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  1. Word in the neighborhood is that Arucola is closing at the end of the month.
  2. We went to check out Cielo Rojo, quite enjoyed it. My points of reference for Mexican I like in the area are Mezcalero, Taqueria Habenero, and Taco Bamba. "Fine Casual" is an apt way to describe this place I think. They have the kind of ordering system where you make your selections and pay at the register, and they bring your food to your table. The food is very good and seems like its made with a great deal of pride and care. I felt I was in a nice restaurant and had to to stop myself from trying to flag a waiter We had the queso fundido, carnitas, chicken, and mushroom tacos, and the pozole. The tortillas are house made and fantastic. The queso and tacos were excellent, but the pozole was polarizing - the menu says it is vegetarian, and I was hoping for porky goodness, but my dining partner thought it was interesting and had alot of flavor. Good house made sauces were provided to add, tasty but not adding heat. Side note - Victoria is my new go-to beer for mexican food, but its not widely available. A vienna style lager, pairs nicely with spicy food. Its on the menu but they were out. It's a pretty small space, and off the beaten path for us, but I can see heading out there again. They are a great addition to the community and wishing them success!
  3. I go to C&J in Tenleytown on the regular. It has been consistently good, but inconsistently great. On a recent visit, the pink sauce (sometimes called picante) tasted off - like it had been mixed incorrectly. Sometimes the order is confused as to the size of the yucca or composition of sauces, and they don't always have Inca Cola. Despite these hiccups the chicken has always been good. Previous devotee of Pollo Rico in Arlington and Wheaton - the pink sauce at C&J is what made me change. It's been a number of years, but I remember thinking the chickens at Pollo Rico were a little better/plumper, but the sauces were not as good as C&J. Also thought Pollo Rico's rapid assembly line ordering was a little hectic, but much more efficient.
  4. I still see the 'For lease' signs on the old Palena space when I drive by. When I saw new posts in this thread, I thought it might be coming back. A christmas miracle please?
  5. Visiting philly, and saw a sign for a DT coming soon, on Market St near city hall. Checked their web site, it won’t be their first Pennsylvania location. A dc taco chain going national? Kudos to them, wishing them luck!
  6. They have bialys at little red fox in DC on the weekends, sourced from Bullfrog they tell me. Never had one before, this thread inspired me to investigate. The onion in the middle seemed tiny compared to other bialys I see on the Google machine. I sliced and toasted it, it was good with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or just a little butter. I'll probably switch it up and get one of these instead of a bagel, if the batch looks good (with more onion!).
  7. Piling on the love for Revival Food Hall! Alot of variety and near the Art Institute if you are visiting Here's a picture from there of my Budlong chicken sandwich. Unfortunately got more of the packaging than the chicken in the photo.. but thankfully I remember the taste. On a brioche bun, it was light and flavorful. A big sandwich, but did not fall apart or get soggy, it retained structural integrity. An architectural marvel. Spiciness that grew and bloomed while eating - my head was sweating a little and i didnt mind.
  8. Apologies if this is not the right thread for this! Last night I tried the Fuku stand in Capital One Arena - a new outpost of David Chang's fried chicken joints. This is part of the major renovations done to the concessions at the arena. There was buzz on the interwebs that these chicken sandwiches were fantastic, the highlight of the new concessions. Already a Momofuku fan, I was anxious to try it, and luckily had a ticket to the Caps game! The place was slammed before the game, but in the 2nd intermission, no line at all. I can report that the Fuku spicy chicken is a tasty sandwich. A breaded thigh on a roll with sauce and pickles. It did not taste freshly made - which I can understand given the circumstances, it was pretty late by then. It was good but I wasn't feeling the radical devotion I was hearing about. Not particularly spicy but good flavor, enjoyed the pickles. Tried the jalapeno french fries, and they seemed like standard fries, with a little bit of flavoring. I'm a little spoiled by the Budlong hot chicken sandwich I had this year, my new standard bearer for the genre (am I mixing genres?) I'll seek it out again at my next game, but I will not reserve extra stomach space for it, too much good stuff to fill up on outside the arena! I noted one fan carrying an extra Fuku sandwich home on the Metro after the game. He was committed.
  9. I went too. It's a little hard to arrive at the Taco Bamba sign, prominently displayed on eye street, and go around the corner into the discreet Poca Madre entrance. The sign was pulling me in. I like the idea though. Kind of like 'party in the front, business in the back,' a fine dining option next door. I would not have minded if I could order pozole from next door though. For the food, I agree with Rieux. I enjoyed the risotto and the hamachi crudo. The duck tacos were good, but dry and I was left wanting more to add to them. Liked 'The King" burrito. It arrives on an Elvis plate (old rhinestone elvis), which is a nice touch. It comes as two pieces that are easy to split with someone. The ingredients made it seem a little silly to me at first, but it was darned delicious. The service was bumpy - forgotten entree and drink order, a spill, slow - but despite this I enjoyed it and the food.
  10. I'm a little surprised, it seemed popular in the neighborhood, but maybe less traffic than when there was a Smashburger there. Robert Dyer is reporting that a Popeye's will take over. That's interesting, and potentially dangerous for me.
  11. I concur with malokd's assessment. Enjoyed the volcano ramen very much, worthy of addition to the upper tier of ramen I've had in the area. The gyoza here was also a nice accompaniment. I would skip the uninspired yakitori. Be prepared for a crowd and a wait if you go for weekday lunch, haven't tried the weekend. Pro tip - parking at Safeway in the back is easy if there is nothing in the front!
  12. I listen to "Good Food on the Road" , with the LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold. They are very short, usually a review of one restaurant. He has a gift of evocative language about food, it makes me very jealous of the LA food scene, especially Korean, Japanese and Mexican cuisine. I like some BBC stuff for culture. Most often "In Our Time", which covers a topic of history or culture for an hour with posh sounding British academics. For music, I like La Montana Rusa , which is in Spanish, so I don't understand most of the dialog, but the music he plays is cool, if you like jazz. Incidentally, it means "The Russian Mountain," which is what spanish and french call roller coasters, based on early russian sled rides. Fun fact, when the 'real' motorized roller coasters came to russia, the called them 'american mountains.'
  13. I was also impressed by Buck's recently. Enjoyed a wood-grilled 8oz steak with fries, and yes, the Bell's! Though next time I will probably dip into the wine list. They have a decent amount by the glass, and the menu sorts them by light to full bodied. Keeping it simple I think is the theme, which is appreciated by a wine simpleton like me. The steak was perfectly salted. Scallops were good too.
  14. Enjoyed brunch here this weekend. Favorite was a Gazpacho Invernal - a tomato / beet soup passion fruit and bay scallops. They pour the soup for you table side over the scallops, so you can see the scallops before they're hidden in the soup. Ham Croquetas and Gambas al ajillo were good, not unlike what you've had at other tapas places. The Cazuela de Bogovante was a stew with lobster, potatoes and perfectly poached eggs. More potatoes than lobster as you'd expect. It was good, but were selfishly expecting great. Save room for dessert. The churros are fantastic, one order good to share for two. Had a nice wine by the glass - a Ganeta (with a tilda) Txakolina. Crisp and slightly effervescent, from Galicia the server said. Picked up a bottle the next day at Rodman's. It's nice to discover something new and then find it later! Don't get me started on the confusing parking garage at the Wharf - reserved spots for low emission cars, carpools, you have to read a sign before parking anywhere!
  15. Will miss it! But if a Taco Bamba is really coming as the article says, it will be a regular addition to my pre-hockey game routine.
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