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  1. My daughter and her friends went on Saturday before her high school prom. I would definitely understand why a restaurant would be hesitant to to seat a large (12 people) group of teenagers on a busy night. They had no problem making a reservation. The group had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their dinners. They were very complimentary about their server. All-in-all they had a great experience and a memorable night. My daughter says her best friend keeps talking about her meal and how she wants to introduce her parents to Eventide. Thank you, Eventide, you made them feel very welco
  2. Johnny kindly gave us a quick rundown on the dates one night after dinner. The dates are stuffed with mascarpone and greek yogurt then refrigerated overnight. The dates are the cooked for a couple of minutes in a very hot over (I think he said 400-450). They are then covered with olive oil and salted.
  3. Cool sighting of the week - Enjoying another great meal at Komi last night when Tim and Nina Zagat show up out of the pouring rain, wait patiently for several minutes at the front, then are taken to to back of the dining room for several minutes before meeting with chef Monis for a brief chat. Apparently they were in town for the release of the new guide and were congratulating the chefs at the top of the list. Derek might be kicking himself since he was off last night.
  4. My wife and I went to dinner at Cityzen last week to celebrate our anniversary. Even though we have enjoyed dinners at Cityzen in the past, we were a little apprehensive because we have been going to Maestro and Komi to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for the past few years and we were afraid that we would miss Maestro even more after this special occasion. I am glad to say that we had a wonderful meal and dining experience and we will happily move Cityzen into our regular rotation. We were presented with two amuses, the first a mushroom fritter on a mushroom sauce (I could have
  5. Been enjoying the forum for quite a while now and finally decided to join in. My wife and I get out to eat (without kids) 2-3 times a month. Current favorites include Komi, Palena, Bistro Bis and Cityzen. Still in mourning over Maestro and Scott Bryan (when he was at 2941). Unless I have overlooked the topic, I'm surprised that no one has posted regarding Vincent's wine tastings at the Tyson's Ritz. We went to our first one last month and thought it was wonderful. Vincent was his usual charming self, the wines were great, and we were completely surprised by the tastes that chef Jeff Skl
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