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  1. DaRiv18

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    Not sure if there is a thread for where to find ingredients, I don’t expect this one to go too deep. But I am now 0-5 for finding whole nutmegs at grocery stores, they are all pre-ground. When did that happen? Has DC DonRockwellians seen it recently anywhere?
  2. I do not think of myself as a donut connoisseur, either. I do have some bias here, I cannot burn off the calories like I used to. So, am more apt to condemn an oversized, tasteless donut than, say, a poorly extracted glass of kale juice. So, if my review of Sugar Shack seemed a bit harsh, it's because not only did I dislike the donut, I also disliked myself for several hours after eating it.
  3. Brunched here, and I found most everything to be mediocre. I had some italian sausages, grilled with peppers but still fairly dry, and served on a plain bun (no butter, mustard, anything). The pastas I tasted from other people's plates were fine and very standard. My son ordered eggs, bacon, and potatoes - it was a huge plate, but a bit sterile. I felt we were visiting a Bob Evans or other chain-type restaurant, not a local chef-driven spot. What's the local wisdom for brunch nowadays? I am used to many (neighborhood) places still putting out really nice plates for brunch, does the A Team here just work evenings? I could have gone to Al Volo in Union Market at the same time and paid less for much more depth of flavor.
  4. Tried some donuts this weekend in Alexandria, not sure what the hype is about. Granted, we got them around 3:00pm, so they were probably 5 to 9 hours old, but my chocolate glazed donut did not taste like much of anything. Plus, these donuts are huge. I have to agree wtih Simul Parikh's family, I prefer Dunkin better (as well as Krispy Kreme, District Doughnuts, Duck Donuts, and the late-but-great Fractured Prune).
  5. I first wanted to applaud this new establishment (now several months old) for opening in one of the riskiest spots in the city for restaurants, given how PizzaGate affected so many businesses near Comet Ping Pong. We ate here several weeks ago, and I would describe it as a safe-choice venue with some interesting specials. Prices are fair for the value. Ambiance is come-as-you-are comfortable, I like it. Service is a strong point, they are very friendly. It is hard to provide any strategies for this place, as WYSIWYG menu-wise. We did order from the larger format menu, and got the $45 Grigliata Mista - filet of mackeral, two head-on fish, and octopus. Simple and tasty. Our child ordered spaghetti and meatballs $16, it was a modest portion which she easily finished. I also ordered a tripe dish in a red sauce, from the special menu, it was good. We will be back, it is a nice neighborhood amenity, and the bar is well-stocked. It will be in my rotation with Buck's and Sfoglina for last-minute neighborhood walk-ins. My interest is peaked in that it seems to be food-centric without being Instagrammy or outwardly pretentious. But I don't think they will capture an AU crowd like Comet Ping Pong or Medium Rare seems to enjoy. It is a bit of a strange bird and I will enjoy tracking it.
  6. Has anyone been here recently? Or at all? Amazingly, it is still standing, looks empty everytime I drive by, and has managed to outlive countless other establishments that I would vastly prefer.
  7. Andy, thanks again for sharing your thoughts, this is really fun to have access to your experiences and opinions. I wonder what your expectations are for cocktails in a three star restaurant. Do they differ in that setting from your expectations in a highly rated cocktail bar/speakeasy? Do you find successful pairings with food courses often, like wine or other beverages? Many bartenders have had their profile raised in the past decade or so, and I wonder whether you find cocktails to be incidental to a great meal or play a more complex role in three stars.
  8. Here’s a thread that is relevant to breaking news. Also, I throw retroactive shade their way for renaming their place Pizza Parts & Service a month after Spike Gjerde announces the opening of Parts & Labor in Baltimore.
  9. DaRiv18

    iSi Whip - Any Recipe Books Out There?

    Ferran Adrià’s “The Family Meal” is probably the best example so far of preparing meals using the siphon. .
  10. DaRiv18

    iSi Whip - Any Recipe Books Out There?

    I just received The Cook’s Book which is edited by Jill Norman. This is the 648 page original release, not the concise edition. There is a 12 page section entitled Foams, authored exclusively by Ferran Adrià. This looks promising!
  11. DaRiv18

    iSi Whip - Any Recipe Books Out There?

    Richard Blais “Try this at Home” was a lead that really didn’t turn out. Of the three recipes in the book, his Cheese Wizard seems to be the one I’d most likely try. Warm 2 cups heavy cream and 4 ounces shredded cheddar cheese over medium low heat. Stir frequently until melted and smooth. Refridgerate mixture until cold. Whisk the cream thoroughly to loosen it, then put in siphon charge with two charges. Let canister sit for 5 minutes, then shake vigorously before dispensing.
  12. I have a isi Whip that I really haven’t played with that much. Made a couple cocktail foams. I would like to get a book that explores the full range of this thing, with recipes, but the online reviews of books that focus on this appliance have poor reviews. Alternatively, I don’t want to blindly shell out $100+ for Modernist Cuisine that I may rarely open. Any (good) experience with books out there?
  13. Ekiben was really good. Taiwanese curry fried chicken and a killer order of broccoli tempura. Easy on the dinner wallet.
  14. Also, sushi rolls are $5 from 5-7pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. For now. Cheap way to see if the rice is any better. EDIT: it’s actually half price sushi rolls, so more like $7-8.