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  1. Mark me down as another fan of Andy's & Leb Taverna Galleria (esp their outdoor seating).
  2. Seconding Don, better options elsewhere. They sell pizza by the slice so if you are wandering in that neck of McLean and the urge hits...
  3. Thank you Don & Kibbee - great ideas for a fried oyster fan's birthday next week!
  4. Thank you so very much for the suggestions! Just told Claire & Don's next to the State Theater in FC is a possibility. Any thoughts on that one?
  5. With so much uncertainty about (sadly) restaurant operations, I would appreciate suggestions where one will find the above in Northern Va. Birthday gift for an ardent fan of the dish. I had planned on the Rappahannock River Co stall at Whole Foods Boro Tysons or Brine in Mosaic. Both are closed. Black Salt is a possibility but hoping for a NoVa address. Thanks.
  6. I second Don's opinion. Pupatella is not what it used be back when it came on the Arlington scene and, at least for me, there is no compelling reason to return these days. I am happy for the prospect of its new backers realizing - potentially - success in aggressively expanding. But I wonder if Enzo et al along with quality control will be stretched as multiple stores open. Plenty of alternatives now offer excellent pizza in NOVA.
  7. Clarity has an excellent burger. Obviously, a $16 price point is too dear for many. I really really like Red Robin's basic burger - no cheese, just the usual lettuce/tomato with mayo and mustard. RR has a new branch at 7 Corners, a freestanding building just outside the mall off 7. Fries are good, service is very good. Been 3x - each time left more impressed and pleased. I miss Clyde's burgers, esp Tyson's Saturday half off deal. 5 Guys, Burger 7, Shake Shack, Joe's and Elevation - been there, did that, not going back.
  8. I have not noticed the photo of Sampras of late but it might be "reconfigured" elsewhere on the walls. I am a regular patron - have been for many years - and totally agree with RMS' lovely assessment. There is a misconception that MFR is "cheap" in its pricing - not so. But the service, friendliness and offerings more than compensate for the higher than expected cost.
  9. To answer Don: I misspoke. The in-person application requires one to go to DMV centers - not DMV mobile units or online. As Lion noted, the most convenient (and largest) for many of us in NOVA will likely be the Gallows Road site. But there are others available as noted on the DMV's web site: https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/DMVLocator/ 2-3 hours was also our mid-July experience. I suspect the time commitment is due to greatly increase this fall & winter for obvious reasons (students returning, demand for other DMV services after the summer season ends, increased publicity about th
  10. Same experience as Ericandblueboy at DMV Gallows Road VA. 2+ hours wait. Arrived 10 am mid-week mid-month July (thinking that time/day would have less demand at DMV than the start/end of the month/week), assigned a number then...sat. 2.5 hours later, called to the counter at 12:30. Enrollment took 15 minutes - and I had all the necessary docs out on the counter. My observation is DMV is understaffed and unprepared. The only NOVA location (Gallows Rd) will be slammed with the big demand for RIDE alongside the many other customers of DMV services. Remember: you can get RIDE only
  11. I was indeed surprised to learn from the waiter doner kebab was available Monday - he recommended it before asked about availability. The menu states DK is only available specific days but I was assured it was freshly made - and it was delicious for lunch Monday. Unclear if it is offered every day or if this past Monday was an outlier. Dr. D should call first if interested in going to Kazan on an "off" DK day. Totally agree on garlic yogurt - great accompaniment & taste!
  12. Indeed it is owned & operated by the Pasa Thai folks. I have not eaten here but the menu looks intriguing with its obvious emphasis on Northern Thai food - very different from "regular" DC area Thai food. I was pleasantly surprised to see a limited number of items on the menu. For me, that is a positive. Too often, Thai restaurants have five pages of items so an attempt to narrowly focus on unique flavors and different Thai dishes is welcome.
  13. Quite independently from our Fearless Leader and on the heels of Don, we had lunch yesterday after some 20 years! Very pleasant experience - service was friendly & efficient, one of the very few places in McLean offering quasi-outside seating (albeit facing a parking lot). Doner kebab was terrific, salad w/o lettuce & a lamb eggplant dish were tasty, several special substitution requests were happily honored. I don't know why on a whim we decided to go (beautiful afternoon before going to Giant?) nor why we have not returned to Kazan for so many years. Happy we did & it was
  14. We also have not returned to RTC since the parking charge was instituted. Our weekly lunch & dinner visits are kaput - nice knowing ya Mon Ami Gabi, Passionfish, Clydes, Barcelona, Il fornaio, Pitango, Ted's. Sad to say, the lack of patronage may knock sense into the property firm that imposed the charge but so many have driven away...we may never return even if the charge is rescinded. Plenty of terrific options elsewhere in NoVa w/out the aggro.
