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  1. That’s a nice review, and sounds like a solid place. At the risk of mischaracterizing what you wrote, it seems that restaurant basically offers Americanized Thai dishes (but are willing to, say, make their pad thai less sweet) and more authentic lao dishes (to the point that they even serve the same Americanized Thai version of the dish, such as the papaya salad). It’s a smart move on their part, just to keep the lights on. I think Laos in Town is doing the same sort of risk management, providing an casual date-night atmosphere and serving accessible versions of the cuisine. I recommended it to you because it would provide another data point on laos food, as well as probably accommodating your kids’ palate. That’s partly why Thip Khao is so cool, they are all-in on authentic Laotian cuisine. the next time you are in DC without kids, you should definitely visit Thip Khao and also Little Serow, now that is a hip ( but not obnoxious) place that will blow your mind. [As far as other split-the-baby compromises to accommodate both adult and kid tastes, 2 Amys remains a top choice in DC (neither side compromises, actually). Daikaya, Convivial, and Dino’s Grotto have also always done our family superbly. My kids like the New Big Wong more than I do.]
  2. I’m not surprised there is better loa food than LIT in St Paul’s, I think the food there is pretty accessible compared to Thip Khao. But where do you find loa food in St Pauls if there aren’t loa restaurants? You mean at combo loa-Thai restaurants?
  3. The twitter hashtag for the Metro is #UnsuckMetro. Metro’s own marketing campaign is “Back to Good”. Service on the weekends is even spottier. Just so you know.
  4. I've actually had a group at the National Place Food Court after 1:30pm, I thought it worked out really well given the group's size.
  5. Two days ago, I stopped by the National Building Museum after running an afternoon errand. A bit disappointed that there was massive scaffolding blocking my favorite views in the main area. But, there were sounds of kids laughing and having a great time there. Dozens of parents in line to get tickets for the LAWN exhibit. That could be a fun, interactive way to give your kids a break from the museum tours. Seems like a great setting for memorable family pics too.
  6. I’ve heard really good things about Reverie’s burger, still haven’t been.
  7. Some practical advice: Seylou Bakery is awesome, but A Baked Joint has more conventional breakfasty items and is my top quick breakfast rec for the area. Avoid the McDonalds at 7th and G. They have an on-site security guard there for a reason. There is another across from the FBI Building on E Street, which is better and is an acceptable “meh”. Museum restrooms are roughly 100x cleaner and more comfortable than any fast casual restaurant restroom. Check out the blog KidFriendlyDC once you arrive in August for events, exhibits, etc. happening that week. National Portrait Museum is a great museum, a great pick for a last day, close-to-hotel outing as the kids wind down from several days of site seeing. Time your arrival for a docent tour, bring a lunch to eat in the amazing courtyard. It opens and closes later than other museums.
  8. DaRiv18

    Father's Office

    In honor of Michel Richard, who left California I understand because diners ignored his menu and instead asked for healthy blah food like grilled fish on a bed of lettuce, my first stop in California was for a nice burger. Father's Office definitely delivered, this is a serious burger. According to wikipedia and consistent with my own memory, it is the "Office Burger, a patty of fine dry-aged beef topped with caramelized onions, Gruyère and Maytag cheeses, applewood-smoked bacon compote and arugula served on a soft roll." I also got a side of sweet potato fries, which represented quite well. It was fairly brisk on a Tuesday evening. The place is a bit dark (that's why I couldn't identify everything on the burger) but definitely worth the stop in Santa Monica.
  9. Co-sign on Rhone1998 assessment. First, Stellina fills a tremendous neighborhood need; the closest decent pizza is probably Wiseguys and that place in Brookland. the fried seafood basket is something tremendously disappointing, because I love this dish ever since Venice and have yet to find a decent rendition here. Soggy, oily, and the oil probably isn’t hot enough. Plus everything is sized dissimilarly, which is likely the core issue when it all goes in. I wish they figure this out, soon. Stellina Spritz is perfect. The pie is delicious, and a solid neighborhood amenity. A top ten-ish DC pizza. Service is friendly, but could use a veteran there.
  10. My kids are exactly your kids’ ages. I myself would skip Le Dip (not really a family vibe IMO, others may disagree) and maybe check out Laos in Town - solid food, relaxed atmosphere. Thip Khao is a definite visit but this is a more accessible menu and it would be fun to compare. Both venues serve the local DC Brau “Tuk Tuk” - a Cambodian style lager which is my fave DC Brau.
  11. I would add Centrolina to the mix, it might be a block away from their hotel. For a "decent" lunch near the Mall, Jaleo and then grabbing a gelato at Pitango across the street. Central still has a nice roast (rotisserie) chicken. Old Ebbitt is still a notch above most others. These are well-worn venues in the regard of this community, but they are still fine pitstops for a high-impact tour of the sites. For fast casual, the food court at "Eat at National Place" is the most comfortable - every other carry-out lunch spot is an office traffic headache.
  12. Convivial isn’t too far away at all, I think it would treat you all well and has some range. Daikaya Izakaya. The best place near the national mall IMO is still Fiola.
  13. Posted in the wrong thread, it belongs here . . . Stopped by for my first visit just now . . . Closed by the Dept of Health on 6/14. Next to the official notice is a sign that says “Equipment Repair . . . see you soon!”
  14. Stopped by for my first visit just now . . . Closed by the Dept of Health on 6/14. Next to the official notice is a sign that says “Equipment Repair . . . see you soon!”
  15. It would be a fantastic location for a family looking to spend 3-4 days. The kids are close to Stanton Park, so if the kids are under 8, they have a playground where they can "live like a local" and play with other kids their age. Plus Capitol Hill is a signature neighborhood, maybe only behind Dupont Circle or Georgetown. I no longer recommend families taking the Metro, the trade off between that and an Uber is just not worth any minimal savings for the combined fares. I firmly believe families do not want to spend their scarce family time being uncomfortable on Metro. That said, Pat is right, Union Station has a bunch of tour buses headquartered there, and the free Circulator, too. Plenty of grocery stores nearby. After dinner, an easy stroll to the Capitol, which is gorgeous at night. The Library of Congress is the most beautiful "museum" of them all, standing on the steps of the Supreme Court is fun. Botanical Gardens is also very close, very family friendly. Here's an excerpt from my "Low-Key Local Adventures" guidebook: Lunch and trains/post office Union Station, 50 Mass. Ave. NE Food Court downstairs, more restaurants on main level, retail on main and upstairs levels Stroll the Main Hall and marvel at the gold-leaf ceilings Take the kids across the street to the free National Postal Museum (2 Mass. Ave. NE), very interactive and fun!
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