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  1. Did anyone read the article on changing the centuries old rules for making scotch in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday? They are trying to spin it as a good thing but what do you think? Don Rockwell needs to comment on this!! --- "Scotch Whisky's New Rules Explained" by Richard Woodard on scotchwhisky.com
  2. One of the greatest and most under rated players ever. Also MLBs first guy to win MVP in both leagues and first Black MLB manager . A truly fierce competitor and solid man. Cool story about how Brooks and Frank made the O's all that they could be and more..... RIP Mr Frank Robinson and thanks for the memories! Doug Wilson's Baseball Bookshelf
  3. Check out the 6 year old birthday party and guests........in the far left column...... wow! https://newspaperarchive.com/news-may-09-1929-p-5/ (also the one before it) LOL
  4. No disagreement or counterpoint here. When you are shooting a free throw the least number of variables works in your favor, hence no knee bend or minimal is best. Long shooting is another story and of course this is NOT what St Martin is any good at! The knee bend is just a cheaters way of increasing distance without sacrificing form. By the way , I spent 45 minutes at a county fair with St Martin in around 1985 talking to him about basketball and watching him shoot..... he had a shopping cart full of brand new leather basketballs and anyone could shoot 10 free throws for 5 bucks, if you outshoot him you get a brand new leather basketball. The kicker is he wins all ties, the people who paid the money while I was there all lost, if they made 7 or 8 or 9, he would just shoot 7 or 8 or 9 and it was over! He never had to make all 10 while I watched but then again he didnt miss even one! His shooting style was atrocious with a two hand side spin shot.... how he could control it I will never know. He said he never really played basketball and wasnt much of an athlete! Nice guy though and a MACHINE on free throws.
  5. Buzz didnt take kindly to harassers who got in his face..... check out the knuckle sandwich he dished out at age 72!!!
  6. I dont care if he choked the line or not..... he came through in the clutch when he needed to! Most people do not know how close the mission was to failure and what Armstrong did to land that LEM! If you go back to the movie The Right Stuff, the original Mercury 7 astronauts were given a space vehicle that had no window and no control stick... they were just as they so eloquently put it "Spam In A Can". So they actually went on strike and refused to train further unless they could get those 2 things they said any pilot of any craft should have.... a way to view the horizon and some way of steering the capsule. NASA acquiesced and so the program continued with those things on all manned spacecraft. Jumping all the way ahead to the first manned moon landing, the descent of the LEM was controlled by a computer which quickly became overwhelmed by too much data inputting too fast and hence it was not keeping up with the real time situation which as Armstrong could see would mean they were LANDING IN A FIELD OF GIANT BOULDERS almost certainly capsizing the module and making the 2 men inside either dead on arrival or stranded on the moon with a broken ship. Armstrong had the BALLS to switch off the computer and take the joystick in hand..... with only a little over a minutes worth of fuel as I recall.... with the whole world waiting... and the entire space program and his life on the line.... he began to fly laterally at 45 degrees over the moons surface, using only his pilots skills and his guts, looking out the window for a place to land...quickly burning through his fuel supply with copilot Buzz Aldrin talking to him constantly giving him data...... if he couldnt find a landing site, he could have hit an ABORT button to resend the craft back into orbit but then the mission was over and a failure..... with minimal fuel left he saw his spot and set the craft down manually with dust flying everywhere... and using the shadow of the spacecraft on the lunar surface to help guide him.....heart rate monitors back at NASA on the astronauts were going crazy. The guy saved the whole damned space program with that one minute of the best flying ever.....so if he did or didnt goof the line.... I do not care. Here is one of Americas Finest and a guy thank GOD who had THE RIGHT STUFF!!!!! And thanks also to those first 7 guys who stood up to NASA and got Armstrong the control stick and window that made it possible for him to land that bird!
  7. Come to Jacksonville to play the Senior Games silver medalist??? LOL .................really great to hear you are doing something in sports again, its got to be good for your health both mental and physical! maybe give your teacher the O Cedar angler shot!! Or the GeeYairMo backhand!!! somthin tells me that only works in the basement.........
  8. Bet not many of you will have ever heard of this one! My low tire pressure indicator on the dash came on when I started my car going to lunch today..... so I pulled into the gas station and filled all 4 tires up to 32 PSI ( which by the way costs a rip off $1.50 via credit card at the greasy air pump these days!!!)...... light still wouldnt go off!! Hmmm...... maybe the air machine isnt working right...........drove to the post office, back to the hospital, light is still on, tires look a little low but seem OK....... went to another gas station and had to fish around for 4 quarters for this air machine...... pumped all 4 tires up to 34 PSI and the damned light is still on....... pulled out the owners manual and found a little button under the steering wheel to reset the tire pressure warning light..... AHAAAA.......did that 3 different times and THE LIGHT IS STILL ON!!! Now I figured the sensor in one of the wheels must be malfunctioning, but why today, the coldest day in a long time ( not freezing)..... so I called the tire place where I bought the tires and made an appointment...... drove the car in, expecting nothing good....... car was up on the rack for a while, then its down and I see the mechanic has my trunk emptied out on the floor.... OH HE MUST BE LOOKING FOR MY LOCKING LUG NUT ADAPTOR which I keep in the glove compartment, not in the trunk.......so I walk out to tell him where the adaptor is and he says you are all fixed, the light is off now...... and what was wrong???? " Oh, your spare tire in the trunk was low at 20 PSI ! So I put air in it and youre good to go!" WTF, THE SPARE TIRE IN THE TRUNK WAS LOW ON AIR AND I GOT A WARNING LIGHT ON MY DASHBOARD???????? Yes, he says the wheel in the trunk has a chip that communicates with the car computer......GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT SOMETHING LIKE THAT EVEN EXISTED??????? Anyone else ever heard of anything like this before????? I am still shaking my head......................
  9. Hey Don just making sure you didnt miss this post....... RR
  10. Does this date mean anything to you? https://sports.ha.com/itm/baseball/1961-mickey-mantle-45th-home-run-baseball-caught-by-senators-shortstop-coot-veal/a/7190-81506.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515# also check out the next 2 lots in the auction #81507 and #81508. Unfortunately, Coot messed up the dates so it was really when you were 1 day old! The Nolan Ryan lot IS the correct date............ RR
  11. They are getting ready to start these roads here in Jacksonville. Florida to be billed under the good ole southern fried SunPass already in effect in Orlando and other surrounding areas. Although I am a capitalist, I hate the fact that more wealthy people can afford to zip along while the average working stiff has to sweat it out in a traffic jam. 10 bucks a day or whatever it costs is more than a lot of people can afford.......... REGRESSIVE TAX POLICY AT ITS WORST!!!
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