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  1. I just returned to DC from a quick weekend home in Chicago, and once again had some great meals. The highlight this time was dinner at Bin Wine Cafe (the more casual restaurant to Bin 36). The feel is similiar to Cork, and their wine flights are a fun idea. They give you tasting notes for each glass, and I loved the way the wine is paired with each dish on the menu. The food is light and great for sharing. Just FYI--it is loud, in a good lively way. Though it is probably off the beaten path for tourists, we really enjoyed it.
  2. How often does the menu at Komi change? We were there for the first time in January and fell in love. We would like to go back this summer, but only if it is a different menu, especially the small bites. From what I read they are serving the same bites now as we had in January. Do these change?
  3. We were told by friends we had to try the sea bream and I am so glad I took their advice. It is also a dish for two, and was fantastic. We saw many people around us eating the goat and were glad to have a light main dish after so many small plates and a pasta course.
  4. My husband and I are going up to New York in February. We absolutely love tasting menus with wine pairings. We would like to do two...one night at a well-known New York restaurant (was thinking Babbo) and the second night at a less formal, hipper place (maybe in East Village, Nolita, etc). I was hoping for something that was more about the wine...and maybe served with small plates? I know this is specific! Any help? If it helps we are in our late 20's.
  5. I think a restaurant can still turn out great food...yet not be sleepy and sterile. When I want a more intimate dinner, there are already many options here. However, there are not as many options when I want a more lively restaurant that still has great food. Every other city I have lived in (Chicago, New York, London, New Orleans) seems to be able to combine great food with a lively atmosphere. This seems to be missing here. Our waiter at Zengo told us nightly people ask them to turn down the music, which they have from when it originally opened.
  6. One reason I am actually looking forward to this place is that I heard great things about the music. I feel like 95% of restaurants in this city cater to the crowd that wants soft music, where every other city has tons of restaurants with loud music, tons of atmosphere, and perfect for a fun night out. There are very few places like this in DC, so I hope that the Source does not cave to the pressure to be soft, and in my opinion dull, that many of the restaurants here are. I am in my late 20's and like some noise with my dinner. If I wanted silence, I would eat at home.
  7. We will be taking our first trip to Maine next weekend and are looking for some good eats. We will be in Portland for one night, Kennebunkport for one night, and Ogunquit two nights. We will also be driving up through NH, so would love to go to Portsmoth for brunch or lunch. We are looking to eats lots of lobster and other typical regional cuisine. In Portland, we would just like to try a great restaurants, no specifications. Suggestions appreciated!
  8. I live in Courthouse and I agree that a new Greek restaurant will be a welcome addition to the area. I think that old SoBe space would be good, and there are also a number of spaces available in new buildings in the Roslyn-Courthouse corridor (though I think a location with outside seating would be appreciated!)
  9. We tried TNR last week and were really impressed. I couldn't believe how much food they gave for the prices they charged. I had a huge steamed tofu and vegtables for $8. Seriously, if I bought a block of tofu and all those vegtables it would have cost more to make it at home. I also liked that they gave you in almond cookie in addition to your fortune cookie with the check. I have not seen almond cookies since I left Chicago. Everything was fresh and tasty. It was pretty much empty though, so I hope they get the business they need to stay open.
  10. Had a great trip to Charleston and wanted to give feedback about where we ended up eating. We ate lunch one day at Magnolia's, which was excellent, and one day at Jim and Nick's (BBQ). One dinner was at McGrady's and one was at Pennisula Grill. McGrady's was a truly excellent experience. While the food at Pennisula Grill was better, the service did not match the prices. Overall, great eats!
  11. Going to Charleston for my first trip in July. Read the posts and there seems to be some favorites. Any new favorites over the past year?
  12. My boyfriend and I will be going to Notti Bianche for the first time this Friday and can not wait because I have read so many wonderful things about the restaurant here in this chat. I am looking forward to ordering a fish dish there, but the only one I saw mentioned in this chat is the cod, which I didnt see on their menu. Has anyone else had a seafood dish there that you really enjoyed and recommend?
  13. My boyfriend and I love dining out on Valentine's Day. Even though I KNOW its the "novice" day for eating at restaurants, there is something about it that I love. That said, every year we try to go somewhere new. Neither of us have been to I Ricchi. Has anyone been? Any comments? Any other ideas of nice romantic restaurants? (Because of it being a weekday and because of work, the restaurant needs to be in DC).
  14. I had the most wonderful meal at Rasika last night. I started out with naan and roti and raita, while my friends tried the ginger scallops and the mango shrimp. All three appetizers were great. For my main course, I had the lamb dahiwala, which was tender and flavorful without being overpowering. Our dinner was paired with an amazing dry reisling, that balanced the spiciness of the food perfectly. Overall, a great new restaurant that is being run very smoothy considering it has been open for 12 days! My only complaint is that they charged $6 for 2 pieces of naan on top of the $6 small bowl of
  15. Since we are such a big group, we will probably all do our own thing for lunch or meet for dinner. We are staying at a hotel near the Eiffel Tower. Inexpensive meaning less than $25/person. Thanks
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