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  1. Bacon wrapped dates - they are attention getting and addictive... and avoid most allergies folks may be avoiding! To step it up a notch, you can get some jalapeƱo bacon or savory bacon at Whole Foods or do your own with a hot honey or bbq glaze, balsamic fig, etc... but just the base of a bacon wrapped date is killer... you can also stuff them with a nut (pecan, Marcona almond, etc.) and/or goat cheese (herbed?) or manchego, and you can throw in a little rosemary or something too... at the least - pile them all on the plate and decorate the border of the plate with long rosemary springs... thi
  2. Has anyone been to the King Street bistro location lately? (Side note - it took me a while to find this as it wasn't listed in the Dining Guide under Old Town... rather here under multiple locations. My understanding is that these are actually 2 different restaurants with 2 different menus/styles, etc.? The bistro on King more upscale and the old location more "homestyle"? Shouldn't they then be listed as 2 separate places - Vaso's Kitchen on Powhatan and Vaso's Mediterranean Bistro on King? Their website for the latter doesn't even mention the "kitchen" location? http://www.vasosonking.co
  3. Anything new to report here? We'll be staying downtown for 3 nights - will have a car and want to sightsee outside of downtown anyhow. Want to try Loveless Cafe and Pancake Pantry sounds like a winner despite its popularity too. :-). Walking to something downtown is nice and convenient too. We do have our 18 month old with us, but she's great in restaurants as we take her out all the time (not "kiddie" restaurants) at home and we dine at 6:30, so she's in and out before 8. ;-) Probably just don't want to plan on any "fine dining". :-) also, are many of the music spots family friendly - ear
  4. The Egyptian is pretty spicy with the jalapeƱos... Sometimes we say "light on the hot peppers" or I often pick them off partially when eating as I find they've "done their job" spice wise while just sitting on the pizza while baking, etc... :-). Another note - Astor has vegan cheese. - so if you're dairy intolerant, they can put that on any of their pies. I had to give up dairy close to a year while nursing my dairy intolerant daughter and it was awesome to still get pizza from Astor with the vegan cheese! :-) but I am glad to be back to full on dairy now so I can enjoy the feta too! ;-)
  5. Going to keep pushing it.... Egyptian Pizza! ;-) we've never tried the Kufta that is getting them the praise on the top 40 eats list.... I'm guessing the Post "testers" didn't try the Egyptian Pizza, right Don? Ha ha! ;-) regardless, its a good spot and I'm happy to see them getting the business! By the way, they used to deliver when they first opened the Arlington location - making it that much easier to choose Astor for pizza night... That's how we got to know the owner, Sam... Apparently the owner driving around Arlington delivering pizzas turned out to be a less than stellar use of
  6. I don't recall if it was charred or not, but we had an absolutely delicious octopus small plate at Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church recently... I'm not usually the biggest octopus fan, but this was so good I'd gladly reorder it again.... and again. :-)
  7. This thread hasn't had any updates in a while... Anybody been to Berkely Springs lately and impressed/unimpressed with anywhere in particular? My husband and I are Thinking of doing a quick jaunt there for a night soon... Unfortunately Lot 12 is closed in January and only open on the weekends... :-/. For Bonus points - where to stay? Looking at Highlawn Inn or Manor House? Seems like most everything is in this vein... Any other Berkely Springs tie bits? Thanks! :-)
  8. Speaking of accommodating various "dietary" needs...Food aside, I want to give Chef Geoff's props for something I found particularly cool... when I was pregnant last year - Chef Geoff's was a great spot for "mocktails"... they have quite a few made with fresh ingredients listed on their drink menu... made it a little easier to "happy hour" when I couldn't imbibe as usual! I found this section of their "drink menu" pretty thoughtful... I was only off the sauce for 9 months, but I'm sure others who either don't drink or perhaps aren't drinking while out for one reason or another also appreci
  9. Hi Monavano! Go for the 36" if you have the room! We renovate and build homes (on spec) professionally (I've done the kitchen design myself the last several years and have become a high-end cabinet distributor to further "do it myself" ) and I ALWAYS put in a 36" range/cooktop if I can - particularly if you're looking at the quality of appliances that you are - such as Wolf. Also - a 36" cook top gives a more "luxury"/"gourmet" feel... From a resale/value perspective - buyers always love to see a 36" cooktop (especially if they are used to a 30" lower grade range and they are "buying up"
  10. Yippee!! Thanks Michael - you just made my week - and I've had a pretty fantastic week! We'll definitely be in soon to check it out - if not this weekend! We went to Retro Rays the other night and everything, as usual, was top notch. Our waiter was a real class act too! Got a chance to briefly chat with Mark and he recommended a bottle of the Ball Buster which was excellent. Then we each had the heart of the ribeye which was really good - I'd never noticed this cut before (I'm boring and almost always get the hanger) - but the highlight was the pairing with the porcini puree option - that
  11. As someone who lives in Clarendon, we're fortunate enough to be pretty much within walking distance to the bulk of the "Ray's Empire"! That said, we're certainly regulars - particularly of the original RTS and now the Bistro (and find ourselves most often opting for a Rays when dining out for a guaranteed great meal regardless of what new or trending restaurant is doing up the street). We love the concept of Rays^3 and have been several times - however the thing that keeps us from choosing Rays^3 over the others (even if it means longer wait times for a table) is mostly the lack of a "health
  12. My husband's parents live in Hilton Head so we get to dine out at some of the more "local flavor" spots when we visit - the ones that are busy "off season" tend to remain good bets. Another restaurant that is quite good and we've been to multiple times is Kenny B's French Quarter Cafe - 70 Pope Ave. Suite A, Hilton Head, SC 29928. It's a good spot for "New Orleans" Cajun style cuisine. The owner is a huge U of Georgia fan - plenty of Uga flair abounds! Like most places in Hilton Head, it's tucked away in a non descript strip mall. Not a large restaurant - it's an order at the counter th
  13. Funny this just popped up again - I noticed Brgr:Shack was on yesterday's Living Social "Instant Deals"... have only used the "instant deals" once - but suppose it's a good idea to keep an eye out!
  14. I agree with hopsing. We just tried brgr:shack this last weekend. The burgers aren't as charred as BGR and there isn't alot going on in the patty other than the grassfed beef - but grass fed in itself I find has a more "meaty" taste... these burgers remind me of a homemade sirloin cast iron skillet type burger (both in terms of composition and flavor)... which is one of my favorites - it's nice to have this type of option out there - and it does seem healthier than say a Five Guys where there's a lot more grease, which makes brgr:shack more of a frequent stop versus a "I'm gonna treat myself
  15. Frat it up Clarendon... We live a few blocks behind Sette Bello/Eventide and are seriously losing the spots we can walk up the street and dine out at a nice grown-up bar sans Frat Party... we're in our early/mid 30's so not far removed from the "frat"... it has its place - please just not in every place!
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