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  1. I want to say I've seen a lemon ricotta at Whole Foods. You might try there.
  2. In an update, I went to Kimen Ramen this afternoon for dinner. I had their mazemen ramen (ETA: from the menu: soupless ramen, spicy hot minced pork / egg yolk / fish powder / minced garlic / green onion / chives / dried seaweed -- note, wasn't that spicy) and it was good! I'll be back. That said, I'm not sure the music they were playing was of this world. Or I'm getting old.
  3. Not Korean, but I think Kimen Ramen opened up next to The Block. I've heard good things. Mama Mei opened in The Block and serves spicy fried chicken or something. Not tried it myself.
  4. Apparently you are correct, thanks to sweet sweet spite.
  5. It depends on the time. If you get there near opening (11:30 or so) you are usually fine, but if Vinh Kee, Pho 75, and Banh Mi DC are all hopping, the parking lot can get full fast! Oh, and I too might be there Sunday for some dim sum. :)
  6. I want to say yes if you go in the afternoon as I think their dim sum picture menu says something like "11-3". You order off the menu during the week, as the carts are only on the weekends. I'm not sure about in the evening. Now I want to get some of their XO Turnip Cakes. So good, and when fresh out of the kitchen, hotter than lava.
  7. I think Equinox does very good, as they call it, plant-based dishes. I've never been disappointed there. Cedar Restaurant also has a vegan menu/sub-menu. Doron Petersan's Fare Well on H Street is all vegan, and I like their brunch items. And since she runs Sticky Fingers as well, yummy desserts are available. And, as said above, Smoke & Barrel still does good vegan food at a BBQ place.
  8. That would be Hanshin Pocha, whose official site seems to be all Korean, so I suppose Yelp is the best at the moment.
  9. Balo's large orders are definitely large! I often get a small order of the chicken nuggets and still take half home. Oh and you misspelled "earl grey blueberry ice cream" when you typed "ash coconut ice cream".
  10. I know I saw whole nutmeg at Penzeys the last time I was there. But that was a couple months ago...
  11. Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights. I did it last year with my family. It was fun...save for the end-of-days rain storm we got caught in. Bull Run Festival of Lights. I'm planning on doing this this year. After last year and the deluge, the idea of Christmas lights you drive through in a nice warm car sounds kind of nice. (That said, I've never been. Anyone out there been and have advice?)
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