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  1. <---- taking bets one whether he's wearing a tie right now
  2. Well, the obvious difference between how you dress in a restaurant and whether you smoke in a restaurant is that the latter physically impacts other diners, interfering with them tasting their food and potentially endangering their health. The moral outrage evident among some here who disapprove of others choices in clothing is not in the same class.
  3. Your disdain is not appealing, and doesn't help your cause. The one who is actually "foolish" is the one who judges others to be foolish based on their appearance.
  4. I'll go where I like; that's not your call. Don't like me not dressing up someplace? *You* don't go there. Or not. If I don't like the dress code, I won't go there. If the dress code is not strict, I'm sure as hell not worrying about fashion. Fashion is shallow and silly. It's ironic that you talk about "projecting" here, when you're judging others. Where did I say that I do that? Also, nice to meet you.
  5. QFT. Treat others with respect and consideration, regardless of how they're dressed. You want to play dress up? Fine. I don't. Also fine.
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