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  1. It is ironic to see all the white assholes and they almost all have black jackets
  2. We have half priced bottle wines on Wednesdays at Drift. All night long.
  3. I remember having lunch at the Hell Burger followed by dinner at Ray`s on the same day. It was a great day
  4. Thanks Don, This time we are requiring credit cards and the reservations are over the phone until my IT person decides to take the time to finish the online ticketing system. Price is changed to $65 for 5 course menu, $35 for beverage pairings.
  5. Lunch time we serve them as a sandwich with fries and sriracha aioli, flash fried for 30 seconds. Dinner time they are sitting on Anson Mills grits.
  6. I am disappointed, as well, with the ingredients. Also, there are a ton of flavors now You should give a try to `gelato fiasco`. more expensive but better than what Talenti used to be.
  7. I`d like to give a big shout out to Joel and his dedication to providing great coffee with great customer service. We started using his coffee here at Drift with french presses and the results are really really good. Thank you Joel,
  8. Help needed! and we pay for it Open kitchens are fun and exciting to work in. You get to see the entire dining room and patrons see your hard work, better yet, they taste it. Hearing `ahhs` is the best music you can listen during the service. We are hiring for a full time and a part time kitchen position. Email: ferhat@drifton7th.com with a resume please.
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