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  1. Washingtonian: The Past, Present and Future of Panda Gourmet The short version: surviving and hoping to open a ghost kitchen setup downtown or near Georgetown to expand their delivery zone.
  2. Barred in DC is reporting: the Hunt's lease expired and hasn't at this time been renewed; the owner of the building died back in February; the heirs are trying to sell or lease the building. The real estate agent has been posting listings for the buildings on the Barred in DC twitter thread. All yours for $7.5 million.
  3. It appears the Big Hunt is closed/closing (although I don't think they have been open due to Covid). The building is for sale/lease. Another sad loss. I drank many beers at the Big Hunt. According to Barred in DC, the Hunt's lease expired on Oct. 31.
  4. Champions League Round of 16 Draw 16 February & 10 March RB Leipzig (GER) vs Liverpool (ENG) Barcelona (ESP) vs PSG (FRA) 17 February & 9 March Porto (POR) vs Juventus (ITA) Sevilla (ESP) vs Borussia Dortmund (GER) 23 February & 17 March Lazio (ITA) vs Bayern (GER) Atlético (ESP) vs Chelsea (ENG) 24 February & 16 March Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER) vs Manchester City (ENG) Atalanta (ITA) vs Real Madrid (ESP)
  5. Centrolina is doing a Feast of the Seven Fishes To Go on Dec. 23 and 24. $150 dinner for 2. Some additional home cooking required.
  6. How about bottarga: cured fish roe? Since it is cured it well keep and it's usually sold vacuum packed. A common use is grated over pasta, much like parmesan. You can buy it on Amazon or specialty food shops, like Eataly or Gustiamo. It's a little out there, but not too out there (like pigs ears!)
  7. I've been using our corona time to sample various local roasters, buying bags of coffee from grocery stores. I would say I'm a coffee enthusiast but no expert. I've enjoyed several bags of Swing's coffee. The current batch is 1013 Reserve, which is described on the bag as a Medium Roast Milk Chocolate, Orange, Sweet. Costa Rica Sumatra Their website says: "Our 1013 Reserve Blend pays homage to M.E. Swing’s original location at 1013 E Street in Washington, DC, a site recognized and protected by the National Register of Historic Places. The blend is inspired by our classic Java
  8. After six years, both store fronts have now been rented. On the left, the original Palena restaurant space is now a School of Rock. And on the right, in the space the expanded Palena cafe took over....drum roll please...a Chase bank branch. Yay Cleveland Park.
  9. Indique was very good last night. Good flavors, a nice tingle of heat, plenty of leftovers. We went with: tandoori salmon, samosa chaat, paneer makhani, Punjabi chole, garlic naan and paratha. I'm more of a fan of their paratha, buttery, nicely charred in spots. It's become my go to bread order.
  10. Per Smithsonian website: Due to rising regional and national cases related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, all Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo, will temporarily close to the public starting Monday, Nov. 23. Free timed-entry passes are required for entry at most of our open museums, galleries, and the zoo through Sunday, Nov. 22. Outdoor gardens will remain open, no passes required. Per National Gallery website: National Gallery of Art to Temporarily Close November 21 Washington, DC—Out of an abundance of caution and in response to the rising number o
  11. My take: Beyond looks and tastes like packaged frozen burgers that one might buy at Costco for a backyard party and didn't want to make burgers from scratch. Beyond is the Bubba Burger of the alt-burger world. Impossible is more legit burger-y. If you went to a diner or local bar/grill type place and they slipped in an Impossible burger, I'm not sure you would be able to tell the difference. However, as noamb said, you aren't going to mistake it for a trendy upscale burger. The Impossible doesn't have that meaty juicy-ness of a really well made meat burger. But honestly, the Imp
  12. For those into these sorts of things, a good showing for the DMV in this year's Esquire Best New Restaurants in America 2020 Piccolina #11 Albi & Yellow #12 Paola Velez (Compass Rose & Maydan) Pastry Chef of the Year Armani Johnson (ABC Pony) Rising Star of the Year Also the Peter Chang family and Pichet Ong's Nihao (#4) in Baltimore and Adarra (#22) in Richmond with nods.
  13. You can do that, there is an outdoor table at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Komi for picking up food. Or, when you receive your confirmation, they include a phone number to text upon arrival and they will bring the food to your car. 17th street has become pretty much a 1.5 lane road with lots of outdoor tents lining the streets. But pick up outside of Happy Gyro was easy.
  14. Last paragraph of the Chiko article talks about the Jaleo change up, but the Eater article is more indepth.
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