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  1. <Emerges from the fog> Celebrated NuttyBuddy's birthday here last night. I really like Woodberry Kitchen, so I was really looking forward to this. It's a really good restaurant. Food (Tuna tartare/Kilt salad/DuckDuckGrits/charcuterie plate/lost potatoes) was delicious, service was exemplary (great systems - take a note of the dance of the oval mat on your table), setting is lovely, scored an extremely quaffable Liquid Farm rose that is not on the wine list. A really good (if very expensive) experience. If I had one obvious complaint it would be that for a place that sells itself on being all about Mid-Atlantic provisions, the wine list is laughably short of local wines. On the whole, a very positive experience, but there was something that just didn't come together to make it great, and then I read the Ann Limpert piece linked above and it made sense. This is the most self-satisfying restaurant I have ever visited. PS - Neither of us got hugs </Emerges from the fog>
  2. JPW

    Whatever happened to...

    We're around. We just don't get out as much as we used to. I see most of the old guard once every few months. As for me - Peanut is 12. Edgy is 8. Mrs JPW started her own company doing corporate branding. I'm management now which means more money, but less time for exploring DC's culinary treats (it also means that you don't actually do anything, you just make sure that things get done). About to pay a very nice man an insane amount of money to put an addition on our house to include a master suite, a man cave, and a wine cellar. And so it goes.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I have loved my meals at Komi and think that it deserves all of the praise that it gets, but it is not a Michelin 3 star restaurant. Nothing to do with substance, but style. PS - Of course the major critics are recognized, I've outed Sietsema to restaurants.
  4. Forgot Negril. Wish they still had the jerk chicken burrito that they made when they had the additional little store front next door.. And patties are one of my favorite junk foods.
  5. Urban Butcher, Classics, Kao Thai, the takeout counter at Thai Market, Denizens for the beer garden, Pacci's, Kaldi's for coffee. There are now about 562,349 Ethiopian restaurants around if that's your taste. And finally, the deli in the Georgian apartment building still makes the best gyro in SS.
  6. Republic, Roscoe's, Mark's and that's about it.
  7. JPW

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    Other than those already mentioned: Anything with Bogart Anything with Bacall (the most beautiful woman who ever lived) Anything with Cary Grant (especially The Philadelphia Story) Anything with Swayze (except Ghost and Dirty Dancing) (Roadhouse is my all-time favorite bad movie Any Bond A random shout-out to Up in the Air And finally, I went through a phase where I couldn't turn around without Patton starting late at night. I must have watched it 30 times over the course of a couple of years. "I'm only going to watch the first 30 minutes", I'd say. At 2:30 AM, I'd still be watching as George C. Scott took his final ride That and the Dirty Dozen are my all-time favorite WWII movies with Where Eagles Dare running a close 3rd.