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  1. Ericandblueboy for the win. Sushi Nakazawa Will Remain If Trump Hotel Is Sold “Sushi Nakazawa DC and our lease are not affected by the sale of the hotel. Beyond that, we have no comment at this time,” says Director of Operations Vito Ferraro. (Leases typically remain intact until they expire, even if the landlord changes.)
  2. According to news report, the Trump Organization is selling and the hotel will become part of the Hilton Hotel Waldorf Astoria brand. No word yet on the fate of current tenants.
  3. According to news reports, the Trump Organization is selling and the hotel will become part of the Waldorf Astoria brand.
  4. I always feel like the VMFA flies under the radar a bit, but it shouldn't, it's a very nice art museum. For photography and Ansel Adams fans...plus you can always hit up ZZQ afterwards! "Ansel Adams: Compositions in Nature presents photographs from every period of the artist’s celebrated career. Included are many of Adams’s most-famous and best-loved photographs as well as lesser-known works. Visitors will delight in elegant details of nature, architectural studies, portraits, and the breathtaking landscapes for which Adams is most revered. In addition to a selection of his most highly regarded works that Adams printed at the end of his career—“the Museum set”—the exhibition features donated photographs recently added to VMFA’s permanent collection. The overview of the artist’s career explores changes in his aesthetics and technique, as well as his constant keen eye for composition. Visitors will experience Ansel Adams’s photographs that are some of the best-known images produced by any artist of the era, including Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, The Tetons and the Snake River, and Monolith, Face of Half Dome. In a study of Adams’s changing technique, the exhibition displays prints of the same photograph produced decades apart for visitors to compare and contrast."
  5. Review from the Washington Post: Major Alma Thomas retrospective at the Phillips shows breadth of her achievement
  6. If there is one art exhibition to see in DC this Fall, this is the one to go see. Alma Thomas was a leading artist in Washington, DC. The first graduate from Howard University's art department. First African-American woman to have a solo show at The Whitney. Was a member of the Washington Color School (DC's main contribution to Western modern/contemporary art). And was an art teacher for 35 years at Shaw Junior High School. "Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful provides a fresh perspective on the artist’s dynamic long life (1891-1978) and multifaceted career that was defined by constant creativity. This major retrospective traces her journey from semi-rural Georgia to Washington, DC, to becoming the first Black woman given a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art at age 81. Through artworks and archival materials, this exhibition demonstrates how Thomas’s wide-reaching artistic practices extended far beyond her studio, shaping every facet of her life—from community service, to teaching, to gardening. In 1907, Thomas and her family migrated from Columbus, Georgia, to DC, and by 1924, she became the first art department graduate at Howard University. A constant learner, she studied the latest developments in art, visiting museums in New York, Europe, and DC, including The Phillips Collection. For 35 years and in a segregated city, she empowered art students at Shaw Junior High School to see beauty in the everyday and brought exhibition opportunities and cultural enrichment to Black youth. Thomas’s home located at 1530 15th Street, NW, was her artistic epicenter. There, she created small watercolors, aerial landscapes, and brightly patterned large-scale abstractions that reflect her local surroundings, her fascination with space, and her dedication to the environment. Along with these themes, the exhibition explores her interests in performance, puppetry, costume design, and fashion. Everything Is Beautiful contextualizes Thomas’s art and life within her creative community, delving into her association with Howard University, American University, and the Barnett Aden Gallery, which she helped co-found. Some of her works are placed alongside examples by her friends and contemporaries like Loïs Mailou Jones and Morris Louis who also helped shape the DC art scene. The exhibition offers an intimate look at this inspiring cultural icon who used her imagination and ingenuity to lead a rich and beautiful life."
  7. The Jasper Johns retrospective is so large it is being hosted simultaneously by two museums in two cities: The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Whitney, museums that have long-standing relationships with Johns. "Few artists have shaped the contemporary artistic landscape like Jasper Johns. With a body of work spanning seventy years, and a roster of iconic images that have imprinted themselves on the public’s consciousness, Johns at ninety-one is still creating extraordinary artworks. This vast, unprecedented retrospective—simultaneously staged at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York—features a stunning array of the artist’s most celebrated paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints as well as many lesser-known and recent works. Each a self-contained exhibition, the two related halves mirror one another and provide rare insight into the working process of one of the greatest artists of our time." "Jasper Johns’s groundbreaking work sent shock waves through the art world when it was first shown in the late 1950s, and he has continued to challenge new audiences—and himself—over a career spanning more than sixty-five years. He was born in 1930 in Augusta, Georgia; spent the majority of his adult life in New York; and today lives in Sharon, Connecticut, where, at the age of ninety-one, he remains active in his studio. Johns’s early use of common objects and motifs, language, and inventive materials and formats upended conventional notions of what an artwork is and can be. His profoundly generative practice helped spark movements including Pop art, Minimalism, and Conceptualism, among others, and has inspired successive generations of artists to this day. Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror is the most comprehensive retrospective ever devoted to Johns’s art. Featuring his most iconic works along with many others shown for the first time, it comprises a broad range of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures from 1954 to today across two sites. Conceived as a whole but displayed in two distinct parts, the exhibition appears simultaneously here at the Whitney and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, two institutions with which Johns has had long-standing relationships. This unique dual structure draws on the artist’s lifelong fascination with mirroring and doubles, so that each half of the exhibition echoes and reflects the other. Organized in largely chronological order, the retrospective presents pairs of related galleries—one in each city—that offer varied perspectives on the artist’s turns of mind. Individually, each gallery focuses on a particular aspect of Johns’s thought and work through the lens of different themes, processes, images, mediums, and even emotional states. Taken together, they provide an immersive exploration of the many phases, treasures, and mysteries of a radical, enduring, and still-evolving career."
