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  1. Simply Ayzen on upper Wisconsin Ave has a laudable array of Asian foods. I'm waiting for a purist to say that one place can't produce Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, etc. food -- certainly not with distinction. But for my taste, I appreciate the variety and the ability to hop around. Anyway, a lot of the food is either raw or lightly cooked. Here's what I had a couple of days ago: Vietnamese Spring Roll deep fried minced chicken, bean thread, and mushroom roll Shumai : Chinese steamed crabmeat, minced pork dumpling Tokyo Ginger Duck light fried boneless duck, mushroom, in
  2. Mary, thanks so much for your kind note. I have been under the weather and not going anywhere. I wish I could gl to the picnic, it looks wonderful. --Stephen

  3. The story was more of a testimonial than an interview. 60 minutes, which is ostensibly part of the network's news division, didn't allow for the possibility that the food at Minibar would be mediocre or unpleasant. This is the sort of story that used to be handled by Morley Safer with much more savoir faire. Don Hewitt would never have allowed such an uncritical look at a so-called trendsetter. The question of whether a spoonful of foam can legitimately be called "a course" never came up. Anderson Cooper, a Yalie, threw in Andres's Harvard connection as some sort of amorphous catchall end
  4. And Germany, too. This is what it looks like after passing through Google Translation: ---------------------------------------------- Roam these K?'s Chef, Peter Chang has hei? T and specializes exclusively on the K? Surface of Sichuan Province. Chang go? Rt when the evidence of his Anh? Ngerschar can trust the Spitzenk?'s On this planet. However, there is a problem: The man is always found. Before f? Five years, he spotted John Binkley, a retired economist, the good Chinese K? Che loves, and he hit him immediately with skin and hair. At that time, the maestro had a unauff? Lliges restauran
  5. This reminds me of somone, somehow, somewhere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCvz8y_DUSY
  6. Why is bruschetta listed but not maraschino?
  7. Here’s the solution: Steve Wynn opens Chang Dragon at the Bellagio. In the land of celebrity chefs, our guy would thrive. No more strip malls. It’s amazing what big bucks can do. A multi-million dollar investment gets you a large room, modern equipment, imported spices, a well-trained multilingual staff, and a procedure for taking reservations. The place is an international draw which is what Las Vegas loves. Everyone’s surprised at how many people book a table from China. Reservations are available six months in advance and traded on the market. You can cash in a today reservation for $6
  8. In the interest of adding to and revising the record, here is part of my reply to Trillin after we went to Charlottesville and he asked what I thought were the chances of Chang's lasting tenure there: So -- what i didn't take into consideration was the madness that broke out. Whatever motivated Chang's peripatetic behavior in the past, no one could have dealt with the new tsunami.
  9. It's sad, very sad. The worst thing is that the jig is up wherever he goes now. The cat is definitively out of the bag. As one who is partly to blame, I hang my head.
  10. Anna, nice typing. Now let’s read what it says. Your first quote refers to a contest. There must be variation in any contest, or else everyone would be tied for first. When there is variation, there is individuality. If authenticity were codified, you wouldn't need a chef. So the contest cannot be judged on a rigid notion of authenticity, only on what succeeds, and that is a subjective judgment. Your second quote refers to a conversation I had with Mr. Trillin in which we were listing various theories to explain Chang’s vagabond behavior. In the passage you cite, Trillin considers the b
  11. The Slate piece by Jonah Weiner is based on a false premise. Neither Trillin nor Kliman discuss the authenticity of Peter Chang's cooking. They just say it tastes good.
  12. Its time to puncture the myth of Peter Chang and his so-called cooking. First of all, his real name is Barry Horowitz and hes writing a book to be called, How I Fooled the World into Thinking I was a Chinese Chef.* He pretends not to speak English because his Brooklyn accent would give him away. He moves around because his day job is as a hot dog vendor with a circus, and so he goes where the Big Top goes. His followers are various ringers parolees, Scientologists and desperate housewives. What he doesnt know about cooking would fill a book. Most of his concoctions come from Swansons, whic
  13. More like a Yogi Berra saying -- you know which one.
  14. Are you ready for a hearty laugh? This is from the mid-Atlantic Chowhound board:
  15. Calvin Trillin suggests in an e-mail that the time is ripe for an august critic to make the trek to Charlottesville and reveal what simpletons we all are and how Peter Chang really doesn't know a wok from a jalapeño.
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