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  1. I've been following this truck on my instagram and finally sampled last June in LA. I had a great conversation with the owner, Joe Nicchi. He is a great guy overall with a huge sense of humor. Great soft serve, better humor and the best truck design. Definitely worth a trip in you are around LAX
  2. We enjoyed our 2 visits to this place(2 adults, 2 kids) as we live very close. Most of the dishes are really good maybe a couple misses. Im surprised not to see a bouillabaisse both times. When I asked the servers actually didn't know what a bouillabaisse is but hey nobody is perfect. My kids didn't like the smoked sweet corn ice cream but as a dad I finished the bowl. Dad duties :)
  3. Attila Kan, owner(actually he is Turkish not Lebanese) still keeps the recipe of the hummus as a secret and he is the only one making it
  4. couple weeks ago I was in Richmond and had the tea smoked duck. It was amazing. crispy skin, tender and so flavorful meat. wife was not happy as I didnt share much
  5. Island creek oyster bar and Mare oyster bar(I think its in little italy) were the 2 best spots for me.
  6. Thank you, Kat! We opened last night at Mount Vernon Marketplace with a smaller menu because that kitchen is super tiny. I am still waiting for some equipment. Grand opening is on May 31st.
  7. It is ironic to see all the white assholes and they almost all have black jackets
  8. We have half priced bottle wines on Wednesdays at Drift. All night long.
  9. Thanks Don, This time we are requiring credit cards and the reservations are over the phone until my IT person decides to take the time to finish the online ticketing system. Price is changed to $65 for 5 course menu, $35 for beverage pairings.
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