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  1. Thursday was another night of Italian Wedding soup from the freezer, along with rosemary bread from the freezer. Salad, not from the freezer. And Italian cookies, that had been stashed in the freezer. Freezer becoming roomier! Friday was carryout, Purple Patch and Mount Desert Ice Cream. Zoom dinner. And last night, yay last night! We are now both fully vaccinated, as are 2 of our regular dinner companions. So we had dinner and game night! First time in over a year. We have had fire pit nights with them, but now that we can safely be together inside... We played 2 new games. Ch
  2. Dinner at Purple Patch, so we picked up some ice cream pints. Praline for me - never had it before. SOOOO good. Salted caramel for him - also delicious. Miso butterscotch was only in the ice cream sandwiches, so didn't get it. Sad.
  3. Purple Patch night! I had wings. He had fried chicken abobo. We split lumpia. The college bud had wings and tocino, and some beers. I forget what our other had. So tasty.
  4. So, I tried many of these places, and went back to some of the places I had already tried that said they MIGHT have it, some time. Nope. Also, it seems that I know nobody with a Costco membership. Never did nail down making it well enough to make me completely happy. It was fine, but not as good as we wanted. Then, Whole Foods, the new one, on Florida Ave, had it around Christmas! So happy! We had it for Christmas breakfast, on some pistachio orange bread that a friend had made for us for Christmas. So random. Then they didn't have it again. I asked. They said their supplie
  5. Silver Spring farm market (Spring Valley Farm). We always have to make an expedition there when it is ramp season. They said they would have them this Saturday too, but would almost certainly be done after that. I wish someone with ramps came to the Columbia Heights or Mt Pleasant farm markets! Those are a few of my favorite things.... English muffins and garlic bread! I will now have to get a pack of English muffins for the freezer just for that, because I had never thought of it before. There used to be a place, I forget its name, that had a burger on an English muffin. Was i
  6. I love ramps. Tonight was Lemon Ramp Risotto. I do not make risotto. The boy does. That's one of the things he likes a lot, and really enjoys making. Also, salad. That, I made. I also made myself a new salad dressing. It's just a basic vinaigrette, but it has olive oil that my Moroccan brother in law gave me. Man, this dressing tastes like olives. Later, pie and ice cream. I will also note, when there are ramps in the compost, the compost bin MUST stay outside.
  7. Oh, I fell behind! Monday was ramp and chorizo quesadilla night. (We also added mushrooms) Salad. Guacamole. Sour Cream. Apple pie and creme fraiche ice cream. Tuesday was frito pie, with green chili with pork from the freezer. Also salad. And again, pie and ice cream.
  8. Nice weather, and it's Sunday. So, grill night! He started a little early today, in case of storms. But we have finished eating, and the storms are just arriving, so it wasn't as close as he was afraid of. Pork chops, rubbed with a spice mix. Ramps! Mushrooms. Brussels sprouts. (Note: DO NOT blanch these before grilling no matter what the recipe says. They were inedible.) And corn pudding (I made a MUCH smaller batch than the recipe expects.) Later, apple pie and creme fraiche ice cream. (Bi-Rite creamery recipe.)
  9. And it was Mezcalero night again. And as ever, we made the guacamole and the frozen margaritas. Mezcalero made his shrimp and chorizo quesadilla and my mole chicken tacos (NO cilantro please). I look forward to the day we can eat there again, but will miss being able to have my own guacamole. Why won't anyone make it without cilantro for me? I made an apple pie and some creme fraise ice cream this afternoon. Soon we will see how those are.
  10. The first time I was on an airplane was 1972. Dad was working for Xerox, and they were transferring him to CA. So we all got on a plane. I was 7, and I was the oldest of 4. And it was paid for by Xerox. And they sent us first class. I have been spoiled ever since. The handouts were not peanuts. They were macadamias. First time I ever had those. (And the last for quite a while too. Expensive!) We all got little wing pins. And big seats. (That was also the first time I remember staying in a hotel. They put us up for a week until our furniture arrived. That was so cool. Except for having to share
  11. Zorba takeout tonight. I had a masthia cocktail to start, and he had a gin and tonic. Sadly, there was no retsina tonight. So, from Zorba's - chickpea salad (hummus), eggplant salad (baba ganoush), mixed kebabs, sausage platter, and mini baklava. And it was good.
