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  1. My first job as a cook was at Spinnakers @ Pt. Lookout Marina, Courtney's and Scheibles were our neighboors. A typical day began at Scheible's for the dirt cheap fisherman's breakfast, a morning fishing, then to Courtney's for a brilliant Fried Rockfish Sandwich and 10oz Budweiser, followed by dinner service at Spins. I can't believe someone else remembers these two gems. Often heard at the marina was the, "By God, I'ma gonna go down to Cohrtneez and get myself a fried rawckfish sandwich". Classic.
  2. Pan roasted black grouper filet, braised summercrisp lettuce, a faux pho brodo of duck and country ham stock, aromatics and thai basil/cilantro. I think i out a duck skin cracker on this one. the 69 was a less than subtle reference that was meant to elicit laughter for don and koji.
  3. When you open a restaurant, any restaurant, to the public you will find yourself challenged by a myriad of issues, not the least of which being that your work and the work of those around you will be scrutinized in the public domain. TS, TK, the CP, here, and innumerable blogs that choose to post their experiences are going to publish their opinions. I cannot comment on PS7 directly as I have never been, but I know the Pastry Chef a little and have a tremendous respect for her, I also have a tremendous respect for Peter himself and the work he's done here in DC so when I do visit I'll formulat
  4. I know that Tony and Heather will be able to keep Notti Bianche at the forefront of Italian dining in DC.
  5. Buy sandwich and slice. Drive to home/park/playground, eat slice on way so the wife doesn't find out, sandwich should be room temperature when you arrive.
  6. Just a quick note, the original uses margarine, not butter.
  7. Having lived and worked in the Burg for a year I can honestly say that the preconceived notion of the people who live out there is very wrong. Of course there is a contingent of fabulously wealthy living on manors and such, but the great bulk of the population are residents who have lived there for quite some time and do not have the noveau riche penchant for dining out. I was suprised at the number of "average"(not in a bad way) people in the population. Middleburg is noted for its touristy milleu and has a natural attractiveness for the visiting urbanite, but the people who would make up the
  8. a blow to his female fans everywhere
  9. When a new restaurant that is expected to make an impact on the dining scene, or one that is created by a former chef from a popular or well known restaurant opens, Sietsema will be there to preview it for himself soon after it opens. In the past he has done a small write up in the Weekly Dish column. This first visit is the one where he evaluates the restaurant and makes his decision to move forward with a review, wait or not return. Sometimes the WD piece is good, sometimes it is not so good. It will always be honest. This has been SOP for Tom in the past, and will probably continue. A l
  10. The original Budweiser hails from Vienna and is still brewed there, an entirely different taste sensation.
  11. If you can find it try Herald I know that have it at Iota in Arlington
  12. 2004 Insoglio del Cinghale, Campo di Sasso, Bibbona, Tuscany IGT (insert hoity toity tasting note thingamajigs)
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