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  1. Understood, though I would love to support Johnny. We have some of our best memories ever at Komi. Although I’m not sure I’m capable of a DC trip now even under the best of circumstances. Would you believe my profile pic was taken at Pizzeria Bianco? That little girl is 18 years old now. Time is flying by.
  2. I was there on opening night. I had a fantastic meal, but also think opening night is to premature for a review. I uploaded all the courses on Instagram for those curious.
  3. Is the New Years Eve menu the same dishes we have had over and over? It's my understanding the menu has not been released yet.
  4. When those passing by stop and ask me if it's worth it. I point to my license plate if I'm parked in front of the restaurant. I usually get a eye roll as they move on.
  5. Recently visited Roses Luxury for the fifth time. That adds up to 4000 road miles and its worth every mile to me. I can't say enough about the restaurant, simply one of my all time favorites .
  6. Some people spent big bucks on some form of entertainment in Vegas last week. Its all so mindbogglingly subjective.
  7. Top two restaurants on my bucket list are Faviken and Etxbarri. Excellent post, and thank you for sharing!
  8. I have been to Roses Luxury three times in about 60 days. Big deal, right? Except I live 400 miles away and its worth the journey to my family. Congrats to the whole Roses Luxury team!
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