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  1. I'm not sure there's any place in Virginia/DC that's better than Xi'an Gourmet. Do order their specialities - Shaanxi Flavor Fish ($32.95), Shaanxi Iron Pan Lamb ($29.95), and spicy pig trotters. Their lian pi and bean jelly are excellent but don't overload on carbs when there's lots to try.
  2. @jca76 thanks for the detailed review. In your opinion, is 4 people a good number of people to try this place out? Sounds like the portions aren’t conducive to a larger group?
  3. Looking to wrangle up some folks (6-8) for dinner at the new palatial Indian restaurant Punjab Grill in the near future. No date picked but shooting for a Friday evening at 6-6:30. So far I have interest from @ktmoomau@TheMatt@Sthitch.
  4. Officina, San Lorenzo, and Osteria Morini are the most authentic Italian in that price range. I've never been to Officina for dinner but I've been there for Sunday lunch several times (never crowded and the kitchen is staffed by the A team). I haven't been to Sfoglina.
  5. Would a Friday evening at 6 p.m. work? Steve and I usually meet somewhere around 5 for drinks before dinner on Fridays.
  6. I'm intrigued. I would like to organize a small group dinner here in the near future (6-8 people). Let me know if you're interested.
  7. Looking forward to the second leg of Juve v. Atletico Madrid. Last year I was all for Juve but this year i’ll Be rooting for Atletico. Liverpool and Barça both play on Wednesday.
  8. Went here Friday night because my daughter goes to the Catholic school down the street (haven't been here in years). Avoid the Baton Rouge Swamp Lobster - doesn't taste fresh and not very good. The fish fingers were decent (and plentiful) and the hush puppies quite good. We chose fried clams, fried oysters and crab cake for the Admiral's Feast. The clams were the worst of the bunch, not worth trying. The oysters and crab cake pretty decent. Service is quick and efficient.
  9. The grigliata mista was fantastic - 2 wonderful prawns, a top quality superbly seared scallop that was sweet and savory, and 2 calamaris. Lunch with drinks and dessert, duck confit, rapini, meatballs, and ravioli turned out to be $200 with tax and tip but it's worth the money.
  10. Joyful Bath Co. Bought a 6-pack for $25 at the downtown holiday market. On their website, free delivery for $50 order. They are great smelling bath bombs.
  11. I think Alta Strada sucks but I don’t have time to spam 71 1 star reviews.
  12. If you’re eating out and you want fellow DR friends to stop by and say hi - just post here with your dining out plans. This weekend we’ll be visiting Union Market on Saturday 10-12ish, and have brunch at Officina on Sunday @ 11:30.
  13. I'm happy to try all those. We can add more dishes when we get a final headcount.
  14. Gringos may indeed feel that way since they never had good home cooked Chinese food. For locals, it's just cheap, convenient and edible.
  15. United was aweful. I’m in shock they won the game. I like the result though.
  16. Let’s get a headcount, make reservations if possible and work out a proposed menu. Let’s focus on their specialties.
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