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  1. Mark Peel - Influential California cuisine pioneer, co-founder La Brea Bakery and Campanile. NY Times Obit LA Times Appreciation I had an unremarkable meal at Campanile a year or two before it closed. But I'm 99.9% sure that Nancy Silverton has dining with friends at a large table nearby.
  2. Well, two out of three ain't bad 😁
  3. We just got back from a multiday road trip from DC to Denver and then a 10 day stay in Denver. We stayed in higher-end hotels during the drive and weeknight hotel prices were pretty good, we were paying about $150 a night, staying one night per hotel. In Denver we stayed with famly so that was easy. We stayed one night each in Louisville, St. Louis, and Kansas City. We found that the further west we drove the less mask wearing became compared to DC. By the time we reached Kansas City it was like there wasn't a pandemic going on. Pretty much no one wore a mask, indoors, outdoors, in r
  4. The drive from Kansas City to Denver, all 600 miles, calls for some distractions. Enter Goodland, KS, home to the World's Largest Easel, which holds what must be the World's Largest Van Gogh painting of sunflowers (the state flower of Kansas). But wait, there's more. Refuel at the very good Good Grounds Coffee & Bistro. They pour a nice latte and the pecan coffee cake is fabulous. I'm kinda pissed that we didn't make it in time for the biscuit sandwiches. I-70 Kansas at Exit 17. Absolutely worth it!
  5. We arrived late afternoon on a rainy day in Kansas City. We stayed at the very nice Fontaine Hotel along Brush Creek and the nearby museum district. The hotel had nice rooms with king sized beds and a good 7th floor bar which opened out onto a terrace with a swimming pool. I'd stay at the Fontaine again. Unfortuantely, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was closed by the time we arrived so we walked around the grounds and sculpture park. It was getting late and the hotel had a deal with the next door Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar. Yikes seafood in Kansas City...the place was pretty
  6. We stayed one night at the Westin downtown across the street from Busch Stadium. The hotel was fine, it looked pretty from the outside and lobby but the rooms felt a bit dated. We visited the very nice St. Louis Art Museum, which has a good collection of the modern Big Names, but not a lot of depth. The museum is located in the lovely Forest Park, which is kind of like NYC's Central Park. You could spend a good afternoon wandering around. At sunset we walked over to the Gateway Arch, which I'll have to say was surprisingly impressive, and it was pretty cool to watch the setting sun
  7. Louisville We stayed at the historic Brown Hotel for one night, which was very nice. The lobby and bar area are both decorated with that classic hotel feel. Rooms were nice with a king sized bed. We arrived fairly late (8pm-ish on a Tuesday night) after a 10 hour drive from DC. The hotel bar area was open until 9:30pm. We took a walk around the neighborhood which is near the 4th Street Live entertainment district which looked like it was hurting. The chain restaurants were all open, but lots of the independent looking restaurant spaces in the area were empty and for lease. In a
  8. Plans are for an Italian restaurant and market with possible collaboration from Nancy Silverton. Could be interesting. Washingtonian City Paper
  9. I think the good thing with the streaming services is you can pay month-to-month. So if you want to binge the hell out of a show or two, or a sporting event, pay for a month, watch the show(s), and then drop the service. And since most of them are $5.99 or $6.99 for a month, it's cheaper than a beer.
  10. Space to Soar: NMWA's Renovation Plan NMWA Press Release Washington Post story "The National Museum of Women in the Arts will close Aug. 9 for a two-year renovation that will add gallery space and an education studio, improve accessibility and upgrade the mechanical systems in its historic building. The $66 million project is the first renovation since the museum opened in 1987."
  11. Unknown, unknown and unknown. Opening soon in Van Ness.
  12. Signage up: Shemalis is opening in Van Ness at the corner of Connecticut and Albemarle. Pretty much across the street from Bread Furst. That spot used to be a dry cleaner so no idea how long it will take to build out the space. Looks like construction has been going on since early February. "Coming Soon"
  13. My friend had to travel down to Richmond to get his Covid vaccination. The first time down he sent me sad photos from McDonalds...the second time down I was like, dude, go to ZZQ. I then sent him an order to bring back. Even after traveling back from Richmond and then sitting in my fridge overnight, this is some mighty fine bbq. The pulled pork was succulent with smoke and great peppery bite. The beef hot gut sausage was also very tasty. This is a fairly coursely ground sausage with great flavor and a tingle of heat. Their slaw is just ok, esp. by itself, but it was pretty good
  14. Little Sesame hummus at a grocery store soon. They have come a long way since the basement at DGS Deli! Little Sesame is starting out by selling their new packaged hummus with a 90-day shelf life at two Montgomery County farmers markets this weekend. Find it at Pike Central Farm Market in Rockville on Saturday, May 8 and Bethesda Central Farm Market on Sunday, May 9. In mid-May, both D.C. locations of Foxtrot Market (Georgetown and Mount Vernon Triangle) will start selling it, as will regional online grocer 4P Foods. In June, Little Sesame will make its debut at a major grocery store wit
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