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  1. New discount deal in town - www.villagevines.com - $10.00 buys 30% off on the entire check (food and beverage) at a small but growing group of DC area restaurants. No coupon, they make the reservation for you and the discount comes automatically. Membership is free. Tried it in NYC twice this week and it worked flawlessly (including Le Cirque). Not a lot of heavy hitters yet, but a couple of goodies, including Prime Rib, Vidalia, Sou'Wester. Coco Sala, and Bistro Bis.
  2. Old fart (not as old as Master Po or Anthony Burgess) says, "Kung Fu" and "Clockwork Orange"
  3. Mary Travers of Peter,Paul,and Mary; a significant figure to many of us boomers.
  4. Van Morrison - whose first album "Astral Weeks" was released forty years ago, and who will release a new live version on Tuesday. Still on my top five desert island album list.
  5. Here You go: 1. Komi 2. Citronelle 3. Minibar 4. CityZen 5. Palena and Palena Cafe 6. Restaurant Eve 7. Vidalia 8. Inn at Little Washington 9. Oval Room 10. The Source 11. BLT Steak 12. Kinkead's 13. Central 14. 2941 15. Volt 16. Bourbon Steak 17. Marcel's 18. Rasika 19. Corduroy 20. Farrah Olivia
  6. We had reservations for four at 7:00pm last night (Friday). At 6:50, stuck in gridlock caused by the G20 summit, and ten blocks from the restaurant, we called to say that we'd be late. They said "No problem. We'll be glad to see you when you arrive". It took us forty minutes to go the ten blocks. Our guests took 45 minutes to get there from the St. Regis. The bar was stacked with at least five other parties that had missing guests as well. Unbelievably backed up, with on time parties arriving for their 8:00 reservations, the staff could not have been nicer. They apologized to us for t
  7. Well. it's been almost three months since the report above this one and not much has changed at Sushi-ko Chevy Chase. In general, everything we had that required heat was superb: the softshell crab karage, the lobster and scallop, the uni-crusted halibut were all spectacular. The sushi --toro, yellowtail, madai, and aji -- were certainly acceptable but not more than about neighborhood sushi bar quality. The exception was the zuki which was outstanding. The panna cotta and the sake sorbet were wonderful ways to finish. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday night. None of the folk behind
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