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  1. Oh wow. I just got back from being off the grid for a week to see such a nice post. Thanks for the effusive praise! It's true, I do believe that great coffee starts with great beans that have been grown and processed with an emphasis towards quality over production yield. If anyone wants to discuss coffee or has questions about anything coffee-related, I'm all ears!
  2. Blue cat has a great flavor, not muddy at all since it's not a bottom-feeder like other catfish species.
  3. I hereby nominate myself as the Spanish Classifieds Forum admin. (I can't wait to add the position to my resume)
  4. It's probably the best Indian food I've ever had. To echo your comments, the service is also outstanding. The gentleman who works the door always makes you feel as if you're his favorite customer. As to the new location, he shared some photos of the new place and it looks like they've pulled out all the stops.
  5. We have two boys, 4 & 6 years old. Dutch Wonderland is perfect for kids that age. It's a small park - you can literally walk across it in 5 minutes Lines are very short It's nestled in the trees, so sun overexposure isn't a problem The rides are perfect for the ages you have Parking couldn't be easier (and it's free, unless you pay for unnecessary "VIP" parking) We usually make it a day trip, but we stayed once at Eden Resort in Lancaster and it was wonderful. They have a really nice kiddy pool area. http://www.edenresort.com/ We bought a Groupon and got the room for a very good price.
  6. I have 1 ticket for the first person to send me a pm for the Charity Off The Hook event tonight in Georgetown at Tony and Joe's Seafood - tonight at 6pm. Charity Off The Hook I'll be stepping away from the computer for awhile, so don't sweat it if I don't respond immediately. Please only respond if you can make it. I'll need your email address to send to you the ticket. Send me a PM and then post here that you sent it so everyone else can see.
  7. A writer and I are working on a magazine story about traceability in the seafood industry, specifically, what the public can do to know what they're buying. If you want to guarantee that your crabs are from the Chesapeake, go to restaurants that are members of the "True Blue" program.
  8. We have a Fagor and love it. It works with induction too, which saved me from a broken heart when we got a new stove.
  9. Don, what type of budget are you looking at? If you're looking to spend around $1K, the Rancilio Silvia/Rocky combo can't be beat. Like it's been said before, the grinder is just as critical in the chain as is the espresso machine. I've had a Rocky in daily use for over 10 years and it is still going strong. Maintenance-wise, a simple backflush after use will be sufficient. Use bottled water and I would recommend descaling it every 6 months or so with this stuff. I've rebuilt a few machines and more often than not, the reason that they needed repair was for lack of regular descaling.
  10. Coffeegeek is a great authority for coffee and espresso-related gadgetry. Both the Behmor home roaster and the ROK espresso maker get high marks. I've been following the website for years and they've never steered me wrong.
  11. I've been anxiously awaiting the return of Artifact Coffee. Here's a blog post I wrote about the place back in '07. http://southernskiescoffee.blogspot.com/2007/04/artifact-coffee.html
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