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  1. Portuguese shellfish rice, with fresh clams from Whole Foods, and a frozen seafood mixture (scallops, shrimp and calamari) from Trader Joe’s. I was really surprised at the quality of the Trader Joe’s frozen product - The seafood tasted fresh, the calamari were tender, and everything held together beautifully. Since I had out the mini processor to buzz up a shallot for the salad dressing, I also threw in a bunch of celery leaves to my basic lemon and olive oil dressing. Very nice addition and great for a simple green salad.
  2. Stirfried vegetables (zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, carrots, jalapeños) with shrimp. Flavored with sesame oil, hot chili oil, five spice powder, white pepper, soy sauce. I completely forgot to add garlic, but in the end I didn’t miss it. I ground some Szechuan peppercorns into the hot oil before the stirfry, and the dish was pleasantly hot, but not overly so.
  3. Thin pork chops on the grill brushed with homemade barbecue sauce. Potatoes and onions in a foil packet on the grill. Tomato and Romaine salad with Caesar dressing.
  4. Sam, blessings to you and to all of the other residents and helpers in New Orleans who are trying to help the city avoid further disaster. My sister left the Esplanade apartments on Friday, and she is currently with me here in Fort Lauderdale because it’s just too dangerous for her right now to go back to the city with no power. New Orleans is like no place else on earth, and the resilient spirit of the people and deep love for the city is going to save her!
  5. Well Jose Andres and world central kitchen were in New Orleans last night getting ready to serve food, so I think that is always a worthwhile organization to support. Red Cross was helpful to my family during Katrina.
  6. All of my family left New Orleans last night. This storm has all of the makings of a disaster. At the very least, there will be widespread flooding and long-term power outages. EVERYTHING closes.
  7. It’s hot and humid here, and we are having Saharan dust which makes it hard to breathe. Friend coming for dinner means minimal cooking but big flavors. I made shrimp ceviche with a lime and orange juice dressing, lots of cilantro, mango, cucumber, red pepper, red onion. I made a salad dressing from a recipe that I got on the river boat which is the “Uniworld famous Mrs. Tolman’s Dressing.” It’s really a basic Caesar dressing with soy sauce instead of Worcestershire and no anchovy. My neighbor loved it, but I would’ve just prefered regular Cesar dressing. I served a side of deviled eggs with the salad We had store-bought brownies with praline ice cream for dessert. Plus port.
  8. Had neighbors over tonight, and I cooked steelhead trout brushed with chipotle mayo and then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and coriander. I made chipotle lime rice, a la chipotle restaurant. I thought mine was pretty good. I also made a classic Caesar dressing that I served on a kind of a mixed salad. It was a pretty simple meal, but it seemed to make everyone very happy.
  9. Happy birthday and many happy returns to Don, our fearless leader!
  10. I was in Aldi‘s yesterday, where I saw beautiful huge jalapeño peppers for $.79 a pack. I halved them, and took out the seeds and the membrane. I filled the peppers with a mixture of chopped up shrimp, a bit of cream cheese, cilantro, cayenne, and a generic Mexican cheese blend (from Aldi’s). I baked them till the cheese was bubbling, and served them as a light entrée with a big salad.
  11. As I understand it, you need a PCR test to re-enter the UK. Check to see if your departure airport has a facility that will give you the results of a PCR test in 45 minutes to one hour. I know that was an option when I flew to Portugal out of MIA. Also, have you checked at all of the minute clinic type places near you? As a last resort, you may have to go to a private lab and pay quite a bit of money for them to do a quick results PCR test. If you Google “rapid result PCR test near me” you should get lots of hits.
  12. I was inspired by the food that I had in Portugal during my recent vacation. So last night, I made a very unseasonal Caldo Verde, which is a potato soup with very thinly sliced kale or collards and spicy sausage. I bought some tiny little olives from the Portuguese grocery store here, and had a few slices of baguette dipped in Portuguese olive oil.