  12. We have cats. While we can generally keep them away from glasses while we are around, we had one cat who enjoyed getting into our bedside water. We have sport-style water bottles for the bedroom now. We had a dog-guest for fire pit night last week. He had broken into his person's grocery bag when she turned her back, and ate half a bar of dark chocolate before she could stop him. The vet said it was little enough that he didn't have to come in right away, and gave her instructions on what to watch for. So he had to be watched all night. He was pretty jittery. Also, didn't like fire. He se
  13. Another night, another freezer meal. Tonight, salad (again, not frozen), rosemary bread, and Italian wedding soup. Later, we will finish the chocoflan. We have made a dent in the freezer. Except there's a lot of corn and a lot of cherries. And spring, and spring produce, is almost HERE NOW.
  14. YAY! More shots in more arms! I will be fully vaccinated as of Friday (had the second pfizer shot 3/26). The boy had his second last Saturday. I am so excited. My parents are both fully vaccinated. My mother in law is about to be. We might get to see our parents soon!
  15. The whole dinner sounds good, but every time I read something like this, I wonder if we should have an air fryer. Tonight was freezer enchiladas (Yep, still using down the freezer food). Pork, with beans, cheese, and tomatillo sauce. I need a new technique - lately the enchiladas have taken to cracking badly in the freezer. Also, salad. And chocoflan!
  16. Last night was taquitos. (Often the result of the boy cooking a whole chicken, as on Sunday). Really, so tasty, and a good excuse for a guacamole feast. Also, salad. Tonight was freezer food. Chilis rellenos (stuffed with chicken, cheese, and red taco sauce.) When pepper season runs down, we grab anaheims, and sometimes poblanos, although I far prefer anaheims, and he grills them. I skin them, gut them, stuff them, and freeze them. We have one more dinner of them left in the freezer after tonight. They freeze remarkably well. Also, salad. And of course, more CHOCOFLAN!
  17. It's Sunday, and the weather is nice. For the boy, this means grilling! So we had salad (not grilled), and rosemary bread (also not grilled), and beer can chicken, and carrots (with olive oil and a spice mix), and potatoes (recipe from "French Grilling"). Quite tasty. Later, a new experimental dessert - Chocoflan! (ETA: Holy crap that is delicious!)
  18. If you need mediterranean stuff in town, this is the place. I worked at AU years ago, when Shemali's was still over on Macomb, and they were a regular stop. Now, when I need something and don't have time to do a run to the Mediterranean Bakery, I send the boy in there when he is at his allergist. They are well hidden. He had been going to the allergist there for years before I sent him in there for the first time, and he was SHOCKED to find it there!
  19. Pizza night! Pepperoni and pineapple pizza for me. 6 shooter, plus garlic for him. Also wine, a Toscano. Salads, but we made those. And some of the remaining cherry almond cookies. Chatted with Dave, and we are all almost vaccinated/safe. Soon..... soon.....
  20. Spices takeout for Zoom dinner tonight. Suggested by the other boy, as it is Good Friday, and he is a nominal Catholic. So, sushi. I ate bulgogi buns and sate. The boy had a little sushi and General Tso's Shrimp. The other dinner companion had beef bulgogi buns and caramelized chicken. We were all happy with dinner, and I, as the pickup person, was happy with their organization and easy of pickup. Wasn't quite as happy with the traffic across the park, but it was OK.
  21. Ooh, mushroom toasts sound really tasty. I have some leftover creme fraiche.
  22. It does! Last night was Navajo tacos. I thawed the remainder of last week's chipotle chicken and made some very delicious fry bread. Guacamole, sour cream, cheese, so good. Also salad. I also made some nice Italian cherry-almond cookies to go with the ice cream. (That recipe cooks them for too high and too long. 12 minutes at 350 worked much better, after I almost burned the first pan.) Yes, I am trying to use down the large amount of frozen sour cherries! Accepting recipe recommendations! (No coconut please. NO cilantro, ever. Sweet or savory is good.)
  23. It was toasted. It was puffy. It had a lovely crust (albeit a bit liquid). It looked ready to eat, although it looked a bit soft. And as I pulled it back from the fire pit toward me, it slumped straight through the tines of the toasting fork, and SPLATTED on the stone between my feet. It was soooooo sad. Grabbed it with a napkin as quickly as possible, but there was a round splot of molten sugar left behind. So, tonight. Salad. Freezer enchiladas of turkey, tomatillo sauce, and pinto beans. Green chili sauce on top. Oh, and lots of sour cream. Later, cherry almond ice cream with fudge rip
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