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  1. As for 2941, I'll have to take a look. Right now the options running through my head are Art and Soul, Proof, and Corduroy, though I've got no idea how kid friendly the latter two are. Of the three, I would pick Corduroy. Art and Souls' s food didn't impress me and I don't think Proof is appropriate for kids. Have you looked into Wolfgang Pucks The Source - Upstairs.
  2. Ted's Montana Grill in Ballston has a couple small rooms.
  3. Agreed it's a good value. Went for teh first time last night after a show at Studio. I had Gumbo which was spicy and packed full of shrimp and sausage along with a salad w/ fried oysters. She had a vegetarian mushroom "meat" loaf and said was very good (I took her word for it). Perfect after theatre meal.
  4. I agree w/ cafe du parc. Also nearby, Chef Geoffs has a nice wine list by the glass and you could stick to apps to keep it light.
  5. Taking my wife to see Paul McCartney at Fedex Field Saturday night. Any recommendations for a nice sit down dinner before (show starts at 7:30)? We are comming from Arlington.
  6. Check out Domaso in the new Palomar Hotel in Rosslyn. Nice food, Great View.
  7. For very good and relatively inexpensive Turkish food try Kazan in Mclean. Ambience wise: Its in a little strip mall but the place is cute inside. Call for directions and to confirm how late they are open(703) 734-1960.
  8. This year Passover begins April 8th and continues for seven days . On the first and second nights observant jews have a formal dinner called a Seder and for the rest of the holiday they avoid certain "leavened" foods like bread. From Dino's website: My Mother Ella was famous for her Passover dinners. Even when the various branches of our family were not talking to each other, we always had a full house at the Gold's! We will be offering her favorites: haroset, chopped chicken liver, matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, your choice of lamb, roast chicken or fish and special passover treats for dessert. Our 5 course feast is $55 per person, $25 for kids. We will have a flight of 4 glasses of wine (not kosher!) to accompany your meal for $30. If you wish to celebrate Seder with us for the first two nights, please bring your own Haggadah and we will provide the Seder plate!
  9. Brett, Daniel and Grover, Thanks! Those are all great options. Dean Gold (Dino) has it listed as "Ella's Passover Dinner" on his website. I will call Todd Gray (Equinox)and Allan Popovsky (Hudson) since they don't have them advertized and report back.
  10. A few years back, I attended a Passover dinner at Spago in Chicago. The menu was modern (non-kosher) interpretations of traditional jewish foods paired with Austrailian passover wines. They also had a non-religious service in english lead by a spiritual adviser to Wolfgang's daughter who was the GM. My goyish friends and I had a blast. Anything like this in DC?
  11. Mortons, in the Hyatt across the street, is doing well and is far from "value". The Palm might work.
  12. The sushi/asian place CHA at the new Donovan Hotel.
  13. Surfside in Glover Park. Fish Tacos and shrimp quesadillas.
  14. momo sushi - 212 Queen St. They only have two tables and a counter.
  15. For brunch with a crowd, my parents always pick The Daily Grill in the bethesda Hyatt. Huge menu and pots of coffee on the table makes everone happy.
  16. Clients, a group of 8 from NY, want to go to either The Source (upstairs) or Corduroy for dinner in two weeks. Right now which is best?
  17. Huge Als #1 fan here . They even cater office lunches in Chicago. Those meetings are very popular. I think the bread is key.
  18. If it stays as cold as it was last night, pobably a good move to avoid.
  19. I think your calculations are correct. This was a special evening and not how we regularly "roll" when it's just the two of us and , more importantly, not on expense acct. Was it worth it? Yes.
  20. We're doing the same on Sunday. From the website there isn't much else, yet.
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