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  1. There's a cozy little corner store three blocks away from Indigo, reminds me a bit of Little Red Fox. Not as many baked goods, but a robust selection of sandwichs, salads, paninis, and pizzas. The market also includes pantry items, beer and wine, and dairy. Coffees as well. They use a wood-fired oven, and I prefer the pizzas here to Stellina Pizzeria. The ingredients are top notch, the pepperoni spicy, and the tomato sauce assertive. Also featured: ready-to-eat meals vacuum packed and ready for a quick zap. Both their vegetarian lasagna ($11) and their cassoulet ($7) are really good. I also like their apple and brandied apricot cobbler ($6) that's big enough for two. In the basement, they have seating, as well as a record area featuring a collection of vinyl for sale spanning all genres. Jazz is piped thru the entire market. They will resume dinners and wine tastings down there when appropriate. A cool neighborhood spot. Seems like a passion project for the owner, and everything is priced below what I think other places would charge. https://www.oldcitymarketandoventogo.com/#/
  2. If I was buying my BGE all over again, I would get some sort of indirect cooking insert, a fan, the expander, and a skillet (I have a half-moon one for mine). I am interested in getting the rotisserie accessory, but was dissuaded by this video (and its attitude) years back: Still, I always wanted to get one. I use my BGE more often for slow and low meals. Also for smoking. The wok I like because it is less of a commitment to flame on and the meals skew healthier. But nothing beats a good burger or a brick chicken on that skillet!
  3. It's very spartan: I have a sturdy cart, I've placed a stone paver on top of it, and set the cast iron wok burner on top of that. It looks a lot like this video:
  4. It’s the best Thai that delivers. I am personally not a fan of their fried appetizers (beyond not traveling well), but everything else has been outstanding.
  5. I love my propane wok, having a gas line would be even better. Not sure if a water line is feasible, but having a sink is very handy.
  6. I passed by yesterday, was tempted to go in but the line outside was so long I couldn’t justify the wait. The line is a good indication that it is worth it still, or no?
  7. http://www.jerkatnite.com/food.html No affiliation with the former Ball or Nothing, to my knowledge. This take-out/catering/food truck operation is located on H Street NE. I've passed by several times in the last couple weeks, and there is always a line for the food truck there. And people down the street further sing the praises, too. Anyone ever try it before?
  8. Ok I got the Sushi Ogawa picture mixed up with the one from Nama Sushi, as you can tell from my description of the 18 orders (of double nigiri plus the maki). The platter in the Nama Sushi picture does not look incredibly cheap for $90.
  9. The Creamery also has started offering a no-commitment CSA share from Lancaster Fresh Farms Coop. Organic produce included kale, a variety of lettuce, squash, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes.
  10. It seems to be incredibly cheap? 15 orders of nigiri plus three maki . . . So 18 orders for $90 comes out to $5 an order? Maybe not dollar sushi but cheaper than Whole Foods?
  11. I have been only patronizing several establishments, and even then I’m guilty that I am not only supporting one. Hopefully I have picked places that have a real chance of surviving. --- Joe's Seafood (Mark Slater) Wooboi Hot Chicken (reedm) Beer Deliveries (Rhone1998)
  12. Has anyone personally had this dish? And know of a “authentic” recipe? this dish is mentioned in the iconic Watchmen graphic novel, being served at a fancy Manhattan restaurant in the 80s. I see some random, conflicting internet recipes.
  13. I've been back several times, it is a fun, informal place to solo dine. I have not had an appetizer that I disliked yet. I agree with Ericandblueboy, the Doubles aren't my thing necessarily, but the chickpeas are tasty. There has been a bit of a price creep, the pork belly is now $12, as are the organic chicken dishes: the jerk wings are smokey-spicy-delicious and the trini-chinese chicken in a semi-sweet glazed oyster sauce. The wings are a crowd pleaser, the trini-chinese chicken is chopped through the bone and probably best for those comfortable with that style. (I am). The cow heel soup might be an everytime order -- a lime-sour broth with tons of that gelatin heel and rice. If you like pho, chances are you'll like this soup. I think the snapper whole fish is the one dish I see a lot going out. To borrow a metric from asian restaurants, I see a whole-lotta Caribbean folks eating here, and they shimmy in delight when they dig into that snapper. But I could sit at that bar and snack on wings and rum all night there.