  8. Might be a curious study to see how many area gas stations have become havens for immigrant food entrepreneurs during the pandemic. Krishna Shrestha was a partner in the now closed Everest Kitchen in Ashburn. Wash Post with the story. Liberty Gas Station 43673 John Mosby Hwy Chantilly, VA
  9. Excellent profile in Eater DC. Chit Chaat Cafe operates from a family-owned gas station in Vienna. The Eater article references a Chantilly restaurant but I can't find info on that location. Gas station address: 200 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180
  10. A return to the back bar crime scene and I feel like 2 Amys is getting its mojo back. The daily specials are getting more adventurous with a bigger selection. Last night we enjoyed the always classic Sicilian anchovies with bread and butter; the also classic fried salt cod croquettes; Japanese sea bream crudo; chanterelle mushroom crostino; tortilla Espanola with shishito peppers and aioli; oven roasted mussels with bread crumbs, garlic, butter, and parsley; and shaved matsutake mushrooms with pecorino, celery leaves, and lemon. Not bad for a Tuesday night.
  11. You can eat very well in Philadelphia. You can eat very well in Philadelphia and only eat at Mike Solomonov joints. You can eat very well in Philadelphia and only eat at Mike Solomonov joints along Sansom Street, which includes a Dizengoff, Federal Donuts, Goldie, Abe Fisher, and K'Far Cafe, all with in four blocks of each other. For breakfast or a light lunch, I suggest K'Far Cafe, an Israeli inspired bakery cafe with Jerusalem style bagels (in Israel they are called Ka'ak Al Quds), borekas, various toasts, salads, cakes, cookies, and coffee. In our pandemic times, to-go orders are placed at the cashier and then you wait outside for your food. I'd expect a 5-10 minute wait. The cafe does have indoor seating and a small patio area available. On a Sunday morning at 9:30am, more than a dozen people were waiting outside for their orders, most of the seating was filled, and they easily had 20-30 to-go bags waiting for pickup (their website does push you toward online ordering, but you can walk up and order.) The smoked salmon bagel was good and the borekas are very good. Even their drip coffee is solid.
  12. Admittedly, Unit Su Vege is not the most inspired name for a restaurant and the interior is very generic...but the made-to-order dim sum is good (although a cut below A&J) We enjoyed the vegetarian kung pao chicken bun, pickled cucumbers, chinese broccoli, watercress dumplings, pan fired vegetable dumplings, and spring rolls. All of these I would order again. The scallion pancake was ok, the shrimp dumplings over steamed, seaweed salad kinda boring, the veggie lo mein was bland. We were one of three or four tables at noon on a Saturday. Service was fast and soon our table was overloaded with food. The area immediately around the Philadelphia museum district is a bit of a food wasteland, so the dim sum at Unit Su Vege is a good choice.
  13. Expanding to Woodley Park (2649 Connecticut Ave., NW, the Starbuck's space across from the WP Metro) and Barrack's Row at 522 8th St., SE. Washingtonian "Both restaurants will serve the most popular items from Han Palace’s all-day dim sum menu, such as scallop, shrimp, or pork-and-crab dumplings, rice rolls, and barbecue pork buns. The kitchens will also recreate Cantonese specialties like lobster sticky rice, Han-style filet mignon, and Peking duck. New to the lineup: delicate homemade soup dumplings, a popular yet not widely available dish in the District. Due to the small size of the new kitchens, Zhu says Han Palace’s most intricate items like stuffed whole duck—which must be ordered 48 hours in advance—will remain a specialty in Virginia."
  14. SakuSaku Flakerie has been quietly making a name for itself in Cleveland Park. SakuSaku is housed in a small store front that is part of Al Volo with access to the old Firehook Italian Garden patio. This weekend Eater DC ran an article bestowing "cult" bakery status. I ran over Sunday morning to pick up some pastries, and there was a dozen people in line and then about 15 people in line when I left (which was occurring before the Eater article). Also, this is a bit misleading because the store front in so small, they only let in one customer group at a time. I waited about 15 minutes. I have found that it is best to order a pastry that contains a filling. The plain croissant is so crispy and flakey that it practically shatters while the fillings hold it together. The chocolate plus either pistachio or almond are both excellent. This weekend we tried a pumpkin cream filled cruffin which was also excellent. SakuSaku is run by husband wife team Yuri and Jason Oberbillig.
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