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  1. TheMatt

    Vegan Dining

    I think Equinox does very good, as they call it, plant-based dishes. I've never been disappointed there. Cedar Restaurant also has a vegan menu/sub-menu. Doron Petersan's Fare Well on H Street is all vegan, and I like their brunch items. And since she runs Sticky Fingers as well, yummy desserts are available. And, as said above, Smoke & Barrel still does good vegan food at a BBQ place.
  2. That would be Hanshin Pocha, whose official site seems to be all Korean, so I suppose Yelp is the best at the moment.
  3. Balo's large orders are definitely large! I often get a small order of the chicken nuggets and still take half home. Oh and you misspelled "earl grey blueberry ice cream" when you typed "ash coconut ice cream".
  4. TheMatt

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    I know I saw whole nutmeg at Penzeys the last time I was there. But that was a couple months ago...
  5. Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights. I did it last year with my family. It was fun...save for the end-of-days rain storm we got caught in. Bull Run Festival of Lights. I'm planning on doing this this year. After last year and the deluge, the idea of Christmas lights you drive through in a nice warm car sounds kind of nice. (That said, I've never been. Anyone out there been and have advice?)
  6. Well, I guess we know when I'll next decide "Hey, I haven't been to Afghan Bistro in a while...I'll go there for dinner".
  7. TheMatt

    Kouign Amann

    I know I've seen them at Pastry Xpo in Mosaic if you are NoVa way.
  8. TheMatt


    I want to say I saw some once at The Bagelry in Silver Spring, and perhaps at Chutzpah in Fairfax, but it's been a while since I've been to either place. And now I'm waiting to see the results of this thread because I want some bialys!
  9. TheMatt

    Eden Center roaming dinner

    I'll also add I like the Com Ga Hai Nam (Hainan chicken) at Eden Center, but I do see that Pho Va has one now as well so I need to try it. Thanh Son Tofu is not just for their tofu (lemongrass, of course). They do a really good xoi man (sticky rice with chicken and Chinese sausage) and just one serving is enough for many if you're sharing. And I think they have the best che in Eden Center, though one I had at Kim Phung Bakery was pretty yummy. Phu Quy Deli Delight has a great variety of beef jerky, makes a great sugarcane juice, and people seem to like the Lee's coffee there.
  10. TheMatt

    Ice Cream

    I really like the ice cream at Munch in The Block in Annandale. Yeah, they specialize in "Instagram" ice cream (ash cones, etc.) but the ice cream is really good and has unique flavors. Blueberry Earl Grey is probably my favorite.
  11. Well, I guess this is like a usual Peter Chang place? Go there opening week or risk him not being in the kitchen?