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  1. You would have been well served to spend 15 minutes in the car on the way to Manresa. Alternatively, you could have gone to www.cheztj.com in Mountain View. I've lived in Palo Alto (10 miles from there) for 20 months and I don't believe that anybody I know who is into food has eaten there.
  2. My inlaws are visiting me from Northern Virginia (Burke specifically). I made tamales the other night and my MIL has decided that she wants a lesson in how to make them. That is the easy part. The hard part is that there is no possibility of her making tamales if she has to make the masa herself, hence, I need to be able to direct her to a mercado where she can pick up a bag of masa preparada. I haven't lived in the area in 10 years, so although I'm still good at restaurants from when I travel there, I'm woefully bad at buying ingredients in DC. In Northern California, I can't swing a dead ca
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