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  1. Should Babies and Children be Banned from Planes? Have Your Say. I fly with my kids (we've been flying to Orlando since the youngest turned 5). The longest trip we've been on is to Puerto Rico (4 hrs. direct). They're able to entertain themselves with downloaded Netflix shows. That said, I hate being disturbed on a plane by wailing babies (literally and figuratively). This point is illustrated by the following response. 🙄
  2. There’s no menu on the website that I can find. Opentable does have a menu with prices but I don’t know how accurate it is. Based on that menu, I find the prices high and the food rather uninteresting. I can’t even find a Yelp page for this place. Has anyone been? It’s on the Eater July hotlist.
  3. After visiting Woodlawn and the Pope-Leighey House (the latter is a Frank Lloyd Wright design), we went to Mt. Vernon for dinner. I always thought the staff would be in colonial outfits - they were just in white shirts and black pants. We started with the skillet mac 'n cheese and fried calamari. The kids loved the pasta, and I enjoyed the seasoning on the calamari but they were a bit on the chewy side. We also had the peanut soup - no one really liked it. I didn't think it was bad - just thick and peanuty. We shared a prime-rib, which came with mashed potato, green beans, and we ordered a side of Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts were laced with bacon and mixed with maple syrup - they were super delicious. I also really liked the green beans - not squeaky but not overcooked either. The prime rib was just good. ETA: the bill calculated suggested tip on a pre-tax basis but when they presented the credit card machine at the table, the tip is calculated on a post tax basis. So if you opt to tip 20%, you're paying tip on tax. You could choose to tip a specific dollar amount as well.
  4. Drunken axe throwing coming to Mosaic! It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, a testicle, or an entire head.
  5. I went to Holland to sight-see - didn't even bother to make any reservations in advance. Landed at Schiphol and took the train to Hague. A note on Dutch trains - by downloading their app, you can buy tickets online, and they send it to your phone and you scan your phone ticket to enter the boarding area. The app will tell you when's the next train and which platform so you'll never get lost. It's the easiest way to take a train ever. At the Hague, I visited the Mauritshuis to see some Vermeer. I bought a Museumkaart for ‎€64, which allowed me to access up to 5 top museums (I went to the Mauritshuis, Rijks, Van Gogh, and Maritime Museum). With a Museumkaart, you can skip the ticket line, but at Van Gogh you probably should get a time-entry ticket online. I also visited the Maudurodam, or miniature Holland (I like trains and legos so I think it's awesome). Afterwards I went to crash in Delft. Delft is a pretty town but there isn't a ton to do. After a few beers and dinner at the best Indonesian joint in town (they do rice table for 1 - see menu, I didn't find the food all that exciting), I strolled until the sun started to dip (at around 10 p.m.). The next day I took a day-trip to Rotterdam. I followed Rick Steves' walking tour and had a snack at the Markthal food hall. Later on, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant for some pan-fried noodles and vegetarian dim sum. There's a small Chinatown in Rotterdam and plenty of Chinese tourists, so the Chinese food scene is actually pretty good. That afternoon, I took a canal boat tour of Delft and then I had some decent Neapolitan pizza (at Pizzabakkers - a chain all over Holland). On the 4th of July, I trained up to Amsterdam in the early morning as I had booked a food tour of the Jordaan neighborhood. I didn't think it was worth €79 because I left hungry. We had 3 stops of sweets (apple pie, waffle and pancake) that I barely ate anything. We also had some cheese and cold-cuts. We then had some herring (slimy and fishy) and fried cod (delicious!), and some satay chicken at an Indonesian take-out. That afternoon I took a canal tour with Those Dam Boat Guys. In retrospect, I should have taken a more conventional canal tour as I didn't enjoy being on a small boat with a bunch of potheads. I did have a lovely seafood platter at Lucius. On Friday, I walked through the Albert Cuyp Markt - an outdoor market with food vendors, a fish monger, and other peddlers of all kinds of goods. At my appointed time, I went to the Van Gogh museum. Even with a timed entry, the place was mobbed. Dopes would stand in front of paintings while listening to their audio devices, so other people can't really get a good glimpse of the paintings. The Rijksmuseum was much more civilized and their app is great at guiding you through their highlights. I did even more walking by taking a guided tour of the red-light district, which apparently will be prohibited come next year. On Saturday, I went to the Maritime Museum so I can check out the replica tall ship Amsterdam. Afterwards I had excellent dim sum at the Sea Palace, a fancy floating Cantonese joint near the Centraal station. That afternoon, just as I was finishing a walk of the city center, it rained and I went back to my hotel. Amsterdam is also very pretty. The downsides are stoners smoking pot everywhere and large groups of British yahoos on their drunken bachelor parties.
