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  1. Soup

    Cooked Turkey

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/18/dining/chinese-barbecue-turkey-thanksgiving.html Above is a link to a NY Times article. It describe places that cook turkey using the chinese BBQ method. Do any of you know a place around Washington DC area that does this (or fries a turkey)? I'm looking for either. (I am not interested in the doing wither of techniques myself at home. Lack of skill and don't want to clean up either. ) Soup
  2. go to fresh world in springfield va. They always have pigs head.
  3. LoveHockey, Thank you. Spoke with my parents and unfortunately they cannot make it into town. My appologies. They were really bummed, as well. Please take us off the list (that is 3 people) and I hope we didn't create more issues for you. This is a generous offer and I hope other can take advantage. Again thank you. Regards, Soup
  4. My parents were just telling me last week that they would love to see the capital building. They are 75 & 70 and have never been inside. I would love to take them. 3 for me please and thank you. Soup
  5. Soup +1. I think I read that it is 6 to 9pm. We may have to leave a little earlier (e.g., 8). Any info on the cost per person?
  6. We'd love to come. Soup +1. The place is great! Any one of the date works. Since I have to work next day, earlier the better from a start time perspective. If it starts too late, I might not be able to make it. Soup
  7. On the 9th, it is Soup +1 please. BTW, is the start time 6:30pm or 7pm? Soup
  8. should have read the whole tread...but we are still good for either 9th or 10th as long as a date is chosen quickly. We have to find baby sitters. We are still me +1. Soup
  9. We would love to attend on 12/11. You had me at cioppino. It is me +1, please. Soup
  10. I would love to go but I cannot this Thursday. Family stuff. I've not been but it sound good. Looking forward to the report.
  11. Went there yesterday. Came back into town..I was tired and hungry and all wanted was soup. Went to TSJ and got dduk guk. I got to taste it on $20 Tuesday set up by G&E. I went back wanting some more and it did not dissappoint. IMHO the TSJ is serving the best rendition of dduk guk in k-town. The broth was just amazing. Not overly salted (problem with most other dduk guks), the broth had just an amazing and authentic taste and mouth feel. I brought back memories of the dduk guk my grand mother use to make. I would high recommend this soup. BTW, was there close to 8pm. The place w
  12. Excellent meal guys. Thank you for putting it together. Surprise was the Duk Guk (rice cake soup) and bo sam. Both were some of the best example of the dish I've had. I would order both again. I am salivating as I type this, BTW. I could not believe the price of the meal to boot. it would be reasonable at 2x the price. Great outing!!! Soup
  13. guys, my appologies again. I will need to bow out. Work just came up. Soup
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