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  1. We had a great meal here today -- in particular, two stars were the pork belly (crispy, fatty but not gelatinous) and the lamb with a rich and fabulous fava bean purée. Outstanding. Already looking forward to our next visit!
  2. We often request specific seating when making reservations -- there's nothing I dislike more, in terms of seating, then to be marooned at a 2-top in the middle of the floor -- makes me feel like I'm on an iceberg...I much prefer booths!
  3. Had a great meal here with Tripewriter and a work colleague the other night. Also loved the fish dish -- superb -- as well as the avocado/pistachio and the roasted tomato dishes (served on crispy breads). Quenelles of goat cheese cheesecake were also a hit. The fries were good, and we finished them all, but they started a hankering for the Palena fry plate that's intensifying daily...I'm thinking we need to make a run up there soon. Also enjoyed the rose flight -- wines all around were interesting and new -- definitely not the same old, same old!
  4. I'll second this and add that one year someone brought Ruffles and chip dip, and they were a HUGE hit! Nom nom!
  5. We went Thursday night with friends. They have a new line policy -- if the line is a certain (undefined) length, you have to wait outside, which was actually much less irritating than we first thought it would be, and it made a huge difference in terms of the comfort level as we ate, so good choice. There's a $10 special -- cheeseburger, any side, and any drink -- great deal. The burger was OUTSTANDING! Much better than the last time we were there, and with the improvement in the seating/serving/noise/crowding, it was a far superior experience and made us decide to start going back here more o
  6. Just thought I'd add that it's likely that we will have "extra" cheese to bring as well...
  7. My parents just returned this week, having had a fabulous time, and said that they enjoyed this restaurant so much they went twice Thanks for the excellent recommendation!
  8. We'll bring plates, cups, and silverware.
  9. We'd be willing to contribute a little dough to help share the joy that is Antonio's chicken!(One side note here -- the last time we were at CommonWealth [too long ago!], a friend got the London Broil and let me try it -- excellent! Sometimes I get blinded by the chicken and forget to order other items, and this was a pleasant reminder that we have never yet had a disappointing dish out of that kitchen...)
  10. Had a great meal here tonight. I'll start by saying that, honestly, I don't really love the space/decor at Tallula -- some white tablecloths would make a nice difference, in my opinion. I also wasn't so impressed with the wines that were chosen for us the previous time that we ate there, but after tonight, I'm thinking that was just a miscall by the server rather than poor choices available. I don't have the names of what we drank tonight, but we had a red that was pretty darn nice! Now, for my favorite part -- the food! We chose to have a tasting menu, which they'll do for anyone who asks f
  11. We'd love to go but don't have a free day between now and then...:-(
  12. I'm not uncomfortable, and if I felt it germane to my question/post, I would have done so. For what I was asking, naming the restaurant was unnecessary.
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