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  1. After a far-too-long layoff, the New York Avenue Sculpture Project is back, featuring Mexico City-based sculptor Betsabeé Romero (b. 1963). This project is organized by the National Museum of Women in the Arts in collaboration with the DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID), the DC Office of Planning and other local agencies. The project will run from Sept. 28, 2018, through Sept. 20, 2020 along NY Ave at 13th Street, NW outside the NMWA building.
  2. Fluffy is a good way to describe them, but too fluffy to the point of falling apart. They need more structural integrity. And they are definitely not as good as the pita one gets in Israel.
  3. The Al Volo pork sandwich. Thursdays at the McPherson Square "By the White House" Farmers Market. They also do meatball and breaded eggplant.
  4. oh, not taking away from Rooney's effort, that was inspired. Acosta is just one of those players who can be brilliant one minute and then turn around and do something boneheaded the next. There's a long history of "mad genius" players in soccer.
  5. Little surprise really that Texas Monthly would not be pleased. Federalist Pig gets the only nod. "Sonderman is still working hard on the D.C. barbecue scene from behind the counter at Federalist Pig, where a line had formed out to the sidewalk. The pitmaster welcomed us by name as we ordered an impressive sampling—we certainly weren’t an inconspicuous pair of barbecue eaters. Chicken wings flavored from smoke and crisped in the fryer were spectacular, as was a link of juicy jalapeño sausage made locally by Logan Sausage Company. Chunks of unsauced brisket burnt ends, mixed in with the fatty slices, had the advantage of more smoke and seasoning, and I preferred them to the sliced beef. I’m not even sure if there’s a designated menu item for burnt ends, but ask for plenty of bark on your brisket there. A side of tomato and cucumber salad at Federalist Pig was a fresh respite from the heat. Still, I didn’t have any trouble with a few forks full of meaty pinto beans, the unusual barbecued green beans, or mac & cheese made with smoked cheddar. What nearly did me in were the ribs. I couldn’t stop. Each tender bite demanded another. The smoky bark glistened with a sweet glaze slathered over a black pepper rub. They were the best bite at the best barbecue joint I tried that day."
  6. The video doesn't show it clearly, but at the 1:28 mark you'll notice a player in white tumbling to the ground. That's because Acosta stuck out his leg and tripped him up as he was running past. Acosta makes special plays, but boy, can he be cheap.
  7. The DC City Council has announced that the John A. Wilson Building (aka city hall) will be installing two graffiti pieces by the late graffiti artist Cool "Disco" Dan. The first is a wall panel that was exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery in 2013. The other is a piece of CSX railroad signal box discovered along the Red Line. The works are scheduled to be installed in early September 2018.
  8. Tweaked


    nonesuch in Oklahoma City named Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurant 2018. Good article by Andrew Knowlton, great story behind the nonesuch folks. instagram
  9. I wish I had a photo. First they are sad looking little rounds. They also don't appear to have achieved much or any puff during cooking. But I'd say their main problem is they have a tendency to fall apart when used to scoop up food. They work ok with the hummus but are pretty much useless for anything more substantial.
  10. We stopped in the other day for a glass or two and a couple rounds of mezze. Pretty much everything we had last time was still good this time, although everything need a touch more salt. While a couple of new dishes fell flat. The halloumi and dates is really excellent. The grilled sardines also very good and we enjoyed the hummus tahina, but, boy, do they still need to come up with a better pita recipe. The tuna crudo was very flat. The tuna flavorless, definitely need some salt and acid. I would suggest avoiding this dish. The salmon kebob was fine, several large chunks of nicely cooked salmon. The Hawaij spiced rice is rather ordinary and it was accompanied by three small sungold tomatoes. And there was no sauce or anything else added. So basically you are getting salmon and rice. Again, Sababa is good, its just several missteps from being very good/great.
  11. The construction door was open this morning. The demo is complete, the build out has begun, but mostly just wooden frames at the moment. Probably going to take a while.
  12. Tweaked

    Portland, ME

    Bon Appetit's 2018 Restaurant City of the Year