  14. Stopped by Sweet Science for a coffee this morning in NoMa, and saw this on the neighboring storefront.
  15. Sorry, didn't mean to be cryptic, I just honestly can't find a quiet dinner on a Friday. Corduroy would probably be my best bet, I love that place. No news flash there. Ivy City and the "New City DC" will likely be the welcoming mat to those driving into DC from the Northeast. There is a new biketrail in the works to connect Ivy City and NoMa. I like Ivy City Smokehouse, or Panda Gourmet. Did you check out the renovated Hecht's warehouse/apartments during your last trip? North Capitol Street is part of the Main Streets Program. They have a lovely wine shop Domestique that features natural wines. The Pub and the People had some nice food, as I recall. Other main street programs include one for Rhode Island Ave., it appears they are contemplating a streetcar there. Parking is plentiful and cheap over there. I think you'd have to head over to nearby Brookland for food (maybe hit Brookland's Finest).
  16. Lunch: Ivy City Smokehouse Dinner: no opinion, it seems that quiet places suited for lingering on a Friday night are ones that are on the verge of closing, unless it is refined-fancy.
  17. Stopped in last night for a quick meal to test it out. It was one of the best meals I have had in the neighborhood in some time. Started with the cumin pork belly ($10). I should NOT have ordered this by myself, it was a good pile of cubed pork belly that had been deep fried. The pieces that were mostly protein were dense and chewy, but the ones that were fatty were pillowy. Very nice. I opted for the fish, which was also fried and served with hot peppers. Finally, I inadvertently ordered the Crispy kale. Think the Flash fried spinach dish at Rasika. I agree, it was a small space, and four people were put at a amazingly small table next to me. Also had a crew from Hulu there filming something about rum flights and the food there, which made for even tighter quarters. But I liked my food, and my ti punch. A welcome addition to H Street NE.
  18. Went to Lititz’s Fire and Ice Festival last week, the entire family enjoyed strolling the streets and sampling food trucks and the like. Think we will head back soon! is Lititz an ideal home base for exploring the rest of Lancaster County over a couple of days?
  19. Stopped by again Sunday mid-morning, ordered from the slow bar. Since there was already two orders ahead of me, I was quoted a 20 minute wait. 35 minutes later, I had my order! A El Salvador roast, again from Five Elephant. A perfect extraction, this place is great (but bring a book).
  20. Slow bar at Sweet Science takes pourovers to a whole 'nother level here in DC. Amazing experience. They strip their water to 0 TDS, and then add back in certain minerals to optimize the extraction of a bean's fruit or other defining characteristics. I enjoyed an Ethiopian roasted by Five Elephant, prepared in a Chemex. At the bar, the barista served it to me in probably 2 oz pours in a wide and shallow ceramic cup. Although she had brewed it at 206 degrees, it was served around 135, and the flavors just popped. Destination coffee spot. Don't be in a hurry there, definitely order from the slow bar.
  21. I've stopped in during the summer and enjoyed a light grilled lamb dish with seasonal vegetables with several glasses of Austrian scheurebe, delicious. I had a great time, talking to the new-ish owner Clytie (I did not meet her husband Rico) , she is fun. Apparently they bought Cafe Berlin in February 2013. I don't get back to H Street as much (although that may change in the near future, depending) but I found myself there on Wednesday night after running some errands. I have not seen Mary Kate since she had left Boundary Road, and was glad to finally visit her at Cafe Berlin. Note to self: she's there Mondays - Wednesdays. I read upthread that the beer selection in the past wasn't large, but MK always has run an interesting beer program and the selections must have expanded. She is extremely picky about keeping the draft lines clean, so she is one of the few bartenders from whom I'll order a draft beer. On Wednesday, she had some gluwein in a carafe which I fortified with some rum to start, to ward off the night chill. At the bar, I had the wild boar lasagna smothered in a mushroom sauce. A huge portion for $24. Delicious and great value. I think this is a solid neighborhood place with well-executed food, a rotating menu from what I can tell, and interesting drinks. I'll have to bring the fam to sit on the patio.
  22. My kids love Sugar Fox ice cream and I REALLY want to love it, but it doesn’t have the depth of flavor of other ice creams. I guess it is Dolcezza for me, although it won’t be the same.
  23. Ugh. Stopped by today on Saturday night, after the Caps home opener. 9:30pm. They turned me away because no one is there so they are closing early.
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