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  1. Please let me know how it works. Thanks
  2. Looking to find a good basket to grill whole fish on outdoor grill. Reviews all seem to be negative . Any suggestions?
  3. baked char siu bao, Korean style beef and sticky rice, and roasted green beans with ginger and shallots Mother’s Day dinner cooked by my girls
  4. Last night Grilled shrimp tacos, salsa, chips and guacamole, bean corn salad, green salad, Maida Heatter’s blueberry crumb cake with macerated blueberry topping. The organic blueberries from Costco have been really good this week with that delicious blueberry flavor.
  5. Last night baked eggplant parmigiana, little gem salad and Tate’s double chocolate cookies.
  6. Wishing I were in Greece ... making fasolakia.
  7. Small Seder this year but beats the zoom Seder last year! We usually have 25-30 guests. having a bit of trouble scaling down. Have made chicken soup, mixed matzo ball batter, made gefilte fish from WF cod and salmon..hate the extortionate price of the traditional lake fish which have questionable amounts of chemicals anyway- and it tastes if not the same better. I have used halibut or rockfish in the past . Marinating chicken for Marbella- kids favorite matzo farfel to be made- mushrooms onions horseradish grated asparagus to be steamed and marinated NYT toffee chocolate matzo for dessert
  8. Playing with my gifted instantpot and made pulled chicken with kitchen made Carolina gold barbecue sauce. Will make cilantro lime slaw and black beans and serve on slider rolls.
  9. These are seriously delicious and I make them maybe once a year for houseguests- no guests this year:(. the separating and whipping of the egg whites is different from other recipes- didn’t have whole milk and they are just as good .
  10. Chicken shawarma (NYT), roasted eggplant with herbs and feta salad ( Ottolenghi) hummus, tomato salad, kalamata olives and WF garlic naan.
  11. Clinton Street Bakery pancakes some blueberry some banana. Very decadent! I halved the recipe but had many leftovers which I will attempt to freeze and see how that goes. They are in my opinion the best!
  12. what about this? https://amoretti.com/products/rose-oil-extract-ws?variant=6348150145056
  13. Lamb tagine with carrots, apricots and dates. Served with couscous ( not traditional I know but not in the mood to make bread. And a side salad
  14. Granddaughter has egg and dairy allergies and looking to make a cake or cake like fruit dessert .
  15. Last night NYT recipe for Thai inspired chicken meatball soup https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1020631-thai-inspired-chicken-meatball-soup Added lemongrass, galangal and makrut lime leaves to the broth and increased the broth/coconut milk ratio to favor the broth. It was delicious but most surprising were the chicken meatballs, which I baked rather than fried. I’d never thought about making chicken meatballs but used Bell and Evans ground chicken breast and they turned out great! I think I’ll try making Italian seasoned meatballs next.
  16. NYE It’s been a year like no other and I decided to treat myself and Mr. to a caviar sampling. And then because I had just made chicken soup the day before, I decided to try my hand at pho. Of course it wouldn’t be authentic but I had all ingredients on hand and we miss our local pho dinners. And for dessert we were gifted a box of Mallomars which we microwaved to perfection-
  17. Has anyone ordered caviar from Browne Trading Co.? Or order from Black Salt? A treat for this NYE seems to be something to look forward to since we have not dined out nor ordered takeout since March.
  18. David Lebovitz recently had a recipe for chocolate marshmallows that looked interesting.
  19. I have been baking with this for at least a year and have been very happy with the results, especially in butter cookies and shortbread. It goes on sale from time to time at Harris Teeter.
  20. Cookie baking time. Using the 1995 Gourmet Magazine Basic Butter Cookie recipe and all it’s varieties, I made mocha butter balls and coconut sticks (which are my favorites.) https://www.caskata.com/blogs/news/new-blog Also Greenspan’s world peace cookies. Now to deliver to friends
  21. Sheet pan chicken thighs- with apple, shallots and kalettes which were tucked under the chicken which kept them from burning for the 45 minutes at 425.
  22. Thinking about trying to recreate Black Salt’s Thai Coconut seafood stew- which might be mor like Tom kha goong- but the green or red chili paste might be good to add Today’s lunch was from Bon Appétit turkey leftover recipe- but I subbed poached chicken thighs for the turkey. https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/mouthwatering-turkey-with-glass-noodles
  23. Comfort food dinner last night. My Twin Springs produce order included an enormous cabbage and I decided to make stuffed cabbage with a side of mashed potatoes.
  24. My daughter has a Thanksgiving Birthday. Every year she requests this Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake from Epicurious.
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