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  1. Thanks! I will be near the theatre district (but not seeing a show) and then staying near Lincoln Center.
  2. I have an unexpected trip to NYC next Monday and don't follow the dining scene there. I would love a recommendation for a solo meal (preferably at the bar- and even better if I can make a reservation) in midtown-ish, but I can cab to someplace that fits the bill. I'm looking for something not too loud. Had a great solo meal last month in Boston at Craigie on Main (thanks to Silentbob for the recommendation). Thanks.
  3. Bump- Heading to Boston next month and would love a great recommendation in Boston and also Cambridge.
  4. I stupidly put off planning for a trip to Chicago this weekend and would love any dining recommendations where it won't be impossible to get a reservation. Can be ethnic, off the beaten path, etc. Only criteria is that it be in the city (or lyft-able) and not be too expensive (more than $35/entree).
  5. If I can call on the help of the DR community twice in one month-- Husband's best friend coming into town next month and would be great for them to celebrate their big birthdays (40) with a nice dinner. Husband's friend is old-school Brooklyn, hates hipsters, nothing frou-frou, want something authentic. They loved Rays the Steaks, back in the day, but looking for something else and also want to be able to linger a bit. Good beers. Ideas include: Mintwood Place? Le Diplomate (might be too loud)? Thanks.
  6. Folks- I've settled on Kinship- the booths look lovely but want to make a reservation (don't have a lot of flexibility because of babysitter, etc). Thanks everyone!!
  7. Hi all- Thanks for your responses. We need to stay in the city, so no Inn at Little Washington. Have been to Restaurant Eve and looking for a new place. I'm leaning towards Kinship, but it doesn't look "cozy." Which of these options won't feel too upscale, corporate or stuffy? I love the feel of places like Komi, Obelisk (small, intimate, not overly formal but excellent food).
  8. DR-- I used to be a frequent poster, but kids have taken me out of the dining circuit for the last 5 years or so. Husband is turning 40 this year and would very much like to go to Rose's Luxury but the logistics are too difficult for us. What is a place that feels special but is not "stuffy." Examples of places we love are Obelisk, Komi, Palena Cafe (RIP). We also like Mintwood Place, Ripple (although our last meal was only OK), but would like something a little more special for the 40th. Husband is not into "trendy" food, like Minibar. Would Fiola Mare/Fiola feel too corporate/stuffy? Thanks for your help! DC in DC
  9. I see there's a "kids menu" online. Has anyone had success bringing their kids there? I will call to see if they have high chairs, but would like to bring my decently-behaved 2.5 year old (who would love the grilled cheese and fries-- who wouldn't?)
  10. We have a 1.5 year old and I'm interested in suggestions for family-friendly dining with decent food. Right now, our circuit is limited to pizza places (2 Amys, Comet, Pete's) and Cactus Cantina, Tackle Box. I'm looking for places where it will be acceptable if our kid is a little loud (e.g. the place is already pretty noisy) and will have high chairs, etc. Of course, we are eating at 5pm. I'm wondering if there are places that are basically all families at 5pm anyway. Thanks so much!
  11. Westport Had an amazing meal at Le Farm in Westport CT. It's another "Farm-to-Table" place, but the food was awesome. Almost gives me a reason to head home more often.
  12. I hate to be a dissenting voice, but we did not love our meal at Eola last month. It was fine, but some missteps kept it from being a truly special meal, particularly at the price point it is charging. Although duly warned by the reviews, the service was really slow. I am all for not being rushed and prefer a leisurely meal, but when you are constantly wondering where the server is, that's not a good sign. Because we don't eat pork , there were only two appetizers we could eat but both were liver-based (foie gras and a chicken liver parfait, I believe). My husband doesn't like liver and asked if he could order an appetizer off of the vegetarian menu, but was told he would have to go with the entire vegetarian menu (which he didn't want to do). I'm sure there are operational reasons for this, but I found it a bit rigid. Finally, my husband's salmon was overcooked---it wasn't terrible, but it certainly was not medium rare. He thought about sending it back but by then we had already been there so long and the server was hard to flag down. Overall, I will give the place props for being an independent, neighborhood restaurant that tries to be inventive; we thought the dishes were all interesting, but not all of the flavors came together. By far, the best part of the meal was the little dishes that start the dinner. Really enjoyed those.
  13. Hi-- I have a work trip to SF this week and have one night where I think I can slip away for a solo meal. With a 1 year old at home, the opportunities for dining and travel are not what they used to be so I want to make the most of it. I've got a tentative reservation at Zuni Cafe (for the chicken!) but don't know what's new, exciting, etc. Also... I'll be staying out by SFO for a morning flight , but will come in for dinner (I vaguely remember that now you can take a train downtown?), so any recommendations that would leave me in an easy place to get back to SFO on public transit would be great. Thanks!! DC
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