  15. I must say we have been disappointed with PC in Arlington on our last two recent visits. Perhaps the inevitable change in the kitchen has caused less than stellar results on the plate. This has been a repeated complaint with Peter's growing empire. We had been going once a month to Arlington PC - take out or onsite - results were frequently becoming mixed but not to the point of turning us off. Last two times (May and April) resulted in only two good dishes: pork & shrimp dumplings. Not a strong rec. Kung pao arrives drenched an odd orange color sauce with an off putting sour taste
  16. There definitely was a tie with Pasa Thai - same owner and PT staff (notably the PT manager Dan) were visibly helping out several months ago. Whether that changed since the late fall I don't know. Funny - I walked by Friday afternoon, room was dark (not unusual as they are not open for lunch) but the place was orderly & set for dinner service. Menu was posted in the front door. I have not eaten there but heard nice reports from several locals whom I trust. They enjoyed SOB, esp cocktails and fresh fish, and claimed the place was filled when they were there albeit its a small room.
  17. I agree with Kibbee. We had a meeting nearby (Allied Counters) where the owner strongly rec'd the pho and I recall reading about it here. The place at lunch was packed and their pho was one of the better ones locally we have had of late. A brisket and flank version was very good esp on a cold winter afternoon so Pho 495 was a welcome surprise. Shredded pork spring rolls (very good) and the deep fried cha gaio (meh). What really impressed me was the friendliness of the staff and how eager they were to hear our reaction to their pho...despite a full house. Perhaps I have become too grizz
  18. Had lunch out in the sticks here yesterday and enjoyed it: Lilly's dumpling selection was tasty, soup was indeed hot & sour, and several lunch dishes were fine (not exceptiinal) plus I thought the prices were reasonable and the service was solicitious. What I was impressed with was the staff's eagerness to please and friendly manner. Not worth going out of your way for but if you are in the area, consider it. Hard to find since the website indicates its near the Lowe's (yup) and across from Wendy's which is closed.
  19. I also prefer JJ much more than Robek's. For those that monitor such things: calories and sugar content are significant at both and can vary widely depending on the "drink" so caveat emptor,
  20. I echo Don's comments on the Medicine Chest having been a loyal customer for several decades. The big negatives are Ed no longer accepts AmEx cards and it can get a tad cramped in there with the old codgers lining up for their scripts. One big plus is the oddball items they stock where are difficult to find elsewhere. Specifically, anti-jet lag pills which have been (at least for me on flights to asia & Europe) a god send. I also agree with the meh appraisal of Ichiban. I really wanted to like Ichiban but multiple visits proved otherwise. Better fish in the sea & all that for su
  21. Just got back from a week in SF and can happily crow about two dinners: Frances & Stone's Throw were superb. New American cooking, limited menus, informal but attentive and knowledgeable service and the courses were really, really good (menu changes daily). The only issue with Frances is the tight space so it can feel cramped but the servers do a good job of maneuvering and paying attention. Farafallon - seafood near Union Square Park - is a lovely room and the service is quite good but the hefty price tag and anemic sized servings casts a big shadow. I would not return but others se
  22. Its owned & operated by the Pasa Thai folks (who produce a good Thai product). We have tried to go several times but its been closed after a recent opening. Menu looks really interesting but the room seems, uh, less than inviting and warm from the outside. Other reports would be appreciated, esp on the drinks.
  23. My two cents also: thank you! Up here in the peanut gallery, I continue to appreciate Don's stellar efforts that created this site, his curating and commenting on various chic-chic pit stops on DR.Com. A wonderful resource for the hungry rabble in flea bitten burghs around the DC area!
  24. I agree with Don based on two visits. Several outdoor tables under the colonnade of the medical building which hosts Sweetbites provide a pleasant spot to perch if you are in McLean or the P.O. on Elm Street. I found SB's expressi & cappucini far better than the "burned bean" drinks cranked out at Greenberry & Starbucks. Bonus points: I prefer sipping coffee from authentico ceramic vs cardboard cups. Coffee & baked goods aside, the appeal for me these late summer days is the outdoor setting - calmer & quieter than the bizz buzzing at the two nearby coffee pit stops. Star
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