  13. My neighbor is doing me a huge favor and in return I told her I would cook any dish she desired. She asked for Cuban Picadillo. Easy. Soften some garlic, onions, and bell peppers in oil and then brown up a lot of ground beef. After the beef is browned, add tomato sauce and the seasonings, which for her were cumin, coriander, S&P and smoked paprika (no heat, per request). Let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Near the end add roughly chopped green olives. Some recipes also call for raisins (yuk) and/or diced potatoes. She wanted neither. I had a half of a bell pepper in the refrigerator, so I stuffed some of the Picadillo into a bell pepper and wrapped it up and froze it for later.
  14. A huge lunch special from a local Greek restaurant gave me leftover gyro meat and rosemary potatoes. So yesterday morning I chopped up the meat and diced the potatoes, warmed them in some olive oil in a skillet, and made a lovely “Greek” omelette.
  15. I had beef Tinga in the freezer, and as hurricane season worsens, I am trying to trim down what is in the freezer in case we lose power. Therefore, beef Tinga tacos! Plus mango chunks. It’s mango season here. They’re super cheap.
  16. I sautéed garlic, onion, and red bell pepper with olive oil, salt and pepper, and then added some broccoli florettes and a couple of chopped up plum tomatoes. Meanwhile, I cooked up some Trader Joe’s refrigerated cheese ravioli, which is a great convenience product that cooks in about five minutes. After I drained the ravioli I tossed it with the vegetables, and added some chili flake. Then I topped it with grated Parmesan cheese. A very colorful dish!
  17. At the end of July, I have one Saturday evening free in Porto before I board a riverboat Sunday. I am staying on the Vila Nova de Gaia side at Lodge Wine and Business Hotel and will be having dinner solo. If anyone has some suggestions in the area (because I will be jetlagged and exhausted and do not want to travel very far), I’d be grateful.
  18. We’ve had days and days of rain here, so even though it is still warm, comfort food seems appropriate. So last night I made a pot of chili.
  19. A friend came over for dinner tonight, and I wanted something simple so we could talk. Smoked black pepper cheddar and crackers Chicken and mango salad. Curried shrimp soup. Peach melba.
  20. Friends came over for dinner, which prompted me to actually make a full meal, with courses! Spinach dip with rice crackers Salad of Romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, avocado with a Dijon vinaigrette Chicken Tinga over rice with roasted sweet potatoes. Peach Melba
  21. My food has been so boring lately, mostly a lot of salads and leftovers. Today I had leftover pasta sauce that had sausage and olives in it, and I had mini bagels, and I used the sauce plus Parmesan to make little bagel pizzas. I ate them with a big green salad. It was so ridiculously satisfying! Desert was some squares of dark chocolate from Aldi.
  22. OMG, I had my first dinner party tonight since Covid. Four of us total, and it was glorious. Started with an artichoke spread - canned artichokes chopped in the food processor with a little olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, basil and a bit of cream cheese. I made lobster risotto with a stock that I made from lobster shells from lobsters we ate down on the patio during the pandemic. Circle of life. I also made a Tricolore salad, Served with a shallot vinaigrette. One of the guests brought a decadent flourless chocolate cake. Prosecco and Pinot Grigio were poured. Return to normalcy felt so good.
  23. Shrimp Remoulade, served on a Romaine and tomato salad.
  24. I seared thin chicken cutlets with Penzeys jerk seasoning. Then I topped them with a quick pico de Gallo I made from wilting cilantro, tomatoes, jalapeño, lime, vinegar, garlic, cumin. Served with slices of pear and tortilla chips. The whole meal came together in no time flat.
  25. You could easily leave out the evil cilantro. If I had had spinach, I would’ve chopped it up and thrown in a couple of handfuls. I had the hatch chilies in the freezer from the last hatch chili season, and I thought they would be freezer burned and gross, but they were OK.
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