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  1. Pro Tip: the Cleveland Park location has free corkage on wines bought across the street at Weygandt.
  2. Now that Range is gone, is there anywhere that’s close in markup? Also, a friend is looking to drink a fancy bottle he’s been holding with me; wants to know somewhere nice we can do it with a low or no corkage fee. Any ideas?
  3. If you go to Timber (they own CYM) on weekends, you can get the same bagels without a wait, though there aren't as many options. For two coffees and two egg sandwiches it's like $24 (after tax and tip), though, which is more than I want to pay for this type of thing. I had a danish the other weekend and it was awful, so as tempting as they might look, resist. The bagels are good, but I actually like Bullfrog's better.
  4. I feel like it helps to know that David Lynch had an unwanted baby at the time, otherwise, yeah, I’ve been just as disoriented as you watching this film.
  5. Heading to Charlottesville Memorial Day weekend and had been looking forward to revisiting Alley Light. Good thing I checked here to find out Jose De Brito had left! Everything Simon said above was true-- Alley Light was absolutely phenomenal when De Brito was there. Debating on whether to go anyway and see how it is under the sous-chef...
  6. Have seen the sandwich shop Local Foods show up on a few 'best in the country' lists for sandwiches lately. They lived up to the hype. If you need a lunch spot in Houston, this is it. Great local beer selection too.
  7. I see I missed some discussion of this awhile back. I'd only had cocktails here before and never looked at the wine list until the other night. I was shocked. I don't think there's a restaurant anywhere in the area with lower wine markups (If there is, I'd like to hear about it). Even at the low end*, the markups are unheard of in DC. We ended up with a fantastic Tuscan blend recommended by the sommelier (blanking on the name right now). *And you can go pretty low. I think I even saw a sub-$20 bottle or two. One example that caught my eye, as it was recently a wine-of-the-week at Ca
  8. As sheldman said, this place seems under the radar. It was full, though, so a certain crowd seems to know about it. From what I can remember, the decor didn't change much from when it was Mendocino. It's a very small, cozy place. Beets and goat cheese are certainly overdone, but the version here with pickled beets was fantastic (look at it!). Having many of the entrees at half portions for half price allows you to set up a little tasting menu. Forget restaurant week-- you can do three courses here for about $35 (it was only $30 for what I ordered). The beets along with half portions o
  9. One of the best things I've ever eaten was the wood-oven cooked octopus at Marco Polo. Just looked online, though, and there's some grumbling that the place has gone downhill (apparently Rick Bayless recommended it on PBS). The best meal I had was at El Naranjo (where I also got a great cooking lesson from their chef), but it looks like they've moved to Austin, TX. Sorry, but I'm blanking on the names of the other restaurants I went to. Definitely check out the markets, get some ice cream from the vendors around the zocolo, drink lots of mezcal, eat grasshoppers, eat Oaxacan cheese, go to
  10. Dinner there last night. I'm half Croatian, but know next to nothing about the cuisine other than a few things my grandmother used to make. The comments above are right that the Balkan Kabobs were sorta like your average breakfast sausages. The Veal Schnitzel was a bit different than what you'd expect. It was a pounded veal cutlet, but then rolled into a long tube and fried. Rolling it up into a thick tube like that made the bites of veal fairly tough, plus the breading did not stay on very well... not a successful idea. Tried a few other things, but the Mushroom Crepes and the bread b
  11. It wasn't where I was expecting it to be either. I believe it's a former car dealership (?) We were happier with the "American classic" dishes on the menu. The fancier stuff (like a rockfish dish for $19) was underwhelming. The fried chicken is excellent and somehow only $11 for a good sized portion (it was like a whole small chicken). Get the pot-pie fritters and the zucchini side dish, which was surprisingly great (the zucchini seemed to be smoked). Reasonably priced and interesting drink menu: a list of flips (a mezcal-based one, a rye one and one other) for $8 and a short, interest
  12. The pretzel bread with beer butter is fantastic (a $3 charge). You *must* order this. I could have eaten an entire loaf myself. Good beer list and good service, but the food went downhill from there: a pot pie very heavy on parsnips and gluey white sauce, a fairly bland pork rack dish, mediocre flatbreads (slightly better than the ones at, say Birch & Barley, though). This was a couple of weeks ago, not too long after they opened, so they might have still been getting their act together.
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