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  1. I would like to go to Sichuan Pavilion and if someone misses the tour, then I would like to go to that too. Thanks
  2. www.bangkokgolden7corners.com 6395 Seven Corners Center Falls Church, VA 22044 Tom Sietsema did a piece on this small Thai place back in November ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/18/AR2010111805045.html ). I am happy to report that the secret menu is secret no more. When we entered the small place this afternoon, we were handed two menus, one Thai and one Laotian. I never had Laotian food before, it was like Thai, but more rustic. Like other southeast Asian cuisine, Laotians make heavy usage of fresh vegetables and herbs as evident by the numbers of salads on the menu. We ordered the Laotian sausage, orm beef, crispy rice salad, and an order of chicken satay for the kiddo. My favorite dish was the crispy rice salad, consisted of herbs (probably cilantro and lime leaves), coconut, onions, scallions, julienne pork skin, ham, peanuts, and crispy rice in a refreshing spicy lime dressing with large lettuce leaves served on the side. You are suppose to eat it like a bulgogi by wrapping the salad inside the lettuce leaves. It was a prefect balance of savory, sour, and spicy, with bites of crispy rice and peanut for textural contrast. The flavor was incredibly complex and words do not do justice in describing this dish.
  3. I made lobster rolls, inspired by the Redhook lobster rolls I had this weekend. It turned out delicious, except I didn'tt have the New England style rolls at home. Final cost came out to be $10 per roll, so I guess the $15 charged by Redhook isn't bad at all.
  4. I second Grover's recommendations. Zaytinya serves small plates, so it will be fun for a group to share. You will need a reservation or go really early in the night since both places will be packed on weekends.
  5. I would like to request the recipe for that beautiful plate of pickled vegetables and Zora's eggplant something. Thanks in advance.
  6. It was a beautiful fall afternoon. Thanks for organizing this wonderful event. I thought I tried a little bit of everything, but it looks like I completely missed the thai curry noodles.
  7. Will be there as soon as my garlic baby tricolor potatoes are done roasting!
  8. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the pappardelle with wild boar ragu. It was a simple sounding dish that turned out to be my favorite of the evening. The tender pasta carried a perfect amount of savory boar and robust tomato sauce. Strangely, it also invoked a bit of childhood nostalgia of my dad making his famous "Russian" soup. All the pasta were superb including the taglierini, but I didn't enjoy the accompany lobster tail as much as I anticipated. It tasted a little muddy, perhaps due to not being deveined before cooking.
  9. I will be there with +1. Not sure what I will make.
  10. I used http://chezpim.typepad.com/blogs/2007/01/pad_thai_for_be.html for pad thai. I happened to use the tamarind concentrate which turned out great.
  11. I always find the vegetarian entrees taste superior to meat entrees in Indian restaurant. Go to Rasika and get some palak chaat, a couple of vegetarian entrees (only $12 for entree size and $7 for smaller portions), and some garlic naan. Its not very expensive if you only choose vegetarian dishes.
  12. I am disappointed with my recent trips to XO. I gave it three tries in the last couple of months and every time the entrees were overly seasoned, doesn't matter if it was salt and pepper porkchop, seafood fried rice, or black pepper shortribs. All the dishes had either too much salt or too much soy sauce. Nowadays, I usually go to China Garden for my Cantonese fix and I think I am gonna put Mui Kee back into my rotation.
  13. Breeze Bakery Cafe (next to Yechon) 4125 Hummer Rd Annandale, VA 22003 I am a fan of this new bakery. They sell the same stuff as Shila and Le Matin, but the interior is cleaner and there are plenty of seats for you to sit and relax. The smoothies were overpriced, but the baked goods were reasonable. They also offer lots of samples to try like Shila's down the street. I ended up getting a strawberry roll ($3.50) and a corn flavored roll ($4.50).
  14. I find Zaytinya's vegetable mezze to be superior to their meat mezze for the three times that I frequent the place. The best dish I had was probably a peach based salad on the specials menu.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't some states require restaurants to card everyone regardless of age? In that case, it takes the guessworks from the restaurant staff, but in most cases, it is still at the restaurant's discretion who to card and who not to card, and some restaurants err on the side of caution since loosing their liquor license can be devastating to the business. When I was working in a restaurant during my undergrad years, the policy was to card anyone who can possibly look like they are under the age of 35. Who look like they are under 35? This can become very subjective, thus giving patrons the idea that some place are more "strict" than others.
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