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    science fiction, bizarre sonic sculptures, and of course food.
  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pizza and goodies that you made for us. The Radius meals for DR were wonderful and I hope to see your cuisine in other contexts soon.
  2. I agree. When I went there solo for the prie fixe lunch on a jam-packed Saturday afternoon, the service felt as gracious as if I was the only person there. Rob
  3. Don, It's been a while but I need to pitch in and back NovaLawyer. He has a right to his opinion as long as it is not slanderous. Rob P.S. But qwertyy is also correct.
  4. I dunno. A few jobs ago, I was hired by a Very Big Corporation who had just acquired a Spunky Young Start-Up. Two years later they suddenly shuttered my office, ordered the developers to move north or else, and laid off the rest of the staff (including me). As a futile gesture of sympathy, the VBC manager (who knew all along) took everybody out to Applebee's. To punish him, I ordered the steak since it was the most expensive item on the menu. Instead, I was the one who was punished by the thinnest, toughest, grisliest piece of tasteless meat that I have ever eaten. Given the circumstances, t
  5. According to UrbanDaddy, the name of the place is Little Serow and it will be probably opening tomorrow night. They also claim their Thai prix-fixe meal will be seven courses for $45. However, these folks burned me before on Fiola IIRC so take their word for what it's worth. Rob
  6. Follow-up from a PoP poster named "anon" claimed that it was a separate concept called Little Saroh or Little Sarah. It is supposedly having a "very soft opening" and allegedly has a Thai prie-fixe menu of $45 for walk-ins only. Rob
  7. I am going out with a friend to Oyamel and she is a vegetarian. What would folks recommend for her? There's a small horde of vegetable-oriented small plates and I wanted to help her narrow down the field.
  8. As Restaurant Week came closer, I had to narrow my choices from three to one. The Oval Room was the only restaurant left standing so I dropped by at 5:30 pm this afternoon and got ready to try a pretty snazzy menu. With the help of the server, I settled on the crudo of tuna, avocado, pineapple, and dragon sauce as the appetizer. I wanted the braised pork cheeks with cherry mustard, charred leeks and warm potato salad (as seen on the website) but unfortunately the pork dish had morphed into braised shoulder with cornbread gnocci (?) so I picked the charred jalapeno chitarra pasta, stewed tomat
  9. After a trip to the nearby barber, I stopped by Ray's to ask about the Bistro deal. Turns out it is still available anywhere in the restaurant. If the server doesn't offer the deal, I was told that you can ask for it.
  10. Last month I finally went to Hill Country to celebrate my 41st birthday. I went early on a Thursday to avoid the crowds and that tactic worked very well--I was virtually the only one there. I went with the $24 special with 1/4 lb moist brisket. They wouldn't let me upgrade from the lean brisket in the special so I had to buy it extra. The sides were baked beans with burnt ends and collard greens. The beef ribs and the moist brisket were excellent and I enjoyed them thoroughly--smoke and fat and meat combining in a most pleasing fashion. Unfortunately the lean brisket is just dull. The restau
  11. Well, that's a little facile. If you recall, Gillian Clark was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, remember? Like the show or not, it didn't just cover diners. Also, I have been to the Silver Diner in Arlington recently and endorse the change wholeheartedly. As far as area diners go, I like it more than any I have visited. Note I have not been to Bob & Edith yet.... Rob
  12. Went to the Fairfax branch because Annandale didn't pick up the phone. They said the chicken would be ready in about 45 mins and it was when we arrived an hour later. My brother, who has never any Korean fried chicken before, really enjoyed both flavors. He also had praise for the pickled radishes, noting that many other house-made pickles are "all vinegar." Great experience, all in all.
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