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  1. Happy to report they had it at the Butcher's Block by Brabo. Well, actually they were out but were kind enough to donate some to my dish. Now that is excellent service - they earned my loyalty.
  2. Will do - thank you. My back up is another fruit vinegar, but the real thing would be better.
  3. Any idea where I can pick up verjus (or verjuice) in DC area, hopefully Va? Making a duck with verjus and green peppercorn sauce and have had no luck at all. Many thanks!
  4. I was surprised to see this place had a thread on here. It is a default buffet choice on weekends, where I think they do a very nice job, better than some of the Minerva locations in my opinion. I especially appreciate the variety of what they offer - it is not always just bitter chicken and masala of some form. I've had their dosas and many of the menu items, and although everything is not perfect, it is a great place to have in the local area. They are gracious hosts and I enjoy that much of their clientele is Indian - it really is hidden in the corner of what is a hidden stripmall in so
  5. I had a party of eight there last week. Underwhelmed all the way around. From spotty service (how could the raw oysters take the longest to prepare and be the late appetizer?) to middling food (the upside-down pot pie had a thick, doughy, tough crust and very little chicken) to a high price point it was not a great evening. I love what Andres does 90% of the time, this one just somehow misses the mark. Maybe the pop up concept really does not work when it lasts as long as this place has overall. I would love Atlantico back.
  6. I went about 3 weeks ago for the first time. Will not go back - the drinks were tiny and overly sweet, the waiter forgot two items that we ordered and we had to have them removed from the bill and generally not all that friendly or helpful. Food was average at best - party of four and noone really raved about any of the food. Underwhelming. It also had a weirdly quiet vibe for a weekend night, half empty and very low energy, which seems at odd with the concept. Perhaps it was just an off night.
  7. I would agree completely - in general I love dumplings, either steamed or pan-seared. They were by far the best, and dipping sauces generally good. But nothing memorable and the waitress claimed that they had the best drinks in the city. Having just come from the Passenger where we had an amazing mezcal and raspberry granita and a white pepper infused gin drink, we agreed to disagree. As an antidote to the several chains around Verizon, this place is fine. But nothing amazing.
  8. Has anyone been recently? Meeting friends for an informal night out - so not expecting the best, but hopefully some fun and decent food.
  9. Where is the Penzey's located? I am sure they would have it. Thank you!
  10. I agree - this has become one of my favorite places to grab a drink, especially tequila. Never would describe it as corporate in the way that it looks or feels. Generally have very good food experience, especially the okra.
  11. Before I go traipsing around the region - anyone know where I can find it? Wegman's? Making a smoked duck and andouille gumbo - it is optional, how would it affect the taste to leave it out? My first gumbo, so not sure. Txs.
  12. Went for an early dinnner with mixed results - some bad, some good. First, the bad - was meeting a friend to catch up, so chose the location thinking it would be fairly quiet. Seated on the back patio near the pond, which my first thought would be a good location. However, since we were on the early side, there were 4-5 small children as well and the main problem was that they swarmed around the pond the entire time, and thus our table. Really annoying and I tend to not notice children at restaurants, but when they are grabbing at your table's umbrella, hiding under the tree by your table,
  13. I actually made a mistake - I need QUAIL eggs or small hen eggs. It is for a tasting menu - a garlic pasta with a one-minute egg halved on top of it. I will try some of the larger Whole Foods - have been to Wegmans and a smaller Whole Foods without luck so far. Thanks for the suggestions!
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