman Street. I'm not able to eat as much or as often as I used to but I loved Sylvain - Roast Pork Po' Boy. It was rocking on a Sunday night and had a great vibe. Also had a nice shrimp and andouille po' boy at American Sector, John Besh's restaurant in the World War 2 Museum. Although I was a little disappointed in the museum itself, but we are pretty spoiled in this area when it comes to museums.
  8. Not if you've ever seen the portion sizes at Cheesecake Factory.
  9. Pretty stomach turning stats. That said, I really HATE these sorts of "Eat This / Don't Eat That" articles (and books). Is anyone surprised that something called "Simple & Fit Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelet" is better for you than something called "IHOP Big Country Breakfast with Country Fried Steak and Country Gravy"? Hell that one uses the word "country" three times in the name of the dish. Or that "The Cheesecake Factory Chicken and Biscuits" has more fat, carbs and calories than "Weight Management Spicy Chicken Salad". Or is it just that despite being obese myself my whole life I have always been aware of what is good and bad for me?
  10. I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Very impressive. Great job Steve.
  11. It looks like there is only one menu. Interesting, because I am a pretty big guy myself and when they seated us I thought, "Wow, what a big comfortable chair. I wish more places had these."
  12. I had a perfectly pleasant business lunch here today on what I think might have been their first full day of lunch service. Despite the mention in today's food section it wasn't as crowded as I had expected. From talking with our server it sounds like they acknowledge that service wasn't perfect out of the gate but it seemed smooth and speedy enough today. My grilled ham and cheese "Toastie" was fine but the shared potato skins were much more than the typical bar standard despite the standard ingredients - potato, cheese, bacon, scallions, sour cream. The toppings weren't there as an end of their own but in full service service of the potato.
  13. Does anyone have suggestions for a wine bar or two in Vegas? A little research has shown a lot of restaurants touting their wine selection, but I'm looking for a good selection of wines by the glass and a couple small plates, not a $500 bottle. So far it looks like best bets are the Wine Cellar at Rio (not all that convenient to the strip) and Double Helix at Palazzo (food by Emeril?).
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