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  1. Ditto -- we miss you!

  2. First, I said "generally" suggesting that there might be exceptions. Pesonally, I would not provide comment even if the experience was good because someone else who was at the same soft opening might not have had the same experience I did and might feel a need to balance the discussion. I think it's just better to refrain from commenting at all. The only exception I might make is if the proprietor specifically asked me to post, regardless of the experience.eta: Isn't there a thread on this somewhere else?
  3. I will be bringing my usual smoked pork butt with Lexington, NC style BBQ sauce. Also, Martian pig slop from Hell.
  4. Commenting in public on soft openings, regardless whether the experience was good or not so good, generally is frowned upon. The very nature of a soft opening suggests that the establishment is still trying to work any last minute bugs out of their service and kitchen. The Majestic will be open this evening if you'd like to try it. Some here resist the temptation to post about a restaurant during its first few weeks/months to give the restaurant a chance to settle into an eventual rythem.
  5. Their Belgian, not French so I don't know how Gallic they are likely to get on you. It's not like Cafe du Parc where everyone is FOB. And I don't know if they even have ketchup; but if they do, I suspect their response will be "right away sir."
  6. I had lunch at Beck's yesterday: frisee salad and beef carbonnade. The salad was similar to the one at Central in that it had the customary poacked egg on top and was larded with lardons. Tastey. My only complaint is that after the salad and a piece of bread, I didn't have a whole lot of room left for the entree, which is too bad because it was delicious. The beef was well braised in Chimay beer and was served atop a helping of mashed root vegatables and topped wiith a dollop of Ghent mustard. The mustard added a sharp contrast to the beer-braise sauce. What was unique in my experience was my drink; I ordered the lemonade. It came with a small pitcher of simple syrup whichh allowed the diner to control the sweet/sour level. A very nice touch. We also had a bowl of the frites which, as reported above came with three different mayonaises, and like some others above, I liked the curry one the best. (Perhaps it was the frites which prevented me from eating all my carbonnade).
  7. I was there last night as well and agree with crescentfresh, fucking awsome. I was going to order the fettucini with veal ragu but when my turn to order came, I asked the waiter what he thought I should have. He recommeded a veal scallopini with melted parmesan that was not on the menu but that the kitchen could do, no problem. I took his recomendation and I am glad I did. Jake got the fettucini and complained that it had too much ragu (I'l say that again in case you failed to understand, Jake complained that there was too much meat sauce). The veal with parmesan was melt in your mouth tender with melted parmesan on the top with a nice brown sauce to boot. A very simple preparation that was very much to my liking. It came with come sauteed green beans on the side along with a bowl of spaghetti with your choice of red sauce or olive oil, butter and garlic. I can't believe I live so close to this place but have never tried it, a big mistake on my part.
  8. What do you expect from a bunch of meanderthals?
  9. Joe, I would caution that your observation might only be valid on Saturdays. During the week, the place is usually packed at the bar starting about 6:00 (they open the doors at 5:30) through the entire evening and my guess is that most of the tables are spoken for.
  10. It sounds to me like your 'luck" was OK. You sent it back and it came back to your liking. Forwarned is forarmed. You now know that they cook it rare and it appears that you like it a cooked a little bit more than they usually cook it.
  11. Another possibility is that they don't want to have to reprint the winelist whenever a vintage becomes unavailable and they have to substitute. It gives them flexibility. But I agree with JPW; I'd rather see the vintages on the list. I would hate to order a CdP and have them bring me a bottle of the '02 vintage. By the way, the Berger Minervois on the list is excellent, a Robert Kacher selection.
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