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  1. The landlord is Federal Realty Investment Trust, they don't care. The newest tenants at Sam's Park & Shop are national chains: Coldstone Creamery and Target. That's what they care about.
  2. Lists are lists, but some nice national exposure for Alewife. GQ's Best New Restaurants in America, 2019.
  3. Mushroom ragu, penne rigate, mozzarella.
  4. Looking at the Bresca wine list online (assuming the online list is current of course) there are actually two Hirsch pinots on the menu: Hirsch East Ridge $146 Hirsch San Andreas Fault $50, as a demi bottle In addition to the Hubert Brochard $54 (guessing this is what the poster wanted to order) and, two pinots under the rose section: Domaine Charles Audoin $82, Craccioli Cellars 500 ML $56 A little bit of clarity from both the diner and the server would have gone a long way here.
  5. So I have Andrea's Vietnamese Food Any Day cookbook (very good btw), and I have found that using the Shaking Beef marinade but then applying it to the Shaking Tofu recipe is very successful. Basically mix together the oyster sauce through garlic ingredients under the beef section, but then follow the cooking directions for the Shaking Tofu recipe. The combination of the oyster sauce and fish sauce is pretty killer and more flavorful than just using soy sauce or the liquid aminos. I've found that adding about one Tablespoon of water to the marinade helps loosen it up a bit, and the final sauce is less gloopy. It's become one of my go to tofu recipes.
  6. maybe the upstairs space at Bullfrog Bagel by Eastern Market?
  7. This is an excellent show, I highly recommend. And only one month left before it closes. I think the exhibit has been flying a little under the radar, but it's very worthy. Tanya Aguiñiga primarily works with natural fibers and her work deals a lot with the US Mexcio border. Sharif Bey creates very sculptural works in ceramic and metal dealing with cultural histories. Dustin Farnsworth is very of the moment with powerful sculptures dealing with youth and violence. Stephanie Syjuco work is more craft oriented. I found her work to be least engaging. Dustin Farnsworth "The Reconstruction of Saints"
  8. There was big trouble in little china(town) last night. We stopped into Chaia Chinatown for a quick bite. We ordered two trios ($12 per), and with 5 tacos on the menu we were able to sample them all. We doubled up on the braised mushroom taco. The sweet potatoes in the sweet potato taco were a mix of cooked and under cooked, several cubes of potato were still crunchy. The carrots in the rainbow carrot and pea shoot taco were at best half cooked. The collard greens in the smoky collard greens taco were too fibrous to eat. The creamy kale and potato taco was the best of the bunch, and I would happily eat this one again. The braised mushroom tacos were fine. I'm all for the plant-based cooking trend, but if vegetables are your focus they need to be cooked correctly. Unfortunately, it was a rough(age) night for Chaia.
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