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  1. Costco has started carrying a fairly large selection of sautee pans, pots, sheet pans, mixing bowls etc. I'm not a professional chef so have no idea if they would work in a commercial kitchen, but they work great for me at home
  2. Rate this as the best meal I ever had in Annapolis. Love the ambience, the casual seating (we made friends with everyone around us), and the interesting farm-to-table menu that wasn't overly pretentious. Things looked and smelled so good that the two of us accidentally ordered way more than we should have! We had a rich, creamy corn-ginger soup , mixed salad (amazing - which is a difficult accolade to achieve for a salad),rock fish ceviche (not my favorite as I"m not much of a rockfish in ceviche fan - but it was the only ceviche offered and I AM a ceviche fan, so couldn't pass it up. ), s
  3. One more thing.. We are arriving on a Sunday. Does that change your opinion on where to eat?
  4. One night, and one night only in Charleston. And we will arrive after driving 8 hours in the car with two panting dogs. Dropping the dogs at the hotel (have to stay across the river because it's the only available dog-friendly hotel). At any rate, we will be ready for a nice meal - although not a "get-dressed-up" after driving all day mean. Something that personifies Charleston would be fantastic. So... what do you think? Magnolias? Mustard Seed? Thanks all
  5. Road trip with my 20-year old daughter and my sister coming up this August. 4 days in Barcelona, 3 in San Sebastian and 3 in Madrid. Museums, churches, food, wine, beach, architechture, food, wine, beach, wine ... WE are flying into Barcelona, flying to San Sebastian, and then taking the train to Madrid I've cut and pasted some of the recommendations above - but many of them are a bit dated so if you have any more recent updates, I'd be happy to hear about them! Also, any suggestions to links I should check out would be appreciated! Did anyone use any of the special city passes or skip-
  6. We're going to a concert at Rams Head Live on a Monday (Power Plan in the Inner Harbor)....I'm not a fan of all the chain restaurants that populate the area - anyone have a suggestion of someplace that might be tasty on a Monday night for a couple of folks in jeans? --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Matthew's Pizza (frogprince) Pratt Street Ale House (Rovers2000) Phillips Seafood (daveo) Sullivan's Steakhouse (Tujague)]
  7. food was good today, but the guys behind the counter couldn't have been any less cordial. it was my first visit, and I felt like I was at the MVA
  8. but in the interim..................where should we eat before the 7:30 show this Thursday night?
  9. Every year, the high school lacrosse team's banquet is at the Cozy. Cheap. Fried. Perfect for teenage boys. It's the only time I ever go there. Just a big old fashioned trough
  10. My vitamix gets used primarily for two things: soups & margaritas t Cook up some vegetables , put in blender, add stock , whirr..add more stock if necessary. Turns into velvet Margaritas - come on - you KNOW they're good in this thing. No crystals, no ice clumps, just great smooth frosty frozen drinks. It also makes great smoothies. You can put the whole darn apple in, no need to peel or de-seed.
  11. 16 pounds of thighs, legs and breasts in a vat of Coq Au Vin. Smells A-MAY-Zing!
  12. Wegman's is opening in Frederick this Spring...Building looks just about done from the outside. It will be in "Clemson Corner" which is on Rt 26 just off of 15 North. Lots of buzz around here about the opening!
  13. Boynton Beach Glad you posted - I'm planning on going to Village Tavern later this month when I head south to check on my house. Any suggestions on what to order?
  14. OMG so totally worth every single penny it cost. The food, the service, the kitchen, the staff - fantastic evening. Putting our names back on the wait list....
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