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  1. Well duh - I was positing it globally. 😁 I think we're talking about the same thing. When I talked to Jon after this whole "plan" came out, he seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the future terrain. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they have a short downtime contingency in place. (Maybe that's why CSNY is here?) Anyway, we're all agreed; develop the space, and please continue the business.
  2. I wish to clarify this remark: I meant, "me and a 12 year old ate the whole damn thing with gusto, and we loved every second of its brief lifespan on our tray." Thanks, everybody! R
  3. Well that sucks - that was our delivery place also. If you find something you like, throw it up here! I knew they'd been contracting their space for a while. They got rid of the dining room a few years ago. Which is too bad - that's the first place I ever took a date (like 1986.)
  4. I went yesterday, and it is daaaaaaaarn fine. "Better than Texas" is not for me to decide, but ... well, let's put it this way. I have had brisket that makes me happy: La Barbecue, La Condesa, Mueller's. Then I've had brisket at multiple places around here, none of which distinguished itself from shoes. This brisket made me undeniably happy. Although: great as the brisket was, the pork belly and the turkey didn't stand a chance. Well done.
  5. Yeah. It's a little sad for me - Fred Parker is a personal friend, and he is as nice a guy as you'll meet. His brother Jim was pretty hands-on at Clarendon, and he passed a few years ago. (Not for nothing, but Jim was just like Fred.) When we were young, Ol' Ironstomach and his friends had a tradition: they would give a quarter to newbies to HTC, and they would have to pick a song out of the jukebox, which was all country. I wussed out and picked Johnny Cash. Our middle brother picked Hank Williams' "Tear In My Beer." This does not at all contribute to lingering feelings of inadequacy for
  6. So, I forgot to post this, but we called Sweet Pea's last summer (August 2015) and held an impromptu wedding celebration for my brother-in-law and his wife. It was lovely. They pushed together tables outside, it was a beautiful evening, the pizzas, appetizers, and drinks flowed freely, and a good time was had by all. Edan was there (I checked beforehand) and the food was just lovely. I hope he's still there. His wife was the one who accommodated our giant reservation - they were very nice to do it. We were 15, and we told them we would come whenever they told us. They said regular
  7. Sorry for the break. I haven't been to PassionFish, but FWIW, I did recently drop in on the Reston location, and it seemed fine (didn't have enough time to eat.) I've heard PassionFish is good but a poor price performer, even accounting for the price difference of seafood. But - it's summer, so we'll check it out!
  8. Quick update: beer and wine license pending. Tried the olive and mushroom yesterday. Good, needed to be just a little more piping hot. But maybe it was, and I was knee-deep trying to revive my long dormant skill at Phoenix. Pro tip: for video games that require more than one button push, use the MAME cabinet that faces the counter - three of the buttons are clustered and easier to reach than on the other cabinet. There ARE two older ("vintage") pinball machines that cost 25 cents. One is a Williams Argosy, and I forget the other, but they're both cool to play. The down angle is
  9. We went last Saturday afternoon for a quick lunch - loved it! We had the smoked bluefish rilletes, wife had the burger with the smashed potatoes (insane), and I had a croque monsieur, which was a misstep - should have gotten the croque madame. I recognized the FOH manager that day as Jonathan, whom we met previously at RANGE - he took my young sons and I on a tour of the kitchen. Wonderful guy. A plate of profiteroles and a glass of sauternes later and there went the diet for the week. They have a TON of "bargains" - lunch and Happy Hour deals, pre-movie deals, etc. So happy for all
  10. They were 50 cents. Some of the other patrons and I agreed that he needs either a Black Night or a Stargate table.
  11. Clarification: my above reference is to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. [Moved] (Yes, there's real food on the 300 level at Nats Park. Still figuring out our next getaway.) Sorry for the confusion!
  12. I went for lunch on Friday. I gotta say, I had no expectations going in but I really enjoyed it. Three of us started with the hummus and smoked eggplant dips, and the tomato cucumber horiatiki; we added on the roasted cauliflower and a beef souvlaki. There's just so little worth writing home about down there that when someone does something, anything, it tends to make me happy. So at least we have something.
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