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  1. We have been doing local places in the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park area which we can walk to. The sandwiches from Duke's Counter have been great. The fries are good but steam in the take out counter so they are no longer crisp. But if you reheat them on a sheet pan in the oven they come out decent. Bindaas and Sababa have both done good jobs. Spices already did a lot of take out so it's pretty much the same. The sushi has been ok, the ginger salad great, and the fried spring rolls good. Similarly Siam House already did a lot of take out. We always order the same: Penang tofu and a noodle dish. Similarly with Indique. We have ordered a couple of times and no different from pre-corona. Delicious.
  2. The city has closed the CP service lane and made it for pedestrians. Hopefully they keep it that way and make it a more people friendly space.
  3. While I will agree there is something wrong with the neighborhood, it appears there is more to the Firehook closure. The Abbo family, who ran Roma for many years, own the properties that includes Firehook. With the recent death of Abbo family members, the family Trust has taken control of the properties and under the rules of the trust the properties will be put up for sale. Presumably the trust is liquidating its assets, which is not uncommon. So, unfortunate for Firehook, and it appears 5 properties along the Cleveland Park strip will be soon up for sale.
  4. Brian Eno has a very long line of credits and collaborations. With Ambient 1: Music for Airport he coined the term "ambient music." Per wiki: The album consists of four compositions created by layering tape loops of differing lengths, and was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent of defusing the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Ambient 1: Music for Airports, performed by Alaska Orchestra with live visuals by Carla Zimbler
  5. Check out Weygandt's in Cleveland Park - Their portfolio is very heavy on small family producers from France, very good selection from Austria, smaller selection of Italian, very small selection from Spain. Lots of choices in your price point of $25 and under. Weygandt's is currently curb side pick up only, but if you shoot them an e-mail and describe what you are into, I'm sure they can make some good suggestions. Their website is decent, not sure if it cover all their stock. But it has good descriptions, notes, bios, production specs, and availability. Also go up Connecticut Ave for Calvert-Woodley in Van Ness. C-W is open with a 15 shoppers at a time maximum. Their website covers a lot of their stock, so you can check that out too.
  6. The Dabney Hires Former Rake’s Progress Chef as It Prepares for New Restaurant. Chef Patrick "Opie" Crooks will help Jeremiah Langhorne as the company expands. Not a lot of details other than the new restaurant has been in the works for a while. Chef Langehorne has wanted to bring on Chef Crooks for a while, they are long time friends, but Langehorne is also good friends with Spike Gjerde and didn't want to poach Crooks. But with the closure of A Rake's Progress, doors opened. The new restaurant will be at 7th and L, but it is pretty much on hold due to corona.
  7. If you are looking for a good distraction, check out the Sydney Opera House website for their digital streaming content (all free). Very good production value. They are currently producing a digital season. But they have a good amount of archived material as well. Lots of options: classical music, theater, dance, contemporary music, talks, documentaries, and an interesting selection of First Nations content. I've been impressed by the quality so far.
  8. Cleveland Park location closing. They were unable to secure a long term lease with the landlord.
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