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  1. Has anyone been yet? We went on Friday night on a recommendation from a co-worker. We thought the sushi was a great value (pretty tasty and very cheap). Plus they had half priced wine, with no restrictions, and the wine list was extensive for being a hotel restaurant. Just wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion on this place.
  2. We went here last night for drinks and appetizers. Thought the wine selection was great. It's mainly argentinian wine, with some from other spanish countries. The glasses the bartender recommended were really good. We just had the cheese and meat plate, so I can't really comment on the food, but it was pretty good.
  3. Went to this place based on a recommendation from the bartender at McGinty House... let me just say WEIRD! I think the people working and hanging out actually thought they were pirates. But my husband enjoyed the "grog" (some type of rum drink).
  4. We tried this place out late night last night - so just beers and the "pub menu". I thought the beer selection was pretty good and the fry basket was delicious! My husband loved his Scotch Eggs - said they were worth the "heart attack". We'll be back for sure to try out dinner.
  5. The husband and I went here last night based on a recommendation from the bartender at McGinty's. I have no experience with the "old" Quarry House, but we had a great time! Tons of beer selection, great crowd and yummy chicken wings. We'll definitely be going back.
  6. I love this post! It is making me want to eat all sorts of forbidden foods... I re-started the south beach diet on Monday, so to celebrate my last meal on Sunday night we went out for mexican at Mi Rancho in Silver Spring. Now I know it's not gourmet food, but man is it good. And the thing I eat the whole plate (or basket if you will) is chips and salsa. They are my weakness in life... (shameless plug - I reviewed the restaurant in my blog which you can link to from my sig). Happy dieting!!
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this board (and new to the DC area), so apologies if I break the etiquette. But I'm obsessed with Redwood... I walked by a couple weeks ago and was intrigued by the decor and the beautiful windows. And then happened upon the soft opening. Had the vidalia onion rings and loved them. Then went back for wine and dessert. Had a malbec that was very reasonable and lovely. And the "house made cookies" that were AMAZING! Soft.... warm... and one of the varieties had a cherry flavor that rocked! We're going back for Bethesda Restaurant week tomorrow night and I plan to review it at my blog - www.youngandmarriedindc.com. Almost 30 in DC
  8. So I'm new.... A little about me - I'm in my late 20s. I'm married. I have two dogs. I live in Silver Spring. I love to eat. I love dessert especially. I love to drink - red wine is at the top of the list right now. Especially cab sauv and zin.... I look forward to getting to know you all!
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