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  1. In New Delhi - tea at the imperial hotel -wander the streets of Hauz Khas village -Humayuns tomb -sound and light show at the Red Fort -dinner at Bhukara -Delhi Hut if you are interested in the crafts bazaar -a walk in Lodhi Gardens -my favorite restaurant is at the manor hotel called the Indian Accent
  2. To DonRocks- If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. --- Walk away, my flower.
  3. DC's two gin monuments, New Heights' Gin Joint with an inventory of over 65 different brands of gin, and Green Hat Gin, DC's brand gin, collaborate to host an exclusive field trip, distilling seminar and bottling spree at the Green Hat Gin distillery. Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012 Schedule: 11:30 AM - Meet at New Heights Restaurant for finger food snacks and a Green Hat Gin cocktail or a beverage of choice. 12:30 PM - Climb onto the Gin Joint Gin Van to be driven to the distillery, New Columbia Distillers, 1832 Fenwick NE, Washington, DC. 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Tour, distillation semina
  4. Here's extreme advance notice about NH's regional foods Chesapeake Bay “Crab Boil.” We're passing up Restaurant Week this year to give you this Blue Crab Special. A three-course dinner: Chilled Gazpacho followed by three steamed Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, Virginia Little Neck Clams, sausage by a local charcuterie, poached shrimp, farm-fresh corn on the cob and bliss potatoes. Not crazy about crabs? Substitute Louisiana-style BBQ ribs, slow-cooked meaty baby backs. For dessert, you choose: Market Peach Cobbler with homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or Angel Food Cake with macerated berries. B
  5. Months ago, the Gin Joint at New Heights Restaurant got wind of a start-up, indie gin distiller in Brooklyn and, ever since, has been looking for a chance to visit and taste. By coincidence, over the weekend the Gin Joint received an email from the distillers, Breuckelen Distilling Company, asking if they could bring their “Glorious Gin” in early this week for sampling. One thing led to another and soon the two parties had agreed to an impromptu public tasting event this Tuesday, February 28, at 6:00 PM. Short notice but a momentous event for both parties since Tuesday's tasting at the Gin J
  6. " I thought we would meet only in death" To the man I love and adore- Don rocks
  7. New Heights, a comtemporary American restaurant, has a need for both full-time and part-time servers. The restaurant is (usually) closed on Sundays, and is dinner-only, Monday through Saturday. You won't have to wake up early to work breakfast or lunch! Our business is picking up, and we anticipate only getting busier in the upcoming weeks and months. We have many polite, well-heeled clients, some of whom are upscale visitors staying in one of two major hotels located only a block from the restaurant. Given that we're in a relatively expensive area (Woodley Park, right on the Metro), we ar
  8. I began taking spinning classes with Kim Teri eleven years ago. She currently teaches at Equinox in Bethesda. Because of the high intensity of her spin classes, Kim turned me into a competitive cyclist and I'm now able to ride with DC Velo. These are as tough as any spinning classes you'll find in the DC area, and my pulse regularly gets over 170 and stays there for an extended period. Needless to say, these classes aren't for beginners although you can sit in the back and do them at your own pace - and many do, including Don. I've recently started working with Kim taking TRX suspension trai
  9. Last year, it was a gastronomical collaboration with his Italian mentor, Master Chef Lorenzo Polegri. This year, hosting the second in his series of Master/Protégé Reunion Dinners, New Heights’ Executive Chef Logan Cox invites another former mentor and preeminent culinary influence into his kitchen for a collaboration, Tarver King. Chef Cox, credits Tarver King with inspiring in him the courage to “experiment with what the diner experiences sensually.” King, who became a celebrity chef as the Grand Chef Relais & Chateaux at the Woodlands Resort and Inn, now commandeers the kitchen at
  10. We lost our wonderful bartender, Chris, on short notice awhile back, and we've all been so busy that we simply haven't had time to interview people (that's what happens when you're thrust into working six nights a week). New Heights is looking for the following qualities in our new bar manager: young in spirit, customer friendly, experience in mixology AND bartending (mixology = developing original drinks and executing classic ones; bartending = the skill of making those drinks while interacting with our treasured customers from around the country and world). It will be your job, with lots
  11. New Heights is seeking to fill some big shoes behind our bar - our outstanding bartender, Jason Robey, is moving for California in mid-August. We're looking for someone who can develop and execute innovative, high-level cocktails, specifically to pair with the food of our great chef, Logan Cox. We're also hiring servers (part-time or full-time) to work upstairs in our restaurant. Please apply in person at New Heights (with a resume, please) between 4:30 and 5:30 PM. Or, if those times aren't convenient, just email us at NewHeightsRestaurant@comcast.net, or call us at (202) 234-4110.
  12. Pigs Gone Wild. A Class Act. No, this is not the latest sex-crazed, slapstick comedy from National Lampoon! This is New Heights’ “Pigs Gone Wild Swine and Wine Dinner,” Wednesday, March 10, 2010. Following on the heels of the rollicking sell out Polegri/Cox Gastronomic Reunion Fete last month, the four-course Pigs Gone Wild Swine and Wine Dinner is the second in New Heights’ winter line up of unique epicurean special event dinners and wine pairings. As the theme suggests, this event celebrates the savory virtues of succulent pig and kin. Executive Chef Logan Cox goes whole hog with the
  13. The first in a winter line up of New Heights' special events has met with great success. The January 28th MASTER & PROTÉGÉ REUNION FESTA (Master Italian Chef Lorenzo Polegri cooking side-by-side with his American protégé New Heights' Executive Chef Logan Cox) sold out in less than a week and now paves the way for other equally sensational gastronomic events on the New Heights' calendar. With two special events being considered for February and others later, don't miss out again! Please send us your e-mail address so that you can be among the first to know about these upcoming, popular
  14. MASTER & PROTÉGÉ REUNION FESTA AT NEW HEIGHTS One night only, Thursday, 1/28/2010, Master Chef Lorenzo Polegri, the Mentor and Inspiration to New Heights’ Executive Chef Logan Cox, travels from his legendary Ristorante Zeppelin in Orvieto, Italy to reunite with his heralded American protégé in New Heights’ kitchen. 1/28/2010, the two chefs cook side-by-side dishing up an original 4 course Italian-inspired feast with cutting-edge hors d’oeuvres and appetizers you’d otherwise find only at Lorenzo’s ristorante in Orvieto. For example, a crusty chestnut and raisin bread crostini with duck
  15. Normally, we are reluctant to respond to an article or a review written by a journalist about a dining experience at New Heights. Yet, given Tim Carman's recent abrasive article published by the City Paper (Eats: Young & Hungry, "Kitchen Remodel," Thursday, 11/20/08), we believe it is our responsibility to reply, a responsibility to New Heights' exceptionally talented executive chef, Logan Cox, to the restaurants and diners of DC, and to New Heights itself. Let us frame our reply by saying we believe that professional journalists and reviewers do have the privilege to call it as they
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