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  1. Apparently those types of fouls weren't eligible for VAR at the WC (at least that is what one of the announcers said) Although some articles online seem to contradict that, so beats me.
  2. Tweaked

    Portland, ME

    I have reservations at Fore Street tomorrow, also hoping to hit Eventide for lunch and Liquid Riot for the Belgium France match. Will report back. Fore Street book well in advance. I called them about a month ago and was only able to get a four top at 6:15pm on a Tuesday night.
  3. Tweaked

    Mid-Coast Maine

    If you happen to be flying via Portland or driving along I-295, I would suggest stopping off at the Maine Beer Company just outside Freeport. Small bustling tap room, outdoor seating, fridge filled with bottles to go. Good IPAs. The brewery is a couple minutes down the road along Rt. 1 at Exit 20, so it's very easy to get to.
  4. Uruguay falls. No Cavani hurt. Belgium survives. South America are out. France v Belgium Tuesday at 2pm. A spot in the final awaits.
  5. Is this the best art exhibit currently running in DC? And no one is talking about it. The silhouette portraits from the 1700s, 1800s require some serious study to appreciate their sophistication. The contemporary work is mind blowing awesome, especially the works of Kumi Yamashita. This exhibit is on the "must see" list. And you can take in the Obama portraits too. "Silhouettes—cut paper profiles—were a hugely popular and democratic form of portraiture in the 19th century, offering virtually instantaneous likenesses of everyone from presidents to those who were enslaved. The exhibition “Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now” explores this relatively unstudied art form by examining its rich historical roots and considering its forceful contemporary presence. The show features works from the Portrait Gallery’s extensive collection of silhouettes, such as those by Auguste Edouart, who captured the likenesses of such notable figures as John Quincy Adams and Lydia Maria Child, and at the same time, the exhibition reveals how contemporary artists are reimagining silhouettes in bold and unforgettable ways. Highlights of the historical objects include a double-silhouette portrait of a same-sex couple and a rarely seen life-size silhouette of a nineteen-year-old enslaved girl, along with the bill of her sale from 1796. The featured contemporary artists are Kara Walker, who makes panoramic silhouettes of plantation life and African American history; Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff, who cuts paper to make life-size sculptures depicting a children’s Maypole dance; MacArthur-prize-winner Camille Utterback, who will present an interactive digital work that reacts to visitors’ shadows and movements; and Kumi Yamashita, who “sculpts” light and shadow with objects to create mixed-media profiles of people who are not there. With both historical and contemporary explorations into the silhouette, Black Out reveals new pathways between our past and present, particularly with regard to how we can reassess notions of race, power, individualism, and even, our digital selves."
  6. Former Tosca chef Massimo Fabbri serving up Tuscan food inspired by his home town osterias. Appears this is in the old Thally space. Washingtonian with the story website
  7. Catching up: England enters uncharted territory after enduring and winning a penalty kick shoot out. Belgium and Japan play the best 45 minutes of the tournament (so far). Friday's matches: Uruguay v France, Belgium v Brazil. Saturday's matches: English v Sweden, Russia v. Croatia
  8. They are now selling at the Thursday afternoon Penn Quarter market. Picked up a full loaf of the Pain, damn that is good bread. is it a new $11 a week addiction, I hope not! But I would think a loaf would last 3 or 4 days (for a single person perhaps), so let's say a per day cost at about $3.00 or so. Most people don't blink at dropping that at Starbucks everyday. That's me rationalizing a $11 loaf of bread!
  9. All the downtown location meat is smoked at the CP location, so who knows how long it was been sitting around by the time the office lunch hour rolls around.
  10. On the final day of Group play, England got the goal they needed to finish second in the group, thus avoiding Japan/Brazil/Mexico/Argentina/France/Portugal/Uruguay. Colombia topped their group, but now face questions of a James injury. Senegal, Africa's last hope and most entertaining team, were eliminated on FIFA Fair Play points. The brackets are set: Top bracket Uruguay v. Portugal 6/30 2pm France v. Argentina 6/30 10am Brazil v. Mexico 7/2 10am Belgium v. Japan 7/2 2pm Bottom bracket Spain v. Russia 7/1 10am Croatia v. Denmark 7/1 2pm Sweden v. Switzerland 7/3 10am Colombia v. England 7/3 2pm Tomorrow we face the cruelest day of the WC...the day with no football.
  11. A weighty opening last night at NMWA. 18 of the 20 artists were in attendance, which is very cool. After the opening remarks they went up to the galleries to answer questions about their work. Remember NMWA is open for free this Sunday, July 1 for their Community Day...take advantage of free art and a new show! Alice Hope "Untitled 2016" Susie Ganch "Untitled 2010" Carolina Rieckhof Brommer "Self-Portrait 3, 2014"
  12. Mexico dominated possession for long stretches, had decent chances, but it just felt like one of those games where they weren't going to score. Swedish defense was stout. Sweden scored on a kind of busted play, a penalty kick, and fluky own goal.
  13. BOOM! Our first upset. The defending champions are out. This is the third WC in a row that the defending champions have failed to get out of the group stage. (Germany in 2018, Spain in 2014, Italy in 2010). With their beat down of Mexico, Sweden wins the group. Thanks to South Korea, Mexico finishes second, despite their loss. In the afternoon matches, it came down to a tale of chances: Brazil took theirs, Serbia did not. Brazil wins the group, Serbia goes home. I didn't watch the Swiss v. Costa Rica match, but CR finally got on the board in a 2-2 draw. Frankly, a disappointing tournament for the Ticos. Sweden 1F v. Switzerland 2E (Battle of the Sw) Mexico 2F v. Brazil 1E (Can Mex get past their round of 16 jinx?)
  14. In Group C, Peru and Australia came out to play, with the La Blanquirroja taking down the Socceroos 2-0. Scintillating stuff. Conversely, France and Denmark only needed a friendly draw to advance and draw they did 0-0. No need to pull a hammy in this one. Group D. Farewell plucky Nigeria. Farewell brave Iceland. France 1C v. Argentina 2D Denmark 2C v. Croatia 1D