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  1. If you happen to be in Rexburg, Idaho anytime soon (I was there in December), Applebee's is the only place within a 30-mile radius to get a glass of (mediocre) wine. A point in its favor, I guess.
  2. I recently ate at Apelbee's -- in Rexburg, Idaho. Turns out it is the only place in a Mormon-dominated county which serves beer and wine. The wine list was short.
  3. Well, last night was about what might be expected- chaotic! Not all the ingredients to make what was on the carte were delivered, nor all the wines on the list. There was a fair amount of standing around by servers clearly not ready for prime time. The room is rather awkward - long and narrow - six or so tables opposite the noisy bar, and another six or so opposite the kitchen, where Yannick and his crew were also running behind and rather frantic. Not sure how relaxing it was to sit opposite the kitchen at this point. The one thing that looked great was an outside terrace with 12-15 tables -
  4. Got a phone call a couple of hours ago that Yannick Cam's new place in Bethesda will (finally) open tomorrow night. Hope he cooks at the level he is capable of - Bethesda could use a really good place to eat.
  5. Over the past three weeks we have had two very good dinners at Addie's. The new chef, Nate Waugaman, who has been there since since the start of the year, is sourcing local ingredients (goat from the same farm as Komi) and cooking in an interesting, flavorful manner. Three weeks ago it was well-roasted goat.Tonite for the two of us it was a beet salad with Pipe Dream goat cheese, pecans, and fig oil with a little balsamic, fried Chincoteague oysters with red peppers, pork chop with eggplant lightly fried with Mexican spices and uncooked slices of heirloom tomatoes, and twice-cooked suckling p
  6. We have for a number of years on trips to NYC bought large sourdough or multi-grain boules from Balthazar Bakery in Soho, divided them into meal-size portions, and then put them into the freezer. They keep and defrost very well. But we have not been able to get to Manhattan for over a year, and are running short of portions. Is there any reasonable substitute in the DC area?
  7. Just got back from a rather disappointing evening at 2941. A significant part of the problem was our server David, but overall the food was not first rate. When my wife ordered her food, she was very specific about not being able to eat anything with leafy greens. This limitation is a result of a life threatening deep vein thrombosis incident discovered (ironically) nine year ago today. The amuse-bouche was set on the table with no explanation from the bus person. We had to summon David to tell us what it was - diced pineapple with some seasonings. Not a very impressive start! My wife's f
  8. We went to Oro Pomodoro at about 7:00pm last night, its second evening of operation. The room was about 2/3 full (many families with young kids at that hour) and owner Savino was limiting the crowd so that the new servers were not overwhelmed. Service was a little hectic and occasionally a bit confused, but nothing serious and that will likely smooth out in coming weeks. The ambiance is on purpose casual (paper napkins) but the room has a nice decor - lots of attractive touches make the space very pleasant. When full, it will be loud. Old Italian movies are shown on a big projection screen o
  9. Has anyone else tried Bezu? We went for the first time tonight. This is a suburban restaurant - but the suburb is Potomac. Entrees $12-15, mains mostly $32+. Stylish room, "French Asian Fusion" cooking. A seriously older clientele (including us, I guess). The food was overall very good - I has a perfectly cooked swordfish steak over a melange of thinly sliced radishes, artichokes, fresh peas, and red peppers. Starter was just cooked scallops with endaneme (spelling?) pesto. Wife had "Poke Kobe" to start - a bit gimmicky with tempura batter fried with lots of spikes filled with just seared luk
  10. For those of you who were wondering (like me) what agnolotti del plin meant, I found this on the web: The most refined agnolotti, called plin or agnolotti al plin, are those made by hand (the plin is the tool used to seal the pasta).
  11. I could come (quickly) after my class tomorrow, which ends at 7:00 p.m. at GW. But frankly I have never sent a PM and don't know how to do it. If there is still a spot, let me know how to sign up.
  12. Just watched a special on Alice Waters and Chez Panisse, and it led my wife to wonder if Restaurant Nora, which has somewhat the same philosophy (just somewhat) with respect to a focus on very good ingredients, is worth revisiting. Have not been there for 5+ years. Anyone with more recent experience?
  13. I know that the presence or absence of a chef in the kitchen on a particular night is not supposed to make a difference in the quality of what comes out of the kitchen in a top restaurant. But Michel Richard is such a personality that I can't help but think that the experience of an evening at Citronelle suffers when he is absent. Am I off-base on this? Is there any way of knowing, consistent with the lead time needed to book a table, when chef Richard will be in the house?
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