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  1. Yep. Made in house. They don’t fall apart and they double them up for each taco.
  2. Four years later, I finally tried this place. Twice in the last couple of weeks and I'm sure quite a few more times in the future. A wide variety of tacos are available from the "normal" options (carnitas, al pastor, carne asada) to some more adventurous choices (buche - hog stomach; tripitas - intestines, I think). They also have goat and lamb and lengua and others. Tacos are under $2 (either $1.69 or $1.79, I can't remember). They also have tortas, burritos, sopas, and my wife ordered chilaquiles today which was good and a fairly large portion (she brought half of it home). There are tw
  3. Always good to hear about successful data/IT government projects. It’s nice to work on, and contribute to, something like that.
  4. I don’t remember which teacher or what grade it was in, but I had a teacher tell us this by using a surprise quiz (rather than a hanging) one day next week. For some reason, I remember that above a million other things I was told in school.
  5. Went to Ginger for an office lunch. Horrible. $26 for a smallish plate of seafood drunken noodles. Absolutely no spiciness to it at all. I'm glad I just ordered water because those who ordered iced tea or a soda noticed they were $5 when the bill arrived. $5. For iced tea/soda. At least there were free refills for that $5. MGM and National Harbor must combine for the worst collection of restaurants in a small geographic area. ETA: Oh, and they refused to do individual checks. They scanned cards separately by the amounts we told them to put on each card, but wouldn't give each perso
  6. And parking isn't that expensive if you can't get it validated (which you easily can). If you're willing to pay Mon Ami Gabi dinner prices, then the extra $4-5 for parking doesn't seem like a deal breaker to me.
  7. I've been going to the Fair Lakes location for many, many years. I want to say I first found it in the mid-90s. It's been a go-to for our family. Unfortunately, my last two visits there have been disappointing. A few weeks ago, I called in a to-go order: large white pizza and a large antipasto italiano salad. They said it would be 20 minutes. I probably arrived at Tony's about 15 minutes later. It was a Friday night and they were really busy. The pickup line was back to the door. I waited in line, paid, and stepped aside to wait. At this point, we were probably just over 20 minute time si
  8. Hen Penny is new to RTC, serving chicken. Haven't been in a couple years, but there was good Mexican in the back of Lake Anne Market & Deli.
  9. Penn Quarter should be open in a few weeks. In Reston Town Center, they opened Hen Penny, a lower price point fast-casual establishment. Not sure if it gets its own thread or not. --- [For sure. DR]
  10. Tried it. It was a pretty good burger. Fries were definitely frozen. I saw an employee pull a bag out of the freezer, open it, and dump them in the fryer. The owner (I assume) was very nice. Kids loved it. One son said "I wish I could have another burger." We will definitely try it again. As I said earlier in this thread, we'd really like a good burger place out this way so hopefully this place can deliver.
  11. Is this the right thread for the K ST NW location? [Yes] Had lunch there yesterday since I was attending a conference at the convention center. Just want to give a shout out to the employee who went the extra mile to make things right for me. I ordered my meal and waited. I noticed that some people who probably ordered almost 10 minutes after me were receiving their food. The employees also noticed and checked on my order and found out that something got messed up. I guess it was lost somewhere and the kitchen hadn't even started preparing my meal. The employee repeatedly apologized
  12. It's open in Centreville. It's on the Lotte Market side of those shopping centers, in the corner next to Minnieland. Glad to have it in the neighborhood.
  13. Forgot to mention that I think the plan is to open Silver Spring this Fall and Penn Quarter early next year. Both in old Austin Grill locations.
  14. I had the opportunity to attend the Friends and Family dinner at the new Hen Quarter in Alexandria. For starters, Hen Quarter is significantly better than Austin Grill. I know, not saying a whole lot there, but I had some concerns since it is still the same company. However, something I learned is that Thompson has created another group within in the company to handle the new restaurants and they are running the show. The exterior of the building has been painted and the interior contains a lot of wood and some "southerny" décor. As you walk up the stairs to the second level, there is a b
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