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  1. All seems fairly new but Pinea is closing: Jul 2, 2018 - "Exclusive: W Hotel Plans $50 Million Renovation" by Rebecca Cooper on bizjournals.com
  2. Google Street between 2009 and 2014 shows all three of them together, with Urfa immediately to the North of the other two. Kind of a weird hodge podge building that is more united with the renovation where On Rye was.
  3. Very interesting article but one portion (copied below) struck me. I can understand (but perhaps not agree) with the notion that a waiter/waitress job is more difficult than being a line cook, but how in the world is being a food runner paid better than a line cook? If you dropped me into a restaurant and asked me to be a food runner, I am sure I would be bad at it, people might get the wrong food a couple times and it might be a little slow. If you dropped me in as a line cook, it would be a race to see whether I would make someone sick or burn the building down first. Every line cook at Tail Up Goat works in the dining room once a week as a food runner or back server. They complete easy tasks like folding napkins and filling waters. It’s a much shorter shift, and the line cook gets a share of the pooled tips from the evening. Laura Pohanka, who has been a line cook at Tail Up Goat since July 2016, says the boost brings line cooks’ pay closer to a living wage.
  4. This Arlington magazine review indicates that Cliff Wharton is back "Chef Cliff Wharton, who helmed the original D.C. location, recently replaced Miles Vaden in the kitchen."
  5. stupidusername


    Gua-rapo is closed
  6. stupidusername

    Dining in Ballston

    Sushi2Go is no gourmet experience, but is much better than you might think. I was expecting the sushi here to be in line with something you might get at a grocery store but it is better. This is not Sushi Taro by any means, but everything is prepared to order and tastes very fresh. In addition, the woman working the register (there are usually only two people working there) is super nice and friendly. It is a charming little business and worth giving a short if you are looking for some sushi and not eat it in a restaurant.
  7. stupidusername

    In Search of Bars with Talented, Personable Staff

    This is going to sound super negative but I would be excited about a bartender who greeted me within 10 minutes of arrival, served me food and drinks within a reasonable time and didn't forget an order or spill something. The notion of having that plus a great personality and knowledge is so far from reality I cannot even dream of it.
  8. Obviously tastes differ. I very much enjoyed my meals at Yona and hope that they will continue with high quality even with different kitchen leadership. I don't see how it could have been a "disaster" financially as it was always pretty full. But I do think that trying to serve a super limited menu (small plates and bowl of ramen) is tough. It certainly seems that people were coming in and didn't want a bowl of heavy and hot ramen when it is 100 degrees out. So I could imagine a business-minded Isabella wanting to move in a culinary direction that is less pure to a vision but more profitable. I think you lose some of the diversity of places when this happens but restaurants aren't going to stay open just to serve me and people like me.
  9. stupidusername

    Nitro Coffee

    Java Shack in Arlington always has two nitro cold brews. Pretty refreshing in the warm weather
  10. And it is gone: "Secret Chopsticks Appears To Have Closed After Just Three Months" by Rebecca Cooper on bizjournals.com
  11. stupidusername

    Eating at Nationals Park

    I hear the Red Porch is gone and it is being changed to the Budweiser Brew House. Whether it will exclusively have Budweiser-branded beer is another question.
  12. Scott Parker is the owner/co-owner of Don Tito and A-Town. I'm not sure "diners" will be the right term here.
  13. stupidusername

    Indian Food Trucks

    While I wouldn't be shocked if many of the Indian trucks were just batching together Trader Joe's Indian meals, I've had consistently good food from Chatpat truck. Usually get curries but they also do dosas as well, which are tasty but very hard to package and then eat in an office type environment.