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  1. Thanks for all of the tips on wher to eat. We had a great bowl of ramen at Daikaya. Actually we all agreed that the spicy miso bowl was even better than the traditional ramen bowl. I was not a fan of the dumpling appetizer though. We couldn't get in to Red Hen, ended up at NoPa. A lovely place, but the service was uncomfortably bad, the food not good enough for the prices. The bar happy hour was a treat though. Interesting not-too-sweet cocktails at low prices at the bar.
  2. Costco has started carrying a fairly large selection of sautee pans, pots, sheet pans, mixing bowls etc. I'm not a professional chef so have no idea if they would work in a commercial kitchen, but they work great for me at home
  3. I looked up all three of those - and I'm definitely adding them to the list! Just a bit concerned about wait time at Daikaya though... should I be? And, DC crudite - you are right, we don't need to stay around the CC Reservations needed at any of these?
  4. We'll be leaving San Francisco on a Sunday morning and heading south, staying in Big Sur that evening. I know California has amazing food everywhere - just wondering if you might have a favorite along the way!
  5. My daughter just graduated from college and is moving to DC July 1 to start her new job, and I'll be spending a couple of days down there helping her move and celebrating the 4th. I don't get to DC that often though I live just north in Frederick, MD. so I'm looking for some dining options. Her new apartment is near the Convention Center, but we will be touring around DC with the rest of the tourists on the 4th. She loves to cook and eat good food - but she's not a fine diner (nor am I). Foams, foie gras, etc. are not up her alley. ALso, please note that Mom (that's me) will be footing
  6. Three years later, and the answer is.... No, he doesn't. And it's not even Micks anymore, It's Le Parc Bistro and Stuart Kelman and Jeffrey Dempsey are the new owners. Food has been consistently good, we love it for lunch!
  7. Oh my - it's been so long since that has been updated that most of the restaurants discussed above have closed! We've gotten a few new good ones though! Le Parc Bistro (where Mick's used to be) is a delightful French bistro with comfort bar ambience and a gorgeous Salade Nicoise. Great for both lunch and dinner
  8. Rate this as the best meal I ever had in Annapolis. Love the ambience, the casual seating (we made friends with everyone around us), and the interesting farm-to-table menu that wasn't overly pretentious. Things looked and smelled so good that the two of us accidentally ordered way more than we should have! We had a rich, creamy corn-ginger soup , mixed salad (amazing - which is a difficult accolade to achieve for a salad),rock fish ceviche (not my favorite as I"m not much of a rockfish in ceviche fan - but it was the only ceviche offered and I AM a ceviche fan, so couldn't pass it up. ), s
  9. One more thing.. We are arriving on a Sunday. Does that change your opinion on where to eat?
  10. One night, and one night only in Charleston. And we will arrive after driving 8 hours in the car with two panting dogs. Dropping the dogs at the hotel (have to stay across the river because it's the only available dog-friendly hotel). At any rate, we will be ready for a nice meal - although not a "get-dressed-up" after driving all day mean. Something that personifies Charleston would be fantastic. So... what do you think? Magnolias? Mustard Seed? Thanks all
  11. Only a few days left before we leave! Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions. Because I'm taking my daughter who is more of a grazer and my sister who isn't anything near a foodie- we will be doing the bar hopping scene in SS. If you have a favorite place for Pinxos, I'm all ears!
  12. As if we won't have eaten enough in Barcelona.....it's on to San Sebastian! I couldn't find any recommendations here, so if you know of some...I'm all ears!
  13. Road trip with my 20-year old daughter and my sister coming up this August. 4 days in Barcelona, 3 in San Sebastian and 3 in Madrid. Museums, churches, food, wine, beach, architechture, food, wine, beach, wine ... WE are flying into Barcelona, flying to San Sebastian, and then taking the train to Madrid I've cut and pasted some of the recommendations above - but many of them are a bit dated so if you have any more recent updates, I'd be happy to hear about them! Also, any suggestions to links I should check out would be appreciated! Did anyone use any of the special city passes or skip-
  14. Thanks for the advice. I think with my crowd, ambience probably trumps food excellence. I would have liked to go to Fager's, but travelling north that weekend will be a nightmare with all of the cruisers ( we are staying near 11th - probably should have mentioned that sooner!) Any preference of Sunset vs Harborside?
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