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  1. Hello Old Friends. I am happily living in Amsterdam (via Luxembourg) so if you are visiting drop me a line. Just starting to discover the local restaurants but the Thai, Indian and Indonesian are the best I have had in Europe.
  2. Which I always believed (not that I particularly care). I just think that that question passed a few minds and when someone asks it (as I did a bit sarcastically) I would recommend ignoring it rather than devoting 10 paragrahs to it.
  3. This makes the whole Sturm und Drang in the 'Classics' post about him leaving to open his own joint sound even more like a fresh one. How will this gig give him more time to open his own place? I would not bring this up except that the restaurant biz is a public one, and I was amused by Landrum's rant of righteous indignation at the mere question of why they parted.
  4. I was going to post this too. It reads CHERRY SUSHI WINE BAR. Not sure if a wine bar and sushi bar go together. This restaurant will be located in the former [forgettable Chinese restaurant that made Eastern Carryout look very good] space.
  5. Hearty recommendation for Bistro Lepic for RW Lunch. What a steal at $20. Started with the pied au cochon, a hearty portion taken off the bone and very crispy. Followed by the enormous cassoulet, with a nice entire duck leg and all the rest. Finally a floating island that has me in sugar overdose right now. There were about 10 choices for appetizers and 10 for entrees. All desserts except a fruit tart were on the RW menu.
  6. Are you guys serious? No more smoking at BdC or Les Halles. This is such bullhockey!
  7. LUNCH DEAL ALERT: $14.95soup/salad + (pick from a list of 10+) special of the day + dessert. Had Toulouse sausages with lentils (yum). Other options included roast chicken, flounder almondine, beef brochette.
  8. We are thinking about Au Pied Bistro vs. Bistro Francais for a warm cassaulet on this first cold day of 2006. Au Pied wins on sentimentality as our office loved its former location (curses on Five Guys). However, the complete lack of reviews of Au Pied is worrisome.
  9. The chicken breasts there are pumped full of some sort of artificial 'enhancer'.
  10. Just wanted to make sure Creme is still on the radar screen. Went for a quick dinner with a friend last night. It sounds like the menu has not chaged. I had the pork shank and mushrooms and this was the best meal I have had on U Street all year (and I live on U St so this is should tell you something). This is also one of the few DC restaurants with a true mix of peoples.
  11. I heard from Danny Lee today that the opening will likely be delayed until early November. Stay tuned!
  12. I am very excited as this place is around the corner from me. If anyone is interested in checking this out when it opens, PM me and I will organize a little gathering. From a first look through the window it seems to be a bit far from opening.
  13. Gallery is a DOPE spot for House Music. They have secured Roy Davis, Jr as a monthy resident. Davis is a legend of the Chicago electronic music scene. For DC (and Silver Spring) this club is huge. Why do I say this on a food board? Just to remind people that this place probably puts their club first over the food. That is just my observation, not based on any food-related experiences there. The menu looks delicious though: http://gallerysilverspring.com/
  14. Fuck 'em. Personally, I would be happy to open a mobile (like a hot dog stand) cart serving foie gras. What the business does a city council have making those rules (and don't say health concerns)? Why not do something important like ban nuclear weapons in the city.[
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