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  1. Yes, Vincenzo was amazing Italian seafood. At one time heralded as the best seafood restaurant and best Italian restaurant -- both -- within many miles. I also miss New Orleans Emporium in Adams Morgan. Spot on creole food, as is you walked through the door and entered New Orleans. Blackened lamb chops were perfection on a plate. Upstairs at the bar, oyster shooters before they were cool and "cajun popcorn" (battered and fried crawfish tails) with Dixie Beer were how you started.
  2. Much thanks for this rundown. I have eaten at Spiaggetta for their annual Seven Fishes dinner in December, and it was quite good. I've also eaten at Fred's Tavern and enjoyed a credible club sandwich.
  3. I have had a number of decent meals here, and it was a solid food choice from that northern end of Ballston until Wilson Blvd rolled into Court House. Thanks for posting, Dave. I'll have to drop in sometime soon.
  4. Thanks Don. I forgot to mention that any suggestions will be rewarded with a review here (in August).
  5. Avalon - Stone Harbor I need some help. Lady KN scooped up a residence in Avalon for a week in August this year, and I'm more interested in the food options. Any reasonably close and not-to-be-missed meals ranging from subs/hoagies to full-on sit-down meals are welcomed. Recent information is appreciated. We'll be spending most of our time in Avalon and Stone Harbor.
  6. I'm guessing Wall Street, where you were putting the finishing touches on the Rockwell Inc. IPO, and then celebrating at Per Se.
  7. Is this the one that was famous in the '80s for Szechuan cuisine? I ate there often....
  8. The Lady and I had a hankering for local sushi on a Friday night, so we headed to Osaka....but now, it's Izumi. Owned by UnCha Howard and her husband since last summer, the interior hasn't changed much since its Osaka days. UnCha Howard is Korean, and there are many Korean dishes on the menu. The daily special was seafood BiBimBap, for example, but Lady KN and I went there to enjoy the sushi. We ordered a solid $100 worth of nigiri and rolls, all of which came out on a wooden boat. The kitchen sent out a baby octopus amuse, and they were braised nicely, almost sweet. The rest of the fish was pristine, and the rolls were delicious. The tuna and salmon were excellent, and looked fresh with bright shimmering colors, as well as very clean taste. The mackerel was as clean as it gets, with decidedly non-fishy taste. The Spider Roll and Spicy Dragon Roll were really good. We would return for the sushi, but now I'm thinking I have to check out this kitchen's Korean bona fides. Annandale is next door, but Korean food in Springfield needed a shot in the arm, and maybe UnCha Howard will provide it.
  9. BTW, for what it's worth, Bozzelli's is offering $3.14 pizzas on National Pi Day, March 14.
  10. Sorry you had to suffer for us, Don. I had a few bad experiences here myself, a few years ago, so whenever I'm in that neck of the woods, it's usually for the halal butcher or Thai Ghang Waan.
  11. Springfield might not have everything, but Cervantes Coffee Roasters is here, and it's darned good coffee. I'm not a fan of the industrial park location on Fullerton Road, and the corresponding lack of parking, but I am a fan of the coffee. I should also point out that they won the award for best cold brew at the CoffeeFest in New York this past week. Congratulations to the crew at Cervantes!
