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  1. As I said in the DC Reviews section, I suggested the Fast Gourmet to Robert Sietsema via Twitter. As a long time reader of the Voice food section, I knew that Robert S. gets a real kick out of discovering that kind of obscure ethnic fare. Evidently he really enjoyed it so good on him. Rob
  2. As a side note, the best solo dining experience I ever had was at Komi. I had the full meal and then-sommelier Kat Bangs was more than happy to create a special two-glass pairing because I was on a budget. She even brought a special wine (at no charge) to go with a bonus course (crab and uni pasta). What a great experience.
  3. When Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema used Twitter to ask for DC suggestions, I replied that he might like Fast Gourmet's chivito. He seemed more than satisfied with his visit: https://twitter.com/...823054801735680 Rob
  4. Well, that ship has sailed. Anyone up for this Friday?
  5. Thank you for all the wonderful pizza and goodies that you made for us. The Radius meals for DR were wonderful and I hope to see your cuisine in other contexts soon.
  6. That would work for me. Let's talk about it on Tuesday or Thursday.
  7. sure, I'd be glad to bring my dad along. let's figure out the details. Rob
  8. As a DR person who emigrated to Catonsville this year, I have been planning to pitch in for some time but never really got around to it. My dad is in town this weekend but I could meet up early next week.
  9. I agree. When I went there solo for the prie fixe lunch on a jam-packed Saturday afternoon, the service felt as gracious as if I was the only person there. Rob
  10. Don, It's been a while but I need to pitch in and back NovaLawyer. He has a right to his opinion as long as it is not slanderous. Rob P.S. But qwertyy is also correct.
  11. All of my reservations on OpenTable have been single-person reservations and I have had absolutely no problem. Perhaps some restaurants do have some sort of exclusion rule during the busiest hours but I've never noticed. Rob
  12. Well, let me cite specific examples: I have had poor bar service at EatBar, Medium Rare, and Jaleo in Crystal City. The EatBar problem was due to a packed house so I think that is excusable, but the other times I was at a nearly empty bar and getting no service at all. On the other hand, maybe I was more aware of being a solo diner at the bar so when I *did* get poor service, I was more likely to attribute it to being a solo diner. Perception is all, right?
  13. As another solo diner, I noticed that Savored.com didn't believe in us. I sent an email when the site first debuted and got some wishy-washy answer about "we will discuss this further" but evidently nothing has happened. My main advice for solo diners goes against Tom Sietsema: DON'T sit at the bar if you can help it. Whenever I sit at the bar, I get miserable service and I have never had a problem at a table. rob
  14. Hello from Catonsville! Since I have a new apartment and a new job in Columbia, I took the opportunity to track down R&R when I went home one evening. It is worth noting that I was misled by Google Maps, which seemed to think that the gas station was about a mile further down Route 1 than it actually is. For the record, R&R is at the Shell station on the intersection of US-1 and MD-175 near Jessup. In fact, it is right off Exit 41A on I-95 toward Jessup, so it is very easy to find. And I had four tacos, including lengua, al pastor, and tripa, and they were all great! Though I'll say the little plastic tub of pepper-red condiment was just hot but that didnt matter a whit given the greatness of the main event. rob
  15. I dunno. A few jobs ago, I was hired by a Very Big Corporation who had just acquired a Spunky Young Start-Up. Two years later they suddenly shuttered my office, ordered the developers to move north or else, and laid off the rest of the staff (including me). As a futile gesture of sympathy, the VBC manager (who knew all along) took everybody out to Applebee's. To punish him, I ordered the steak since it was the most expensive item on the menu. Instead, I was the one who was punished by the thinnest, toughest, grisliest piece of tasteless meat that I have ever eaten. Given the circumstances, the meal made a bad situation worse. So in the end, bad food does nobody good. And who deserves quality food, the diner who can send his filet back because it is medium instead of medium well, or the family who goes out to Applebee's because at least they can get out of the house for once? Perhaps we all deserve good meals.
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