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  1. Dekopon season again! HMart was even pushing the Jeju Hallabong (Korean name for the fruit) tea. I tried it but it was like hot orange water compared to the my favored honey citron tea (yuja cha). Another place to look for them is Safeway. I think Whole Foods (as usual) is the most expensive, but Safeway seemed to be a better price.
  2. @Ericandblueboy Since that is President's Day Weekend, I believe I can make it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to (I wake up at 4:30 am for work, so I go to bed early), but since I have Monday off, I think I can do it!
  3. I still remember those heady days in years back where I got a Groupon to Arrowine. I bought all the cheese because with that coupon it was Arrowine cheeses at Harris Teeter pricing. I haven't been back since the renovation, looks like I might go by tomorrow. ETA: Looking at the photo and staring at the prices I can make out, one of my favorite cheeses is actually at a fair price point. About what I've paid anywhere else I've found it, and cheaper than some. Not saying which because I don't want it gone before tomorrow.
  4. My favorite comes from the Mediterranean Bakery on Pickett in Alexandria. Fairly certain it's made there and it just has...flavor compared to store-bought varieties.
  5. Wanted to make a post for Taiwan Cafe (Yelp) in Manassas as I went there for lunch today with my parents and didn't see one here on the site. While they have an American Chinese menu, we wisely avoided that and stuck to the Taiwanese menu. And it was good! We had the Taiwanese fried chicken, the amusingly named "Flash Tomato w. Scrambled Eggs", and the cabbage with garlic. The chicken was a fine example of Taiwanese fried chicken with the weird breading, fried basil, and moist dark meat. The tomato and eggs were the quite good. Not sure what the sauce was, but yum! And the cabbage with garlic was, well, cabbage with garlic, but a good refreshing vegetable on the side. They did have a specials board which we didn't look too closely at when going in, but I think we will next time. A couple of the dishes sounded good! (Though, to me, not the oyster omelette. I know it's classic, but *shudder*) Don't expect any atmosphere or anything. Small storefront in a strip mall, but the neon signs in the windows--"EAT GOOD FOOD"--give a good indication of what you'll do inside. I haven't been to many restaurants in Manassas, but this is by far the best I've been to so far. I honestly can't wait to go back and explore more of the menu.
  6. Thought I'd revive the Nha Trang page by saying this is one of my usual spots to hit at Eden Center along with Huong Viet, Banh Cuon Thang Long, and, well, Thanh Son Tofu. The nem nuong rolls are still spot on, they have probably the best chao ca (fish porridge) that I've had at Eden Center, and I really like their banh canh cha ca (fish filet and fish cake with noodles; I think this is a "classic" dish from Nha Trang). And fair warning, it gets pretty crowded on the weekends!
  7. I think the new stall is called Bold Dumpling, but I can't seem to find any social media/website/etc for it.
  8. Well, giant portions. That said, I always figured CF's calorie counts are probably the most accurate out there. They seem super high, but that's probably true. The ones that always amazed me were the salads. You think salads are "healthy" but...
  9. Well, if you are in Annandale, you can buy kimchi at Lighthouse Tofu. I'm a fan of theirs and have bought some from them before.
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