  6. Northern Family Dumplings - nice thin handmade wrapper - they didn't ask what kind of filling I wanted but the dumplings tasted like pork and chives (which is the most common). I think they're pretty good, way better than those found at typical Chinese joints. Comes with a side of soy/vinegar/slightly spicy dipping sauce.
  7. I don’t really get the hype of Maydan - frankly I’ve had better kebabs elsewhere and I can’t even get back again because it’s still packed all the time.
  8. You didn't mention how old your kids are. My kids are now 9 and 7 and I take them pretty much everywhere except restaurants with tasting menu only. In that area - for fancier dining I would say Kinship and The Dabney. Interesting upscale Mexican - Poca Madre. In Penn Quarter - Hill Country BBQ, Jose Andres (China Chilcano, Jaleo, Zaytina, Oyamel - I think they're decent but not great restaurants). A little farther away - St. Anselm (Starr restaurant) at Union Market, Officina at Wharf District.
  9. I wanted to order the ax-handle rib eye but the smallest came at 48 oz (with 12 oz of bone & other nonedibles). At $3 per oz., it's a $150 steak and I didn't want to spend that kind of dough and not be able to finish it all. So we went with the prime ribeye. Chef Majorie was there (on a Saturday morning) and the steak came out perfectly - great sear, nicely seasoned, and cooked medium rare as requested. The sides were grilled broccoli and hash browns (I told our server they were super salty and were thus taken off the bill). I think the only reason this place isn't packed all the time is that it's listed as located in Mt. Vernon, VA on Open Table.
  10. Officina is my go to for Italian food now. I’ve made reservation as a single.
  11. Had brunch at officina. The actual menu is slightly different than the online menu. I ordered the Testa di Maiele, the Spaghetti Nero, and duck confit. The testa is described as pork head terrine, crispy skin, and cannelini bean. The dish is served warm, which surprised me. There was alot of fat (which gave me pause). It was good but I didn't love it (on account of all that fat). On the other hand, I did love the spaghetti. Loads of luscious crab meat served with al dente squid ink pasta. The portion being on the small side being my only complaint. The duck was also very good. When I ordered a glass of Pol Roger, the manager returned with a bottle of opened 2006 Dom Perignon. He asked if I would like a glass of Dom ($50) for the price of Pol Roger ($30). He said they opened the Dom last night and didn't want it to go to waste. I do eat there fairly often (and they do remember that sort of thing).
  12. I did ask for moist brisket. There's plenty of fat but there's a layer of meat that's just tough to chew (same with the top layer of the ribs).
  13. I was the first person to order today but I got disappointing brisket and ribs. Both were overcooked and underseasoned. The staff was solicitous - asking how things were. I said very good even though things weren't good at all. Is there anything I could have accomplished by telling the truth? Lots of food tossed away.
  14. When I was in college, "blow" was valued at $100/g. Apparently prices haven't gone up in 30 years (or the real cost has gone down, taking inflation into account). So cocaine is like pizza - I think we use to pay $7 for a medium Domino's in college, with a readily available coupon, you can still get a pizza for around $7.
  15. Per wikipedia. Competition starts tomorrow with Brazil vs. Bolivia. Cheering on my homies Messi (Argentina) and Suarez (Uruguay). Since I don't have ESPN+, I will have to watch in Spanish via Telemundo (Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll).
  16. For Mother's Day, Fiola Mare offered a 3 course brunch for $75. One of the entree options is the Lobster Ravioli, listed at $62. I had to confirm that there's no supplement for ordering the Lobster Ravioli. I can't see myself ever actually paying $62 for just the Lobster Ravioli.
  17. I always check the dress code. I hate following the dress code and then see a restaurant allow people in with shorts when business causal is the dress code. I don’t understand people who want to be spoon fed every piece of information.
  18. I've never returned a fruit but I'm thinking about doing it in the future because they are quite expensive these days.
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