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  1. Agreed, at least compared to Five Guys (I’ve never eaten at In-and-Out). Onion rings are really good, especially dipped with ranch dressing. Also Five Guys prices seem steep in comparison.
  2. Don, the biscuit I ate didn’t have ham and the sweet element was very restrained. The pimento cheese was a little odd, but didn’t overwhelm the chicken like I thought it would. It was very mild. Plus, I’m on vacation and the weather’s been gorgeous, which makes everything taste better.
  3. For those needing a biscuit fix, Viscious Biscuit just opened in Mt. Pleasant. I really enjoyed the chicken biscuit with pimento cheese. Fun place.
  4. We had a great meal for our 25th Anniversary the other week at Komi. Service was personalbe and professional. Highlights were the amberjack with berebere, the grilled watermelon, stuffed dates, corn tortellini, and of course the goat. I don’t know how they got corn that sweet in the tortellini. Also, bergamot soda was great for this non-drinker. My only question was the mild flavor in the Italian summer truffle for the pasta course. I was expecting something funkier. Kudos to Komi!
  5. I was really annoyed when they didn’t have the pork and broccoli rabe sandwich because that was not seasonal. Yes, get rid of one of your most popular sandwiches for an extended period. I’ll miss the risotto balls. Good luck to the hard working employees.
  6. We just got back from a week in Copenhagen. Not a gourmet trip since we were with the two kids (11 and 13). Still,we had a nice date night meal out one night and other good meals. We stayed at townhouse in Vesterbro, around the corner from Pony. The best meal we had was at BOB (BioMio Organic Bistro). This restaurant was in the Meat Packing District and had a special where if the table orders the same thing, the meal is around $300 DK per person. The wife and I enjoyed the Norwegian Lobster (small up charge), the Danish beef, and a cheesecake in jar that tasted like a peanut butter
  7. Enjoyed the special for the wife's birthday after watching Skyfall. The sauce with the pompano was great as was the service. Thanks Jeff (and Don)! P.S. you should bottle that sauce!
  8. We were there Friday night. This is a really fun place with a foozball and a shuffleboard-type game to amuse the kiddies. I love that it is fast casual and informal. I enjoyed our pizzas quite a bit. I thought they were crispy, charred, and well balanced, not much problem with sogginess and overly cheesiness like I thought of Pizza De Marco when it first opened. My only critique would be to reduce the char just the smallest skosh, but this my personal preference and I'll mention it next time I order. Great place, friendly service, and they seemed to have a steady crowd last night. As a
  9. Sarasota Well its neither romantic nor dimly lit, but we enjoyed the seafood at the Casey Key fish house. I recommend it if you're in more of laid back, Tiki-esque mood. Saw Stephen King there,but didn't recognize him wearing grungy jeans and Maine T-shirt until wife, who grew up partly in Bangor, pointed him out. http://caseykeyfishhouse.com/menu.html
  10. I was reading this thread and thought the Peter Pan Inn reminded me of the Kapok Tree restaurant I went to as young lad in the late 1970s, which was located in the boonies west of Ft. Lauderdale. Lo and behold, they were owned by the same family. Attached is a link to the history of the various restaurants in the group, albeit focusing on the Kapok Tree of Clearwater, Florida. If you search carefully, you can even find a recipe for the hush puppies, aka, corn fritters. http://benzplace.com/kapok/others.html
  11. This place is great. Shared a handful of tacos and some of the best guacamole I've had with my wife the other Friday. Everything fresh and delicious, and we at for less than $13. Hope business picks up, it was a little slow just before noon. Thanks DCDeb for pointing this place out, we would not have tried it otherwise.
  12. Ditto comments on the space. Very nice. Also appreciated the half price on the pizzas! I will dissent on the crust. We ordered the Salame, Bianca, and rapini and sausage. I found all our crust really soggy because of too much cheese. The crust itself was charred without being crusty or brown, bready really. Not pizza expert enough to know if this is how it should be. Best of luck as this should be a popular place once they get the kinks out. Ignacio
  13. A lot of parking on Security Lane this Saturday afternoon. It just south of the Whole Foods and runs perpendicular to the Pike. Because you know, parking garages are evilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
  14. The White House farmers market has them live and dressed (what an interesting euphemism) for $5. I'm not sure the vendor is there every Thursday.
  15. We had no problems with our service. Water refilled regularly, etc. We were sat at seven and out by eight. It's a biggggggggggggg restaurant, however. I can easily see how some servers are more up-to-speed than others.
  16. Had a very nice time at Matchbox on Friday, 12/17. Sat in behind the bar at what I'm calling the children's section because it was full of family with young kids, which given I was with my 5 and 7 was great. The wife and I ordered two beer, and we split 9 mini-burgers (three with gorgonzola), and a small pepperoni pizza. Burgers were great, cooked medium as asked for. Unlike Wahoooob, the onion straws were hot. I liked the pizza, but I didn't mind it being a little soggy in the middle. Wait times were an hour at six and more like two hours at seven. Make reservations if you can. All an
  17. Scuttlebut from a friend suggests they are having discounted meals this week and next (half price and 25% off, respectively), with full prices kicking in October 1st.
  18. RAO's lemon chicken last night, Cuban pork roast, black beans and rice tonight.
  19. chocolate white chocolate chip cherry cookies
  20. Daniel, I'm completely agreeing with you. By fresh (freshly made) I mean they don't store well.
  21. I disagree, I've always found their food, for what they're trying to be, pretty good. For some odd reason, I really enjoy their fried seafood platter, maybe the beach connection. Ignacio P.S. For those in the area, ValPak coupons has $10 off offer.
  22. I was hoping to get the cheesesteak, but the hangar steak salad with blue cheese, bacon, and avocado did not disappoint. My other top choice would have been the shrimp burger. My only wish would be the option to buy fries or someother accompaniment with the shrimp burger. It was served plain and I did not see any side dishes on the menu. (I hope I just did not look hard enough!)
  23. Just got back from a great lunch today. The choices were a turkey salad sandwich, a vegetarian panini, a shrimp burger, the steak salad (which I had), and a bucatini with proscuitto in tomato sauce. The white wine was an Italian malvasia.
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