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  1. My neighbor makes an excellent cheesecake, creamy and not too sweet.
  2. A celebratory evening on the patio concluded with a neighbor's berry topped cheese cake.
  3. I need to do a longer write up of our recent meal at Urban Butcher. We had a tour of the meat curing locker after dinner, where they have about 25 ossabaw hams curing. Aged for 4 years and little smoked.
  4. The Round of 16 is set: Germany v. Nigeria June 22 11:30am (Eastern) Norway v. Australia June 22 3:00pm England v. Cameroon June 23 11:30am France v. Brazil June 23 3:00pm (could be the match of the round) Spain v. USA June 24 Noon Sweden v. Canada June 24 3:00pm Italy v. China June 25 noon Netherlands v. Japan June 25 3:00pm
  5. If I was you, I'd take a short one stop Metro ride to Dupont Circle and hit Iron Gate.
  6. Highlight package as USA beats an over matched and outplayed Thailand. A couple of tasty match ups today (6/12): Germany v. Spain at noon France v. Norway at 3pm On Thursday (6/13) one of the bigger games in the opening rounds as Australia takes on Brazil at noon.
  7. Defending champions USA take on the world as they seek their 4th world championship at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. The US play in Group F: USA v. Thailand June 11 3pm USA v. Chile June 16 Noon USA v. Sweden June 20 3pm
  8. RaR Brewing was hopping (haha) on a late Saturday afternoon. It seemed the Ironman was in town. We were still able to snag a spot at a long communal table, place your order at the bar. Sadly, the crazy delicious Waterman Nachos (Old Bay potato chips with crab and melted cheese sauce) are no more, but the regular nachos served with crab meat was still tasty. RaR rotates through beers on a regular basis and the tap line up is never the same. The Wood'R is a seasonal American Wheat, not too heavy on the "wheat" flavor like you get with German beers. I enjoyed the Working On My Base Tan, which was a pale ale at a relatively moderate 5.6% ABV. RaR is usually heavy on the IPAs, so it helps if you are into that, but overall I think they do a good job and it's always a treat to stop off in Cambridge and enjoy a pint.
  9. St. Michaels is super cute. Talbot Street, the main road through town, is lined with 4 or 5 blocks of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and other specialty stores. The town includes a couple of local historic museums, and the harbor has several touristy type water front restaurants. Between Talbot Street and the harbor are small streets and alleyways lined with adorable homes. That said, St. Michaels is very small, like, walk across town in 10 minutes small. It's worth a day trip, or if you are staying in town you best have the mindset for a very chill weekend or use St. Michaels as a launching spot for other activities in the area. In early June, the town had visitors but it wasn't crowded. Most restaurants were half to 3/4 full and we didn't have any problems getting a table. Most stores were closed by 5 or 6 pm and most restaurants were closing down around 9pm. Perhaps things are more hopping later in the summer? Old Brick Inn - We stayed at the Old Brick Inn, located along Talbot Street in the heart of town. It was a nice place, nothing fancy but we had everything we needed and a good sized room. Their restaurant severed a good, hearty breakfast of the classics: eggs Benedict, waffles, etc. and they have a nice outdoor patio. Room price included a breakfast of entree, coffee + juice per guest. Awful Arthur's - There was nothing awful about Arthur's, it was pretty solid, without being great. They have a nice selection of local oysters for $2 each and a shorter selection of MA and ME oysters for $3 each, unfortunately, they could do a better job shucking. We enjoyed the Chincoteague Salts and the Moon Dancers (Maine) best. The crab cakes were fine. The patio dining area is very nice on a lovely evening. Gina's Cafe - A super casual, bohemian style "Mexican-ish" cafe with a nice outdoor dining area of picnic tables and fire pits. Good guac and a goopy delicious taco stuffed with crab meat, cheese and pickled ginger. Eastern Shore Brewing - I wanted to like this place, they have a nice tap room, but the beer...meh. We ordered the 5 sampler flight and we couldn't recommend any of them. Save you beer calories for RaR Brewing in Cambridge.
  10. Same system at the DC social security office. Wait in line against the wall to get a ticket number, wait for your number to be called. It ended up being the same person who gave me the ticket in the first place.
  11. Vace! Even though I haven't tried them yet, I'd have to say Wiseguy Pizza would need consideration. The soon to be open Tino's Pizza is Cleveland Park look like they are aiming for big things, they recently installed a Marra Forni pizza oven.
  12. Curry fried rice, crispy egg, avocado, ginger pickle
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