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  1. So someone with a small appetite (and apparently no appreciation for dine dining) has suggested it's okay to order from the kid's menu. That apparently touched a nerve with @Tom Sietsema and his response invoked Homer!
  2. The Chef's Choice looked so good that we ate outside notwithstanding it was only 40 degrees at best today. We were seated at the upstairs patio (early 5:30 reservation gets the sheltered tables) that is mostly protected from wind by clear plastic tarp. There were overhead heaters that imparted some warmth. Be sure to dress very warmly! For $70, we got the following: Winter Citrus + Red Beet Salad crispy salsifi, shaved radish, lemon vinaigrette. Charred Onion + Braised Lamb in Pita Bread pickled cabbage, cilantro yogurt, kimchi brussel sprouts Cacio Pepe Agnolotti of Carmeli
  3. I did hit up Annabelle before New Years and sat outside. As you can see in the photo, they erected a half tent and have heaters at table level. Not wanting to waste gas, I kept my jacket and scarf on and only had 1 heat lamp, which was sufficient. Since I was outside and it was cold, I ordered mostly cold dishes. Starting with Crudo of Maine Sea Scallops - Parsnip-Labne Cream, Passionfruit, Truffles, Parsnip Chips. Personally, if the quality of the scallop is good, I prefer it unadorned so the sweetness shines through. This dish was interesting, with lots of different flavors and tex
  4. Got more hummus this weekend. Just now realized 10% tip is already included as “tax.” So if you elect to tip 15%, you’re really tipping 25% on take-out. Love the hummus, but no reason to tip 25% on take-out.
  5. How's street parking around Annabelle (like tonight)? I haven't been in that area in forever. Hand Cut Ink and Egg Tagliatelle Pasta - N'duja, Rapini, Urchin, Lemon Toasted Breadcrumbs = 🤤
  6. If you have Netflix, watch the Marrakesh episode of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with David Chang. It has the best roast lamb I ever had. Unfortunately most of the show is not about food or even Morocco, but self indulgence.
  7. https://www.washingtonian.com/2020/12/14/where-to-order-christmas-day-and-christmas-eve-takeout-delivery-dc/?fbclid=IwAR0pssqBz8n5UNfBGNwno1mF82wxv_2q2P0XSSJAFYh363Xk_0c7U93qIvg
  8. Despite there being a rally today, we went into the city for dinner. Gotta take advantage of warm winter days to eat outdoors! We started with escargot and tarte flambee. For some reason the kids thought the snails are gross. I'm thinking maybe I should disown them. But everyone loved the flammekueche, other than it's pretty small. What drew us was the special for 2! Duck Paella à la Française with Muscovy duck 4 ways, (1) pan seared foie gras, (2) confit duck thigh and wing, (3)cognac & duck sausage, (4) roasted breast aiguillettes, and hen of the wood mushrooms, all served
  9. Made reservations for 3 on Tock, which collected a $75 deposit. At the last minute my brother joined us for dinner, so we had a party of 4. We had dinner last night, 3 delicious pastas: 1. Spirulina Garganelli with Littleneck & Surf Clams 2. BBQ Pork Rib Tortellini 3. Potato Gnocchi with Porcini Crema and Mushrooms The 72 hrs. braised short ribs were super tender. Were they really braised for 72 hrs or sous vided for 72 hrs? The meatballs were nicely textured. And the side of sauteed cauliflower was fantastic. The bill came and I paid. On the drive home, I remembered
  10. Guinea pigs? She can fatten them up and eat the profit? Anyone remember Pinchy from the Simpsons?
  11. Went to Karma for dinner. We were going to sit outside but they had a dining room with no one in it, so we decided to eat indoors (because it was in the 40s outside). The only app we ordered was NARIYAL CHILLI PRAWNS. Then everything else came out, LOBSTER MASALA, HYDERABADI DUM BIRYANI, GARLIC NAAN, and GRILLED OKRA. I can't really describe the flavors, but I can say the seafood dishes were perfectly cooked. The prawns and lobster were really tender and plenty flavorful. The chicken in the biryani may have been slightly overcooked. The grilled okra came out crispy, reminding
  12. I go as far as to say I think their biscuits are pretty darn good. I had a hard time finding good biscuits when I lived in NYC and when I first moved to DC (in the 90s).
  13. I didn't get a steak biscuit or an Italian sub (ended up at St. Anselm for brunch) - both of which I crave more than authentic tacos. I go to Taco Bamba all the time for some tongue action.
  14. Had brunch at Piccolina before hitting the Holiday Market. We tried the Lamb Sausage Scaccia, the Porchetta Panuzzo, and the Diavola. The lamb sausage combined well with the rapini, and the roast pork combined well with mustard greens and salsa verde. Too bad the kids don't like bitter greens, so I got plenty of delicious leftovers. The kids had more luck with the pizza. We sat outside - very comfortable even when the temp is in the low 50s.
  15. Might stop by for lunch before checking out the Holiday Market tomorrow. http://www.karmamodernindian.com/menu.html Can anyone recommend some dishes for me and the kids to try? They can eat a tiny tiny tiny bit spicy.
  16. Lupo has a few 2 tops outside so we ate indoors early. They did a good job of spacing the tables. The pastas were al dente, the rapini was garlicky, not fancy but well executed. We stayed at Hotel Rehoboth, where Lupo is housed. Very nicely furnished but the windows are not sound proof at all. Bring ear plugs if you plan on staying here.
  17. Chang says MSG caused him to be bipolar. Just kidding. I just didn’t know where else to post the story about him being bipolar.
  18. Anxo has a nice outdoor patio and the menu has things that I would enjoy, so I went to check it out for the first time last weekend. Ordering is done through their website. I ordered everything at once, thus lost control over the timing and ordering. First to arrive were smoked salmon croquettes and clam chowder. The croquettes were overly fishy and since I ordered lots of food, I did not feel compelled to try more than a couple of bites. The chowder had lots of tender clam bits which convinced me that it was freshly made and I finished the whole bowl. The artichoke with egg, aru
  19. Stopped on the way to NJ. I had pre-ordered a pint of hummus, it now comes with 4 pitas and pickled veggies. I ordered 4 additional pitas. The hummus is as good as I remembered- still the best I’ve ever had. The pitas were thicker than the laffa at Zahav but very pillowy. Wish there’s a Dizengoff in DC.
  20. I haven't been to Corduroy in forever so when the forecast called for an Indian Summer for this weekend, I booked a reservation at "Clos du Roy" (the alley behind Corduroy and Baby Wale). As can be seen in the photo, the tables are widely spaced. They also lit a wood fire in the brazier for some added charm. I'm posting this in the wee hours to remind people that they can still go on Saturday night (forecasted temp is low 60s/high 50s). The complimentary amuse was charred tomato soup. This was delicious, as expected. I also ordered a lumpia (Filipino spring roll). A normal o
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