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  1. You can do that, there is an outdoor table at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Komi for picking up food. Or, when you receive your confirmation, they include a phone number to text upon arrival and they will bring the food to your car. 17th street has become pretty much a 1.5 lane road with lots of outdoor tents lining the streets. But pick up outside of Happy Gyro was easy.
  2. Last paragraph of the Chiko article talks about the Jaleo change up, but the Eater article is more indepth.
  3. Bethesda location will become Spanish Diner, a branch of Jose's all-day Spanish comfort food destination in New York’s Mercado Little Spain. Spring 2021.
  4. This thread is one of the few I could find with a reference to U Street Music Hall, so I will place it here: Closed. I saw some good shows at U Street, it will be missed.
  5. Opening this weekend, a new outdoor museum celebrating DC's graffiti history past and present. The museum features a celebration of noted DC graffiti artist Cool "Disco" Dan as well as changing graffiti and murals by contemporary street artists. "The vision behind the14th Street Graffiti Museum comes from minds of Eddie Harris and Cory L. Stowers, two local entrepreneurs and visual artists, and is funded by Uptown Main Street. Through the Museum, the duo seeks to present a collection of original works by noted graffiti artists with historic relevance to DC." 14th Street Graffiti Mu
  6. Dolcezza announced on IG this morning that they will be closing the following shops: Logan Circle, City Center, the Wharf, Dupont Circle and Bethesda. The coffee bar at the Hirshhorn Museum as well as the Fairfax and Mosaic District shops will remain open. And of course you can buy pints at grocery stores and get pint delivery via Goldbelly.
  7. The European leagues are off and running. Well, perhaps you can't say that about Manchester United, who are continuing their limp toward mediocrity. Bundesliga: Where young U.S. players cut their teeth. If there is going to be a U.S. Golden Generation in time for World Cup 2026, you can thank the Germans. Watch for break out seasons from 17 year old Gio Reyna (Borussia Dortmund) and 21 year old Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig). The Prem: Liverpool, Leicester City, and a surprising good start from perennial also ran, Everton(!), who finally decided to buy some good players. Watch ou
  8. Don't quote me on this, but this might be the first new show to open at one of DC's large art museums since the shutdown. Several area museum shows have been held over and extended, and I know some smaller galleries have done some online exhibitions. But this one is brand new! In person! Obviously, the opening is contingent upon the latest coronavirus guidelines/restrictions etc. NMWA currently has a timed ticketed entry system available on their website. So plan ahead. "Paper Routes, the sixth installment in NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition series, showcases contemporary ar
  9. I've used the corona down time to watch every season of Chef's Table, David Gelb's award-winning chef documentary series streaming on Netflix. David Gelb first made a name for himself with the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. He views Chef's Table as the follow-on series to Jiro. To be fair, the series does become rather formulaic and some of the production is overblown...but the food porn is excellent. And many of the stories are interesting and inspiring. On September 3, 2020, Chef's Table: BBQ was released as a four part season focused on BBQ and other fire-based cooking. Some highli
  10. Haha, yes, Philadelphia free range chihuahua (in cheese form) is delicious. I did look into the plantain and peanut combo and found a couple references to Ecuador, although in that prep the plantain is mashed. Most other references online for plantains and peanuts are indeed West African. Or, perhaps, at the end of service one day, chef had some leftover plantains and a jar of peanut butter and a new dessert was created. Whichever, it's delicious.
  11. It sure looks like Philly has a lot of taco options. Probably too many to sample during a day trip, especially during our Age of Corona. The best taco joint seems to be universally ageed upon: South Philly Barbacoa. But we weren't anywhere nearby and 3 out of the 4 of us were veg/vegan. No lamb for Tweaked. Rosy's Taco Bar, four blocks west of Rittenhouse Square, appears to be fairly new on the scene, having opened in 2018. It has already received solid accolades, making various Bests Tacos in Philly lists. It's near my gf's sister's place so off we went. We ordered take out
  12. Well, we can report a new restaurant opening in Cleveland Park. 3321 Bistro is taking over the Coppi's space. A banner signage went up this week. Although the generic name (3321 is the street address), stock style photos on their IG account, and their website domain is still for sale, doesn't really instill a lot of confidence. But, if they can whip up some good pupusas, fried plantains, and rice and beans, they will get more money out of me than Coppi's. Which would be $0.00, since the one time we went my parents picked up the tab. Sorry Mom and Dad!
  13. The Lounge. That's a rough one. It's as if millions of livers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. (Apologies to Obi-Wan)
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