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    Baltimore Farmer's Market

    Faidley's does a very good version of it as well if I recall correctly. Unfortunately I rarely am 'sick of crabcakes' so it's a rare choice for me there. Didn't manage to get in line for them this FM, maybe two weeks from now. Although I DID see a white guy in line, and was *this* close to going up to him in line.
  2. Thanks for the update. I always worry about expansions: will the new place be as good? will the original maintain its quality if management has to oversee both locations now? etc, etc. We'll just have to cross our fingers. I love Miss Shirley's. When people come to visit me (especially college friends - I went to school in the south) I like to take them to Shirley's. I usually rotate around the menu (with the coconut creme french toast as a fall back favorite), but I always get those grits: fantastically savory and sweet. If they open for the same hours in the new location, I might be eating there instead of Blue Moon on those days I'm hankering for good food before work. (Then again, that may require a raise).
  3. wangus

    Baltimore Farmer's Market

    I didn't see any threads on the Baltimore Farmer's Market under JFX so I thought I'd start one up. If there is one, and I missed it flipping through the threads then I apologize. The market is on Sundays, officially from 8-noon (although once vendors are set up they'll start selling). It's right beneath the end portion of I-83 in a parking lot. Fairly hard to miss, but if you go on Gay from Fayette then you'll pretty much hit it (watch out for pedestrians!). I love the market, usually there every other sunday or more (will definitely be there this sunday). Admittedly not the cheapest of markets around: their prices are decent and their quality of products is usually top notch. Lots of vegetables and herbs to be found, and as the summer rolls on there will be plenty of fresh fruit coming out. Lots of flowers too if you're looking for that. There are plenty of vendors selling food as well. I love the mushroom stand personally (really fantastic mushroom fritters), but there is a whole slew of others. Popular ones include: Pit Beef guys, falafel stand, crepe stand, donut guys, and the coffee stand. Several (3-4 if I recall) bakeries as well for your breads/pastries needs. So there's really nothing that's not to like. What do you guys gravitate towards under the JFX? See you guys there.
  4. I was commenting on this to a friend a few weeks back as well. Ever since Dale's crotch-grab outburst at Lisa when Zoi went home, they started giving him the "Hung-edits", or so I call them, and it intensified after Jenn's departure. They rarely show him hugging or smiling or doing anything other than curse. You'd think Dale cursed with every other sentence. I remember the start of Aspen week last year, when all the chefs got off the plane and were meeting each other in front of their pickup ride. Dale hugs Casey, Casey hugs Brian, etc. Except Hung hugs no one. My friend watching with me asked "Didn't Hung hug anyone?" I said, "NO, because Hung is EEEEVIL." I may have also added "dun dun DUN!" afterwards.
  5. wangus

    Berger Cookies

    I've started to fall into this category as well. However, I've found that a nice big glass of milk with a berger cookie really seems to help fight off the massive sugar rush. I still think I just have to admire the ridiculous amount of over-the-top thick chocolately frosting-like thing. Also, I always say that I can taste the difference between cookies bought at the lexington market versus outside vendors (I get my outside ones from Graul's). What do you guys think?
  6. Blue Moon is packed every weekend; I usually warn about waits from 30minutes to an hour unless you happen to be one of the first ones in the door. I happen to really love their homemade preserves and biscuits. Soft and warm with their own butter and delicious jam: it's really quite a treat. I agree that sometimes they don't pull off their 'higher-end' breakfasts (the above mentioned crab benedict) as well as one would like. That would be why I usually order and recommend either their scramble (very good) or an omelet. My only personal complaint is that I wish they're hashbrowns were a little more consistent. Sometimes they're perfect, other times overdone (I've never had them underdone however, thankfully). A big complaint I hear about BM is the wait service. I personally have never had this issue; to be fair, however, I've only been to the place once on the weekends. I'm usually there early on a weekday before I go to work. That one weekend the service was fine as usual. I did, however, witness an example of the more 'brusque' attitude of a waitress to another table.
  7. I think there are some chefs every season that constantly tend to be more aggressive with negative critiques from the judges, but this year is definitely full of them. However, I think you did happen to stumble upon a bit of an abnormality. All three of the bottom chefs not only bit back at the comments, but they bit hard. I, personally, found it a bit hilarious. A friend of mine did have a great observation though: it has been stated that this challenge occurred the day right after the wedding challenge (a Richard comment near the beginning of the episode), it is quite possible that they were still just very much on edge due to the mass exhaustion/lack of sleep.
  8. The newer Sofi's Crepes is there now. The only place I'd add would be Tio Pepe's and maybe the Brass Elephant.
  9. The Stu's is my eats of choice as well there plus a side of their hugely cut western fries. I also love their chicken noodle soup when I'm feeling frail and sickly (cough cough hack). Just a note to possible new-goers (go now): do not be off-put/scared by either the lines or the staff. Both are quirky and overall harmless. Oh, and Lenny's is indeed the other Corned Beef Row contestant, but it pales in comparison to Attman's. I think it opened up only recently (maybe early 1990s) in terms of the Row's standards. Hopefully I'll get to try Katz's one day.
  10. wangus

    Cheap Eats Under $10

    Let me see here: Atwaters - Soup/Sandwich combos Attman's - Sandwich & Soup/Fries/Onion Rings/Coddies Andy Nelson's - Almost everything is under 10 Pho - Either Pho Nam or Pho #1 (I give a nod to the former when I'm by myself/family/known pho lovers but I go to the second with new people because it's a much nicer place though still same prices) I think Al Pacino/Cafe Isis places tend to fall right around the $10 mark. If I think of more I'll post.