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  1. Unfortunately Costco's steaks are blade-tenderized. That makes them a no-go for me. Not sure why it's even necessary on a prime cut.
  2. You're right the Halo Top is whipped and loaded with air-- as is every other ice cream and frozen dairy dessert you've ever eaten. Not familiar with overrun? FDA standards on ice cream labeling From the photo, looks like Halo Top qualifies as "Light Ice Cream."
  3. No it doesn't. And even if it did, the correct word would have to be "TEP" because you'd really be ensuring prompt service, not insuring it.
  4. I would choose Rappahannock over Pasture as well. If you're looking for other options within walking distance, Julep's wouldn't be a bad choice. There's also a branch of Graffiato about 6-8 blocks away.
  5. If I were looking for low key beers with a buddy in Falls Church, I'd head to Dogwood Tavern. They have a solid beer list and a good neighborhood bar feel. Casual, friendly, unpretentious. Food is only decent, but doesn't sound like that's your primary need.
  6. The easy way around WSJ's paywall is to access the article through Google. For example, paste "Restaurants' Secrets to Keeping VIP Diners Happy" into Google, and the first link will take you to the WSJ article without a paywall. This typically works for anything on WSJ.com
  7. Rappahanock hands down. I've had three excellent meals there in the past few months. They do oysters well of course, if that's your thing, but all of the seafood dishes I've had there have been very strong. Good lively atmosphere and bar area would be fun for pre-concert. In that same neighborhood, you may also wish to consider Pasture. And there's the possibility that Graffiato will be open by October as well (website says Summer 2014, but last time I went by it looked like they had a lot of work to do.)
  8. As you drive north on 95 from Richmond, you cross the Matta (after the Mat and the Ta have already joined,) the Po, and the Ni. It make less sense when you're driving south and cross them in reverse order.
  9. That is a tough location. No visibility from Wisconsin. No street parking. Nothing else on that block. The people in the office building across the street who look down on it are pretty much the only people who are even aware it exists. No one has been able to make it work in that space since Uncle Jed's left in 2006. If memory serves me, it was Gator Alley for a brief while, then I think there was an Asian place in there whose name I forget. Then it sat vacant for a while. Most recently it's been The Box (after MoCo Liquor Board denied their initial request to name it the "Liquor Box" (say it out loud).) Good luck to Tyber, but the spot seems cursed.
  10. Acacia is good, but also look into Heritage, Dutch & Company, Roosevelt, or Rappahanock. I'd personally choose any of those over Acacia. In 2009 when Sietsema wrote the postcard linked a few posts above, Acacia may have been the best spot in town. But Richmond has really seen a number of exciting places blossoming in the past couple of years. Each of the four I mentioned above are newer and more interesting than Acacia in my opinion. Check out Heritage if they have availability (It's my personal favorite in town.) Note that any of the restaurants mentioned in this post tend towards a fairly casual vibe. If you're looking for more of a white tablecloth celebratory dinner in a beautiful setting for your V-day and b-days, something like Lemaire at the Jefferson Hotel is an old standby and would be a solid choice. Here's a somewhat recent and mostly accurate take from Kliman: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/travel/eating-your-way-through-richmond/
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