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  1. I don't think this is too weird. I always run from the tub to the shower. This makes it all much easier and less messy. Saving this one.
  2. This thread is confusing to me...is Asian Origin a Peter Chang Restaurant? All I know is I live in Arlington and Sunday was my last visit to Peter Chang. It was horrible. We even got something drenched in that prepackaged Sweet and Sour Sauce you get at other Chinese restaurants. We ordered 5 dishes, returned 1 and did not eat 2. The waitress came with a knowing look and said that the chef in the kitchen was a new chef....but it is not his fault. Peter Chang needs to have a quality control. It was his cooking and his recipes...this stuff was crap. Too bad for him. I don't see this place lasting if he continues with not overseeing the quality and the recipes.
  3. Some of those comments are brutal...and anyone can understand the dismay of the students and employees. I also think you have to consider the age of the owners. If they poured their own money into this, they may not have the time to put more in and recover it in their lifetime. I believe they had to cut their losses and get out. That being said, I am surprised they did not file for BK protection and perhaps try to get the last class out.
  4. It is almost liberating to hear this. I have been working as a teacher and even this past year a teacher would make sexual remarks every chance he got. He still works for the system...but his ass should be fired. And yes, I did contact administration but I left and I found out he was asked to leave. Why is this still happening now?
  5. I hope it does hit DC and hope that shit is crammed right down their disgusting throats. I worked in the restaurant industry as a server as a young woman and it is disgusting. It is about damned time. I hope you don't think this is a bad thing...
  6. This little brewing restaurant is in Vienna VA next to the WO&D Trail. Great to get to by bike but if you are in your car you will find it in an industrial area at 520 Mill Street. Didn't get a look at the inside as I had my dog...but the outside has a patio and a grassy area where kids , dogs, and frisbees are welcome. I had a flight of beers, and while not a beer connoisseur, I like the wheat and the stout. The list is immense along with some wine and homemade sodas, so there is bound to be some libation to your liking. I am not writing this post about the drinks....it is about 2 shrimp which were served to me atop some Anson Mill Grits. I have hated shrimp for the past few years as I find them tasteless. This place was the exception, I don't know if it was a one day fluke but the shrimp I had there reminded me of the shrimp I had in Basque country at Etxebarri. They were exceptional. We also had the Duck Liver mousse and Roasted Pimento Cheese. They were both worth ordering again. A charcuterie plate with homemade crackers rounded off our meal (well rounded off may be an exaggeration)....but it was all good and the prices were not bad at all. I would go back for the shrimp alone.
  7. This is absolutely the best restaurant in NoVA at the moment. I live close by and mostly eat at the bar....and I have never made a reservation. So I guess it is true....
  8. Thank you. Rama's Kitchen was actually suggested by Ottolenghi. We have a car reserved but are hesitant on whether to rent it or not...
  9. I am off to Jerusalem next week. Has anyone been there recently? Any suggestions on restaurants? I have reservations for Machneyuda....any place else I should not miss? Thanks!
  10. That menu is scaled down, which may be a good thing. Then again he always had a dozen specials. I haven't been back since Will left...but will give it a try as soon as I get back into the country.
  11. Can't say much about the restaurant, but I have worked with Sal the owner for over 20 years at American Airlines. He is a captain on the 737. He flies turnarounds so he can be there all evening and most days. He used to own a restaurant in Mclean, but i don't know war the name of it was. He originally was opening the restaurant in Clifton at the old Heart in Hand location, I have never asked him what happened there. I may go tonight to check it out.
  12. Kibbee, they probably know their audience. Some people have no idea how to boil an egg or cook a steak for that matter (my youngest daughter being one of these). But yeah....that is almost embarrassing for them.
  13. This is horrible. I have been to this restaurant regularly this year and Will is the reason why. It was actually my favorite. My night is ruined. Ugh. --- (Will, when you can, please come let us know what's going on. As always, anything you (or anybody else) tells me is private, remains private.)
  14. I come here a lot! I came for the pizza but stayed for the small dishes! Please go try his grilled watermelon salad and his new version of heart of Brussel Sprouts! His wild boar ragu is out of this world as well! The food at Orso keeps getting better and better is that is at all possible!
  15. He was far too young. eGullet...wow, this place would not be here without it. May he Rest in Peace.
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