  12. Bozzelli's on Alban Road has a new high-tech pizza oven, and I don't dislike their pies.
  13. I have to admit that I haven't eaten at a lot of restaurants with 3 Michelin Stars, but the meal I had at Saison this week was the best meal I have ever eaten. The attached menu merely hints at the dishes I enjoyed, but the ecstasy in my mouth cannot be described by words. A bit of background -- I did not choose to go to Saison, rather, the invitation was thrust upon me. A well-heeled company hosted an event on a Monday evening, when Saison is normally closed. So the place was rented out for a special event, and I was one of the 30 or so lucky invitees. Last Monday night, I considered myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth, with due apologies to Lou Gehrig. The event began at the bar, with hefty pours of champagne along with lovely appetizers from the kitchen. The bites of lobster were amazing, but every mouthful was a total tastebud delight. We eventually were seated, and the menu doesn't show the amuse....it was a delicate bundle of 8 herbs with Meyer lemon zest, tied into a perfect bouquet, and served in a tea cup. Hot water was poured over, and that little cup of "tea" was exquisite. It was the perfect palate preparer for what would follow. I should mention at this point that service was precise, like a real brigade, with well informed and pleasant staff delivering each course with perfect choreography. Next came the Saison Reserve Caviar, served over a spinach and seaweed composition, accompanied by champagne. At this point, I should mention the stemware, which was delicate, balanced, and polished to a clean shine. Next came the diver scallop, which was incredible, and accompanied by a Puligny Montrachet. As lucky as I thought I was for just being in attendance, Imagine my pleasant surprise when the person seated next to me said he doesn't like scallops, so he gave me his! The next dish was the King Salmon cured over Sake Lees, and it blew me away -- easily the best salmon dish I have ever tasted. The Loire Valley "Roche Aux Moines" was a perfect accompaniment. Next came the radish dish, which I viewed as a palate cleanser. It was a bit of a salad made from every part of the radish -- tiny bulbs, leaves, stems, foam. What a surprise, and I've never seen so much goodness coaxed out of such humble bits. It paired well with the Zwickl from Austria. The grand finale of dinner was Omi Wagyu, lightly fired over the wood fire, and served with Obsidian Ridge "Half Mile" which was perfect. The Wagyu was perfect, the wine was perfect, and the meal was perfect. Dessert was served as a buffet back in the bar area, but the highlight for me was the Sauternes. This was easily the best meal I have ever eaten, and I will remember it forever.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is San Francisco's best steak, and I can safely assert it's San Francisco's best dining view. I sat in the room with a direct view of the Bay Bridge, and at night the Bay Bridge has strings of lights that undulate with the wind for an incredible visual effect. And, true to San Francisco, the Bay Lights are an actual art exhibit. My steak was tender, juicy, beefy, and delicious. I wish Washington DC had a steakhouse like this, rather than the chain outposts that dominate our carnivore scene. Between Epic and John's Grill, San Francisco is my preferred destination for a solid steak dinner.
  15. I would argue that no visit to San Francisco is complete without a visit to John's, and so it was again this year.The place was bustling, as usual, on a Wednesday evening, so I grabbed a seat at the bar. I ordered the John's Steak, because I can't resist the steaks here. Yes, I vowed I would order the cioppino next time I was here, and I certainly intend to order Sam Spade's lamb chops too -- the guy next to me at the bar ordered the lamb chops, and raved as he polished off six of the most beautiful lamb chops I've ever seen -- but that steak sure hit the spot. John's Steak is a bone-in New York Strip, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and more on the rare side. It was a carnivore's delight. I love this place and I highly recommend it.
  16. The Brickskeller was all we had in the '80s when we wanted to taste serious beer from around the world. A group of us took a colleague there who was a Navy SEAL, and we ordered beers around the table. He ordered a "Silver Bullet" Coors Lite. They actually had it, but it the ribbing he took made for a memorable evening. Around that time, Union Street Pub in Alexandria was serving a beer that was brewed for them in the local area. And then came Capital City Brewery near the Greyhound Station downtown. I can't remember all the reasons that good beer places were so rare back then....
  17. What the Greeks and many of my Middle Eastern cronies tend to do is add beef broth, garlic, and lemon to the roasted potatoes.
  18. The Air Force landed me in the DC area in 1980, and my first fine dining experience here was Vincenzo's -- the Italian seafood restaurant in Adams Morgan. Maybe a notch below but quite excellent was New Orleans Emporium in Adams Morgan. Growing up in Lancaster, PA, fine dining was scrapple WITH ketchup....but Haydn Zug's in East Petersburg was as good as it got.
  19. There aren't many competitors to the Mick in history. No switch hitter had his power. Yogi Berra used to say that if Mantle only batted left-handed, he would hit .400 with 60 HRs, but Mantle was a phenomenal switch-hitter. The guy in today's game that reminds me most of Mantle is Mike Trout. Now imagine how amazing Trout would be if he could bat 67% of the time from the batter's box that is a step and a half closer to first base?
  20. Almost every Middle Eastern restaurant offers a plethora of vegan mezze appetizers -- hummus, baba ghanouj, tabbouli, pickled turnips, olives, you-name-it. You can cover the entire table with small vegan plates, tuck in with hot-out-of-the-oven pita bread, and gorge yourself. I've done it often, and I'm a devout carnivore.
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