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  1. You're spot on. Any (other) steakhouse recommendations at that end of the strip?
  2. Thanks for the response, MtPleasant. We're not being given a private room. We are paying solely for the privilege of sitting together in the main dining room. While I could understand both the fee and the deposit if the room was consistently packed with a wait list, that's not the case and I don't. I've been there early and late, weekday and weekend, and it is never packed. It's never empty, but it's never packed. I just don't get it. Should I still be pissed? And if so, enough to not eat there this time around?
  3. This is not exactly a "food" post - Called to make a reservation for 11 people at craftsteak in early October. Was told there'd be a $50 fee (to guarantee we'd all be able to sit together) and a contract with a $500 deposit. I'm pissed at the fee on prinicle, but the deposit? Is this common practice? Do I just not book enough large dinners to be aware of this? I love that restaurant, but I am really angry right now.
  4. Perhaps your selections played a role in your review. Although I like both dishes, I'm not sure I could get too excited about clam linguini or veal parmesan either. I ate at Rao's in November and thought it much better than good. The Pennette alla Vodka was loaded with diced prosciutto and very tasty, and the Pollo Scarpariello's seasoning was sublime. I will return. Karl
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